Vending Harbor - The Shopping Plaza

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Vending Harbor - The Shopping Plaza!

Here, you can sell sell sell and buy buy buy!
Find the cheapest apple and the most expensive +16 weapon!

3rd Day, it's time to create a 2nd char, and that is a Merchant class!

How to enter?

  • Type @go 16 ingame to warp to Vending harbor
  • It's a place for players to setup their Vendors, and Buying Shops.

Vendor Shop

  • Merchant job's can setup Vendor Shops.
  • They need a Cart, fill in the Cart with items and the skill Vending.
  • You can only setup Vendor Shops on Vending Lanes in Vending Harbor.
  • After setting up, others can browse what you sell for zeny.


  • You can use @at command to vend/buy store offline!
  • You can check @search itemid or visit website Vend Online page for checking what is on the sale and compare prices!

Buying Shop

Player's of any job can setup the Buying Shop within the Buying Lane of Vending Harbor



  • You need a 12591.pngBlack Market Catalogue, from RTENOTITLE to setup a Buyer Shop.
  • After setup, it look something like this RTENOTITLE
  • Example this player wants to buy 2520x Witch Starsand for 5000z each.
  • If you have Witch Starsand in Inventory, you can simply sell it to this player directly.




Vending Harbor NPC Merchants

In VH, there are many NPCs that sell equipments, materials, and usable items!

Supply Machine



Cooking/Book Shop, Skill Supply, Armory, Pet Food, Hats, Weapons Merchant NPCs


Npcs that sell your every day needs. From skill catalyst items to gears you need, find it all at the vending harbor.

Happy shopping and selling! This is quite complicated as economy and market price may differ with different time! Negotiate is good advice!