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Job Base(s): Wizard
High Wizard
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Admiral
Number of Skills: 23
Total Skill Points: 106
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+1 +7 +6 +13 +8 +2


Warlock, different from it's previous Classes, is way more versatile. It's equipped with Tetra Vortex that deals huge amount of damage to a single target, Comet a neutral elemental skill that can wipe an entire mob of monsters and variations of debuffs from slowing down enemy's move speed and cast speed to totally disabling them for a few seconds.

Job Change

Talk to Admiral in every town and choose Change Job option from Novice > Mage > Wizard > High Novice > High Mage > High Wizard > Warlock.


Disclaimer: This build is very basic and simple, no calculation on stat bonus and equipment bonus whatsoever, it's made this way so that it's faster for me to input my status since I change my build a lot for PVP/WOE/PVE purposes.


Basic Build

STR: 1~65

AGI: 1~90

VIT: 1~90

INT: 120

DEX: 120~130

LUK: 35~90

130 DEX sounds extreme and probably a waste of skill points, but for those who want to get 0 variable cast easily without spending too much resources on gears and food, this is perfect, it's not like you need AGI and STR that much. However, ASPD can help a little if you want to spam Chain Lightning by Reading Spell Book. You can reduce DEX and allocate the status points to LUK for more MATK or STR for more weight limit if you want to maximize the use of Reading Spell Book, which is pretty extreme build because you will be very dependent on this skill.

Job Bonus

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13
STR 34
AGI 8 20 29 40 47 54 58
VIT 15 18 24 25 52 57
INT 1 2 7 12 23 35 36 41 44 45 50 55 60
DEX 3 6 13 19 28 39 51 59
LUK 31 53


Skill Name Type Target Suggested Lv. Effect/Description
Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning Offensive Single 5 Your main wind elemental magic, max this. You WANT this.
Comet.png Comet Offensive AOE 5 Huge AOE magic with neutral damage, it does however have chance to leave the enemy with Burning status. Good if your enemy is holy elemental.
Crimson Rock.png Crimson Rock Offensive AOE 5 This skill can come in handy in PVE situation, but not really in PVP since most players aren't vulnerable to Stun.
Drain Life.png Drain Life Offensive Single 5 VERY VERY useful skill for PVE situations if you don't like to use pots. With this and Soul Drain, you can farm all day without spending a single pot.
Earth Strain.png Earth Strain Offensive AOE 5 This skill can strip player's weapon, helm, armor, shield and accessory in PVP, it also deals great earth elemental damage an very good crowd control.
Freezing Spell.png Freezing Spell Passive 5 Increases mind slot for reading book. Important skill if you're going to use Reading Spell Book.
Frost Misty.png Frost Misty Offensive AOE 5 Water elemental magic, deals damage and chance to inflict Freezing to surrounding area.
Hell Inferno.png Hell Inferno Offensive Single 3 Inflict Burning status. Pretty useless since Burning doesn't do much damage, leave this empty or 3 if you want Comet.
Jack Frost.png Jack Frost Offensive AOE 5 Way cooler version of Storm Gust, wider range, and spamable. Best for farming.
Marsh Of Abyss.png Marsh of Abyss Active Single 5 Decreases target's movement and casting speed. Only useful in PVP, not so much in PVE unless you like to go solo.
Radius.png Radius Passive 3 Increases range and reduces fixed cast time by 20%. Quiet important unless you have an Arch Bishop partner. Does not stack with Sacrament.
Reading Spell Book.png Reading Spell Book Active 1 Reading makes you smarter. Get this.
Recognized Spell.png Recognize Spell Active 1 Maximize your damage, makes your damage more constant. Level 1 is enough.
Release.png Release Offensive Single/AOE 2 Release spells that you put in mind slots, level 1 is enough but you need level 2 of this skill to get Recognize Spell.
Sienna Execrate.png Sienna Execrate Active AOE 5 Very usefull debuff, AOE version of stone curse.
Soul Expansion.png Soul Expansion Offensive AOE 5 Your ghost elemental skill. You can spam this and it has small AOE. Need Elvira and Gioia to maximize the damage, also Old Magic Stone Hat.
Stasis.png Stasis Active AOE 0/5 This skill disable skill usage of players around the caster including the caster themselves. 2 edged sword, useful only if you really know when to use it.
Summon Fire Ball.png Summon Fire Ball Active 1 Summon fire balls for Tetra Vortex and Release. Level 1 is enough.
Summon Lightning Ball.png Summon Lightning Ball Active 1 Summon lightning balls for Tetra Vortex and Release. Level 1 is enough.
Summon Stone.png Summon Stones Active 1 Summon stones for Tetra Vortex and Release. Level 1 is enough.
Summon Water Ball.png Summon Water Ball Active 1 Summon water balls for Tetra Vortex and Release. Level 1 is enough.
Intensification.png Telekinesis Active 5 Enhance your Soul Expansion damage greatly. Take this only if you use Soul Expansion often.
Tetra Vortex.png Tetra Vortex Offensive Single 5 Very powerful single target damage, releases 4 elemental balls that you summoned to enemy. Inflicts one random status: Burning, Freezing, Stun or Bleeding.
White Imprison.png White Imprison Active Single 5 Imprison a target, stops them from moving and disable their ability to use skills and items. Target will be immune to skills except ghost elemental skills/attacks during imprison time.


