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Vending Harbor (@go 16 / @go vending) is a customized vending map exclusive for LimitRO players to sell/buy their items. Players can set up their own vending characters here; or buy their skill-related items through NPCs here.

Supply NPCs

As you arrive in the Vending Harbor, you will see several NPCs that sell your supply and skill-related items. Below are the list of NPCs and the items and supplies they sell.

  • Useful Shop - Basic tool dealer items.
  • Cooking Shop - Cooking Kits, Cook Books and some cooking materials.
  • Pet's Food Shop - Pet foods
  • Skill Supplies - Skill items like paint brush, paint, charms, orbs, trap, etc.
  • Ammunition Shop - Basic arrows, bullets and cannon balls.
  • Healing Store - Healing items like pot and regeneration foods.
  • Etc Store - Misc items.
  • Supply Machine - Giant Fly Wings, WoE supplies, Elemental Converter, etc.
  • Armor Shop- Sells basic armory.
  • Weapon Merchant & Weapon Store - Sell basic weaponry.
  • Deluxe Hats - Sell cute hats for fixed price.
  • Auto Hat Picker - Gives you random rental costume.
Note: Please be aware that the items and supplies sold by vending harbor NPCs are generally more expensive than normal market price and thus it is recommended to just buy the supplies you need from other players instead (unless you need it immediately). However, there are supplies that only sold by these NPCs (Lv 5 Aspersio scroll, etc)


Selling Vending Shop

As you go pass the supply NPCs, you will see vending spots where you can set up your own selling / buying shop. Setting up your own selling shops need Vending.png Vending skill and therefore you will need to be a merchant class to do this.

You can only set up your vending shop(s) in between the Post1.gif Line Head and Tail Post1.gif and you will need to pay the tax for the Vending Harbor service as equal to 2% of the price of each item sold using selling vending shop.

*You can use @autotrade or @at to log off your account while having the vending shop open. However, if you re-login your account, your shop will automatically be closed before you can login your character.
*Autotrade is limited to 2 vending for each person - Update 1 May 2017

Below are the steps to set up a buying and selling shops.

1. Double click the Vending.png Vending skill on your skill tab.

2. Click and drag the item(s) you want to sell to the left column and put the price you want to sell the item(s) for on the right column, then set up your vending shop name.


Note: If you have the Safe check over 10 million zeny checked then you will need to confirm the price of the item(s) above 10 million zeny before you can set up a vending to sell it.

3. Click OK.

Buying Vending Shop

Similarly, you can open a buying vending shop(s) in Vending Harbor using the steps above. However, you will need to buy the 6377.pngBulk Buyer Shop License from the Sailor (lrvend; 122,79) in order to set up a buying shop. You will also need to input the amount of item(s) you want to buy on the second column in your buying vending shop setup, and how much do you want to buy each of them for on the third column, as well as your purchase zeny limit on the tab below.

Note: There is only one buying vending shop lane available at the moment, which starts from (113,84) to (113,119)


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