President Quest
(Schwartzvald Trilogy Quest)

2611.png Requirements

/$ Rewards

/! Steps

  1. Go to Lighthalzen via @go lighthalzen, and talk to Ordinary Man (Ghalstein) (/navi lighthalzen 179/170). Choose any answer to proceed
    • image.png.f4366d4f4b4dee2085705528f59b81ce.png
  2. Walk alongside the wall just next to him (/navi lighthalzen 172/167). You'll overhear a conversation. When asked, choose "Keep listening."
    • image.png.679cea4423eb8bc41bd2839f74dd94db.png
  3. Talk to Ghalstein again and when asked, choose "Uh, what were you doing just now?" and proceed
  4. Talk to him again and when asked, choose "Yes, I'm sure of it!", then "I'm not interrogating...", then "Who are you dealing with?" and proceed.
  5. Talk to him again and when asked, choose "Sure, I'll cooperate", then "Take it."
  6. Collect the following materials:
  7. To get the 7346.pngYmir's Heart Piece, go to Warper > Dungeons > Bio Labs > Bio Lab 2 and talk to Broken Machine (/navi lhz_dun02 275/276). When asked, choose "Investigate it", then "This might be important."
    • image.png.3a89c06277cb41e72c4fb3edb9d7734c.png
  8. Go back to Ghalstein with the required materials and talk to him to get a 7348.pngMembership Card. He asks you to find someone named Gushaar somewhere near Yuno
  9. Go to Warper > Fields > Yuno Fields > Yuno Field 4 and talk to Dismal Guy (/navi yuno_fild04 165/245)
    • image.png.70c022e344bf2fb543fadec4f29423b3.png
  10. He'll ask you to choose between a Blue and Red Tonic. When asked, choose "Red Tonic", then "Oh, right!". He'll ask you to go and meet the President of Schwartzvald Republic and that you'll only be able to meet him during a specific time span:
    • image.png.afd5ef34d116c9161b957a77cc27d433.png
    • Note: Server hour must be between 10am and 3pm, as well as between 7pm and 11pm
  11. Go to Yuno via @go Yuno and go to Schwartzvald Republic's Office in Yuno (/navi yuno 157/319)
    • image.png.9cdb4cd89a10bf313fe2a7b936affce5.png
  12. After you enter the building, talk to Secretary (/navi yuno_pre 69/20) and when asked, choose "Show Secret Wing Card."
    • image.png.41635f22ecdcf4642aaae437c5699bba.png
    • image.png.52d6ea54cf8b260bc6071181b16c0c5f.png
  13. You'll be warped to another room. Go to the end of the corridor and talk with Guard (you may have to talk to him multiple times before being able to proceed)
    • image.png.b2f2985eb707a0268e31d589d37a2368.png
  14. A guest will come out of the room when you'll wonder who it was. When asked, choose "Who was that gentleman...?" and proceed
  15. You'll be warped to the President's room. Talk to him
    • image.png.b8e074cdc0370e4ff18943bdfcce551b.png
  16. When asked, choose "Secret Wing's Background", then "Rekenber's Purpose", then "Secret Wing's Goal", then "Details about my mission" if you want to know more about Secret Wing's story
  17. When ready, choose "I'm ready for my mission.", then "Yes sir, Mr. President."
  18. Talk to him again, he asks you to meet someone called Benith in Aldebaran. You'll get a 7342.pngFile Folder
  19. Leave the room, and walk down the corridor a bit to trigger a dialogue
    • image.png.5a45700c25f992179aaf0698293fe0c9.png
  20. Talk to Secretary (Hes O'Neil) and she'll take your 7342.pngFile Folder
  21. Go to Aldebaran via @go Aldebaran, and talk to Kafra Employee (Benith) (/navi aldeba_in 155/240)
    • image.png.22abc3347ff8afe8f86f193ef961a75d.png
  22. When asked, choose "Okay!", then "Are you Benith..?", then "Show Membership Card.". She asks you to find a man somewhere between Einbroch and Lighthalzen
  23. Go to Warper > Fields > Lighthalzen Fields > Lighthalzen Field 2 and talk to Wounded Man (/navi lhz_fild02 228/214). Walk near the spot to trigger a dialogue and he will appear
    • image.png.f21fb54885b24258967788493cc5b81b.png
  24. When asked, choose "Jargeah?", then input either "Kafra Corporation" or "Secret Wing" to get a 7343.pngSealed File Folder
  25. Go back to Benith and talk to her to give her the file. Talk to her again and she will give you the file back
  26. Go back to the President in Yuno and talk to him to give him the file (talk to Secretary O'Neil again to proceed, then talk to Guard)
  27. Talk to him again until he finishes analyzing the file contents. He asks you to find someone named Shinokas in Einbroch
  28. Talk to him one more time and he asks you to go and talk to a woman somewhere in Lighthalzen
  29. Go to Warper > Fields > Lighthalzen Fields > Lighthalzen Field 1 and talk to Mysterious Woman (Esuna) (/navi lhz_fild01 66/219). You have to walk near the spot for she to appear
    • image.png
  30. With 2241.pngGrampa Beard and 2243.pngGeek Glasses equipped, go talk to Rekenber Guard in Rekenber Corporation Headquarters in Lighthalzen (/navi lhz_in01 35/226). Keep the two items equipped until the end of the quest
    • Note: these can be bought from Toy Supplier NPC (/navi lhz_in02 87/208)
    • image.png.dd552b8ec563624ac34b63a30531f9cc.png 
  31. Go to the upper room and talk to Researcher (Lestin) (/navi lhz_in01 285/169). You'll get an 7349.pngArchive Permit
    • image.png.11dd3611f237ebf3ab2a7dcb1b178436.png
  32. Go back upstairs, go to the edge of the wall near the door guarded by 2 guards at /navi lhz_in01 177/29 and walk alongside the wall to the north to trigger a dialogue
    • image.png.de63f0ac411ec2c2c2986e7b08be06d2.png
    • image.png.f963f2f68ad86ebd13dd45e63f1283df.png
  33. When asked, choose "Sneak in now", then "Insert Card", then input "738495", then choose "Enter" to go inside the guarded room
  34. Once inside, talk to the File Search Engine. When asked, input "shinokas" (lowercase)
    • image.png.61af62af7e24a61e3dc9983149fe2f5a.png
  35. Talk to Area 1-5 in the bookshelf nearby to receive a 7344.pngShinokas Case File
    • image.png.37ec32ddd9eb3979121f3c98304da4fd.png
  36. Go back to talk to Lestin
  37. Go back to talk to Esuna
  38. Go back to talk to President
  39. Go back to talk to Esuna again. She'll give you back a 7343.pngSealed File Folder.
  40. Go back to talk to President about Esuna's plans
  41. Go back to talk to Esuna one last time
  42. Go back to talk to President. Talk to him one last time, and a dialogue with another NPC will start...
  43. Go back to Ghalstein to receive