Upper Headgear

4556.png  Fenrir Card
4557.png  Weakened Fenrir Card
4365.png  High Wizard Card
4366.png  Kathyrn Keyron Card
4598.png  Lichtern Yellow Card
4586.png  Tikbalang Card

Middle Headgear

  • 5325.png Robo Eye - The best middle headgear out there.

Lower Headgear


4409.png  Agav Card
4451.png  Entweihen Crothen Card
4456.png  Nidhoggur Shadow Card
4652.png  Nightmare Amon Ra Card


4474.png  Zakudam Card
4625.png  Time Holder Card
4654.png  Nightmare Mimic


4058.png  Thara Frog Card
4653.png  Nightmare Arclouse Card


4596.png  Antique Book Card
4576.png  Gioia Card


4441.png  Fallen Bishop Card
31017.png  Outrageous Cookie Card
4658.png  Nightmare Verit Card


4505.png  Scaraba Card
4577.png  Elvira Card

Reading Spell Book

Reading Spell Book is very useful, it memorizes spells and allows you to Release them without casting time. However, released spells won't be affected by Amplification since the Release will consume the effect. If you try to read book of a skill that you don't have, it will fail and you will be put under Sleep state.

Skill Books

You can buy these skill books from Lea in Geffen Mage Guild after talking to Magic Book Master except Tetra Vortex and Comet Book that you have to obtain from Ultimate Spellbooks Quest.

Spell Book Rank Payment Options

Mind Slot

The amount of skills you can store is based on your mind slot, which is (FreezingSpell_Lv × 4) + (BaseLv ÷ 10) + (Base INT ÷ 10), so let's say you are max level with 120 INT and level 5 Freezing Spell skill, your mind slot is 49,5.

Spell Book Rank Spell Book Mind Slots
Beginner 6190.png Spell Book (Cold Bolt) 7
6189.png Spell Book (Fire Bolt) 7
6191.png Spell Book (Lightning Bolt) 7
Intermediate 6201.png Spell Book (Earth Spike) 8
6200.png Spell Book (Heaven's Drive) 9
6198.png Spell Book (Jupitel Thunder) 9
6197.png Spell Book (Thunder Storm) 9
6193.png Spell Book (Lord of Vermilion) 10
6194.png Spell Book (Meteor Storm) 10
6192.png Spell Book (Storm Gust) 10
6199.png Spell Book (Water Ball) 9
Superior 6203.png Spell Book (Chain Lightning) 12
6204.png Spell Book (Crimson Rock) 12
6205.png Spell Book (Drain Life) 8
6202.png Spell Book (Earth Strain) 12
Ultimate 6195.png Spell Book (Comet) 22
6196.png Spell Book (Tetra Vortex) 22

Fixed And Variable Cast

There are 2 different type of casting time; fixed and variable cast time.

Fixed Cast

Fixed cast time introduced during Renewal and it did make huge impact especially for Mage class. If back then you can remove cast time with 150 DEX, now it's no longer the case because fixed cast time doesn't get affected by your status. However, it is possible to reduce cast time to 0 with fixed cast time reduction from skills like Radius, Sacrament and equipment like Temporal DEX Boot, Fenrir card, etc.

It is important to know that while duration based reductions stack, percentage based reductions do not stack, if you have more than one percentage reduction gears or buffs, only the biggest one applies. For example, if you have level 3 Radius and you wear a headgear with Fenrir card (70% reduction), only the Fenrir card takes effect since it's the biggest one.

The best set to reduce fixed time for now:

  • Fenrir Card (70%)
  • Foxtail (0.1 sec)
  • Bellum Arc Wand - PVP/WOE only (0.2 sec)
  • Temporal DEX Boot (0.5 sec)
  • 3x Pluto Gemstone enchant (0.2 sec)

Variable Cast

Variable cast can be reduced using DEX and INT. You need (DEX x 2) + INT = 530 to achieve 0 variable cast. Although there are plenty of equipment and cards that give variable cast reduction, it is better if you use mainly your status to reduce your variable cast since percentage based reduction reduces the cast AFTER it is reduced by your status.