Zodiac Return

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After the success of Zodiac headgear last year, we decided to give players one more year to collect these Zodiac headgears in Zodiac Returns.

Quest NPC: Prophet K

Location: Asgard (Twin Ballerina)

Getting The Zodiacs

  1. The Prophet will give you an amulet.
  2. You need to hunt the monster described by the Prophet, with this amulet in the inventory.
  3. Collect the required amount of Souls, from the monster and talk to the Prophet for continues task.
  4. Usually, this task is to find the "Hero" in "city".
  5. You will have to find the "Hero" and fulfill the "Hero's request" and then go back to Prophet.
  6. Finally, you will obtain the token of appreciation for the last amount of crafting Fee! 
  7. At LAST step, plz show the costume you made before, and you will see additional options to choice what you want.


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