Dangerous Rumors Quest

2611.png Requirements

  • Completed President Quest
  • Completed Cursed Spirit Quest
  • Completed Biolabs Entrance Quest
  • Base Level 60

/$ Rewards

/! Steps

  1. Go to Lighthalzen via @go lighthalzen, and talk to Guard (/navi lighthalzen 267/200)
    • image.png.e6fa274a497ccde0653bd51a73295c14.png
  2. He may not let you pass. Talk to him multiple times until you get the following dialogue:
    • image.png.c9c5fe338d4c946ec91da084792e06d0.png
    • Note: If you completed Friendship quest beforehand, the guard will let your pass if you still have the 7350.pngPass in your inventory
  3. Go talk to Giacomo Girolamo (/navi lighthalzen 303/303)
    • image.png.8c3f729cf4dc4d32c11be24da6bee9fd.png
  4. He'll ask you what you are doing in a place with dangerous rumors. When asked, choose any answer and proceed
  5. Go to Warper > Dungeons > Bio Labs > Bio Lab 3. Be careful, the monsters here hit very hard
  6. Navigate to the bottom-right of the map (/navi lhz_dun03 244/71) and take the warp here
    • image.png.ca51083a118804d77783b1343e929459.png
  7. You are warped to Somatology Laboratory. Go walk near Researcher (Wolfchev) (/navi que_lhz 208/73) to trigger a dialogue
    • image.png.6ad11f71958cba5d8cb348561bf893b5.png
  8. He will flee and you both will be warped to another area of the map. Walk south and talk to him
    • image.png.421e5786118b3046f103f89f071f46b9.png
  9. He will flee and you both will be warped to another area of the map, again. Walk north a bit and talk to him
    • image.png.ae5a4f6889f92f1051a406690aa86533.png
  10. Some "Human Guinea Pigs" will appear, kill them all
    • image.png.8d98f3bb7b04c9060309596fe694414e.png
  11. Talk to Wolfchev again, then proceed to the north and you'll arrive at his laboratory (/navi que_lhz 148/253)
    • image.png.ae192157c01ec89a61f0d2481075622d.png
  12. You'll be warped to Bio Lab 4. Be careful, the monsters here hit very hard
  13. Talk to Researcher again. You may talk to him twice to start  Wolfchevs Laboratory instance 
    • image.png.336461a3c2b19df421c59c2ba79e4153.png