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Welcome to LimitRO Wiki

The wiki is still under constant dev, as new updates arrives, we will update the pages accordingly.
We are also looking for contributors who are willing to help us fullfilling this place with good knowledge base!

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Regular Jobs
Swordman Branch Mage Branch Archer Branch
Novice Novice Novice Novice Novice Novice
Rune Knight Royal Guard Warlock Sorcerer Ranger Minstrel / Wanderer
Merchant Branch Thief Branch Acolyte Branch
Novice Novice Novice Novice Novice Sura
Mechanic Genetic Guillotine Cross Shadow Chaser Arch Bishop Sura
Expanded Jobs
Taekwon Branch Ninja Branch Gunslinger Novice Branch Doram
Novice Novice Novice Novice Super Novice Doram Summoner
Star Emperor Soul Reaper Kagerou / Oboro Rebellion Ultimate Novice Summoner
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