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Day 1

Hi there.
This article contains a handmade GM Lai recommendation tutorials of what to do on first day in LimitRO ~~
Handful of guides and tips/tools to make your gaming experience much easier <3 
Less time for more!

Read in this order:

  1. Server Information
  2. Game Setup
  3. Character Creation
  4. @commands
  5. Limit Academy
  6. Limit HQ part 1
  7. LimitRO Communities

Day 2

Glad you are still here with us in LimitRO ~~ 
I hope all went well for Day 1 tutorials ~~
There are not many topics for Day 2, as each topic is a little bit more advanced and time consuming... I  think the following tasks for Day 2 is enough for you to handle ~~

Read in this order:

  1. Game Interface
  2. Limit Group HQ
  3. Infinity Space

Day 3

How does it feel? Do you like LimitRO so far? ^^
I hope I didn't overwhelm you with information on the past Day 1 and Day 2 default_biggrin.png 
Well, time flies, so we better keep it up, trust me, all my tutorials will SAVE you time for MORE result ^^

Read in this order

  1. Asgard & main NPCs
  2. Vending Harbor - The shopping plaza
  3. Farming Zeny

Day 4

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! ;D
Awesome, you made it to Day 4 ~~
Damn, I can't believe you like LimitRO default_ohmy.png 
Today's tutorial are a little more advanced and you won't be able to complete everything in 1 day.
It's more like daily task for the future default_biggrin.png

Read in this order:

  1. Ingame Events
  2. Hat Maker
  3. L-Phone

Day 5

Heeeya, last day of the Tutorials on forums ~~ 
I hope you have learned to be able to survive alone!
This Day 5 is the critical day a guide for your first BIG JOURNEY!!!! AND also to be able to become part of LimitRO Forums, dig around in our community etc.

Read in this order:

  1. First adventure