Tomb of Honor

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Biolab Dungeon Nightmare

Ohno Tohiro

  • Tomb9.png
    • Enter the Tomb of Honor for 150.000 zeny.
    • Enter the Tomb of Honor for 10x 7347.pngResearch Chart.
    • You will be warped into the Tomb of Honor lhz_dun_n 99/200


Experienced Adventurer


Silent Mind

Memory of Regret

Memory of Tears

Biolab Headgear Enchants

Level Fee Success Rate
1 10 5%
2 20 60%
3 40 30%
4 50 20%
5 70 10%
6 100 5%
7 150 5%
8 250 5%
9 500 3%
10 1000 3%


Special Enchant List

29061.pngMettle Lv1 29071.pngMagic Essence Lv1 29081.pngAcute Lv1 29091.pngMaster Archer Lv1 29101.pngAdamantine Lv1 29111.pngAffection Lv1
29062.pngMettle Lv2 29072.pngMagic Essence Lv2 29082.pngAcute Lv2 29092.pngMaster Archer Lv2 29102.pngAdamantine Lv2 29112.pngAffection Lv2
29063.pngMettle Lv3 29073.pngMagic Essence Lv3 29083.pngAcute Lv3 29093.pngMaster Archer Lv3 29103.pngAdamantine Lv3 29113.pngAffection Lv3
29064.pngMettle Lv4 29074.pngMagic Essence Lv4 29084.pngAcute Lv4 29094.pngMaster Archer Lv4 29104.pngAdamantine Lv4 29114.pngAffection Lv4
29065.pngMettle Lv5 29075.pngMagic Essence Lv5 29085.pngAcute Lv5 29095.pngMaster Archer Lv5 29105.pngAdamantine Lv5 29115.pngAffection Lv5
29066.pngMettle Lv6 29076.pngMagic Essence Lv6 29086.pngAcute Lv6 29096.pngMaster Archer Lv6 29106.pngAdamantine Lv6 29116.pngAffection Lv6
29067.pngMettle Lv7 29077.pngMagic Essence Lv7 29087.pngAcute Lv7 29097.pngMaster Archer Lv7 29107.pngAdamantine Lv7 29117.pngAffection Lv7
29068.pngMettle Lv8 29078.pngMagic Essence Lv8 29088.pngAcute Lv8 29098.pngMaster Archer Lv8 29108.pngAdamantine Lv8 29118.pngAffection Lv8
29069.pngMettle Lv9 29079.pngMagic Essence Lv9 29089.pngAcute Lv9 29099.pngMaster Archer Lv9 29109.pngAdamantine Lv9 29119.pngAffection Lv9
29070.pngMettle Lv10 29080.pngMagic Essence Lv10 29090.pngAcute Lv10 29100.pngMaster Archer Lv10 29110.pngAdamantine Lv10 29120.pngAffection Lv10

Monster Info

Inside the Tomb of Honor, there are around 10x of each Normal Monster lurking around the map.

Normal Monster

Mini Boss