World Fishing

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World Fishing


In the vast deep waters out there ..... there are many hidden secret within, waiting for you to discover.

Requirement (How to fish)

  1. Buy the required items from NPC Genie in Asgard.
  2. Equip the Fishing Rod
  3. Find fishing spot and start fishing.

Fishing Areas


Fisherman Ranking / Prizes

  • Fishing Master (Asgard) has the Ranking list and your total Fish Points.
    • Fm1.png
  • Each successful fish you catch gives you +1 Fish Point.

Fishing Master Prizes 

  • When you reach the points, you can claim those items at Master. 


Enjoy the peaceful moment of fishing ~~

Sushi Making


You can make Sushi out of the fishes that you captured out in the seas with help from 12849.pngCombination Kit, you can get those kits from Limit HQ ~~
Simply have the fishes in inventory and use the kits to make.
PS. There are chances to fail  ~~


Sushi List

32172.pngSushi Small A

  • 4xSs1.pngSea Squid
  • 2xFm4.pngFire Octopus

32173.pngSushi Small B

  • 2xFm5.pngRed Snapper
  • 2xFm6.pngTiny Trout

32174.pngSushi Medium A

  • 3xFm8.pngSmall Octopus
  • 2xFm9.pngAlligator Shark
  • 2xFm10.pngLarge Tuna

32175.pngSushi Medium B

  • 3xFm11.pngWhite Shark
  • 2xFm12.pngRiver Stickleback
  • 2xFm13.pngGrass Carp

32176.pngSushi Large

  • 4xFm14.pngBaby Whale
  • 3xFm15.pngWinged Fish
  • 2xFm16.pngFlower Koi
  • 2xFm17.pngPrickly Salmon