Two Tribes

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Two Tribes



Quest Details

  1. Equip 2782.pngRing of the Ancient Wise King and go to Splendide (@go splendide).
  2. Walk to into this building, speak with Splendide Guard Arc.
    • "Yes."
    • You will explain to him your story.
  3. Talk to him again, and he will ask you to help him find his friend.
    • "What favor?"
    • "Sure, I will do it."
  4. Now let's search for ????, in Splendide field 2.
  5. Then go to the other ????.
  6. Then go to the next ????.
  7. And go to the next ????.
  8. And then walk to Splendide field 1, (north of Splendide field 2) speak with the last ????.
  9. Now you can enter the Nidhoggur's Dungeon by walking towards the spiderweb cave.
    • "Follow the traces."
    • You will be warped into the Dungeon.
  10. Inside the Dungeon find Petrified Sapha.
  11. Now get back to Splendide (@go splendide) and talk to Splendide Guard Arc.
    • "What? What happened?"
    • "Covered with wounds?"
    • "You have a strong sense of responsibility."
  12. Talk to Splendide Guard Arc again.
    • "What are you trying to do?"
    • "Is it okey for you to leave your post?"
  13. We need to get back to Petrified Sapha. This time talk to Warper & choose Dungeons > Nidhogg's Dungeon > Nidhogg's Dungeon 1, you will be right nearby Petrified Sapha.
  14. Now, we need to visit Manuk (@go manuk) and speak with Villager.
    • "Keep quiet and listen."
    • You heard Terra arrived to Manuk.
  15. Let's go into this building and Snorren. (/navi man_in01 175/59)
    • "About the Captured Fairy."
    • "Do you need an interpreter?"
    • "Your friend?"
    • "That could be right..."
  16. Speak to Snorren again.
    • "Nothing gets past you...."
  17. Now let's go back to Splendide and speak to Splendide Guard Arc.
    • He will give you 3x 607.pngYggdrasil Berry.
    • But you need to find 3 more...keep reading this guide <3
  18. Walk to Splendide field 1, on those locations you can find 1x 607.pngYggdrasil Berry & 1x 522.pngMastela Fruit each.
  19. Let's go Manuk and talk to Snorren again. (Note: If you have more than 6 607.pngYggdrasil Berry, he will take them all!)
    • "Let's go inside".
    • He will now let you go into the room thru the Warp Portal beside him.
  20. In the next room, you will see a capture Laphine, Snorren and Luik. Speak to Snorren first.
  21. Then speak with the Capture Laphine.
    • "Is your name Terra?"
  22. Then speak with Luik.
    • "To give it to a Sapha in a cave.
    • "That's not true!"
    • You promised to bring some evidence to proof the Laphine's innocent.
  23. Get back to Petrified Sapha in Niddhogur's Dungeon 1.
  24. Now go back to Snorren in Manuk.
    • "Calm down!"
    • We decided to save Ogen (Petrified Sapha).
  25. Let's go back to Petrified Sapha in Niddhogur's Dungeon 1.
    • "You don't mean..?"
    • It seems that Ogen can't be saved.
  26. Return to Snorren in Manuk.
  27. Then go speak with Splendide Guard Arc in Splendide.
  28. Let's go visit Terra in her Yai.
    • "Arc?"
    • "So that's what happened."
    • You will be rewarded with 25x 6081.pngSplendide Coin and EXP ~~