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A dedicated team to give LimitRO players an eternal gaming experience ~~
Good updates, good service, good support, gooooood! 





Hi, my name is Lai, the founder and owner of Limit Ragnarok Online.

I love sushi & anime.

I believe in love and will! If you need any help contact me on



  • Inkfish

You dont see dead bodies.

You see bodies without head attached.

You see bodies without breathe or heart beat.

  • Yuuki

Pleased to meet you.

I hope to make your LimitRO experience as enjoyable as it can get! If you have any issue, just PM me on the forums.

  • Emistry

Game Masters

Game Masters
  • Meteoric



  • Caphleo
kRO expert.
  • Geneticist Paracelsia
Lovely patience.
  • Quimicuzinho
Brazil master!



Cake lover.

  • Erpie


Sayonara Moon Town


Tips from us!

  • Do not give password / username away.
    • GM will never ask for your password or login name, never give it to anyone that claims to be a GM and ask for your password / username.
  • Do not enter website with LimitRO account info.
    • There are some websites that looks like LimitRO, trying to scam you.
  • Do not acccept programs.
    • There are no duplicator programs, only VIRUS that hacks your account info.
  • Ingame PMs regarding Event.
    • THERE ARE FAKE EVENT characters ingame, PM you saying you have WON!
    • Never give them ANYTHING!

Game Master Information

The follow information are all commands that our public GMs have privileges to.


  • //Support GM Special Commands
  • goto
  • who
  • whois
  • who3
  • whomap
  • whomap2
  • whomap3
  • broadcast
  • whojob
  • localbroadcast
  • heal
  • job
  • speed
  • blvl
  • jlvl
  • jailfor
  • unjail
  • mute
  • unmute
  • disguise
  • undisguise
  • size
  • kick
  • fakename
  • size
  • jump
  • memo
  • load
  • pvpoff
  • pvpon
  • warp
  • save
  • killable
  • marry
  • divorce
  • alive
  • changesex
  • guildrecall
  • partyrecall
  • gvgon
  • gvgoff
  • skillon
  • skilloff
  • nuke
  • recall
  • hide
  • allskills
  • monsterignore
  • ban
  • block

All trading operations for GMs/DEVs have been disabled. 

They cannot:

  • Drop items
  • Enter vending shop
  • Put items in storage
  • Put items in gstorage
  • Sell items to NPC
  • Trade to players
  • Use #item/@item to give an item to a themselves or another player.
  • Use @mail