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Job Tier: First 
Base Level: 185
Job Level: 55
Race: Doram 
Number of Skills: 35 
Total Skill Points: 123 
Job Bonuses
+0  +7  +5  +7  +10  +5 


Summoners (Also known as Doram) are the first non-human job class added to Ragnarok, the job acts as both Basic and First class. You may already know how devastating is the offensive power of Doram race, but if you don't, you can try it on your own.

Job Tree

First Class
Job Level 55



Basic Doram skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill (Doram) 1 Passive Identical to Novices Basic Skill but requires only one point instead of 9.
RTENOTITLE Spirit Marble 1 Passive Increase 1000 HP and 100 SP.
RTENOTITLE Soul Attack 1 Passive Your normal attacks are ranged.
RTENOTITLE Stoop 1 Supportive Places a temporary buff on the user that decreases all damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Lope 3 Active Leaps toward a targeted location
RTENOTITLE Hide 1 Active Hides inside bushes to avoid enemies
RTENOTITLE Bite 1 Offensive Inflicts 200% physical damage to a single target.
RTENOTITLE Scratch 3 Offensive Inflicts up to 200% physical damage with a chance of bleeding.


Seafood-based skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Fresh Shrimp 5 Supportive Recovers a small amount of HP every 10~6 seconds for two minutes.
RTENOTITLE Bunch of Shrimp 5 Supportive Gives all party members on screen +10% ATK and MATK. Consumes one Shrimp
RTENOTITLE Tuna Belly 5 Supportive Restores an ammount of HP equal to 10%~90% of the target's MaxHP.
RTENOTITLE Tuna Party 5 Supportive Protects from damage and hitlocking, the amount of HP of the shield is equal to 10%~50% of the caster's MaxHP.
RTENOTITLE Grooming 5 Supportive FLEE +100 for 3~7 seconds. Cures Poison, Frozen, Stun, Sleep, Bleeding, Silence, Crystallization, Deep Sleep, Fear, Mandragora Howling
RTENOTITLE Purring 5 Supportive Casts Grooming to all party members and the flee increase last from 7~15 seconds instead.
RTENOTITLE Tasty Shrimp Party 5 Supportive Casts Fresh Shrimp to all party members. Players receive 150% additional SP recovery rate, Blessing of Shrimp for 12~20 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Power of Sea 1 Passive Increases the effectiveness of healing by 10%. If more than 20 skill points are invested in the seafood-based skill tree, then the effectiveness of healing increases by another 20%.
RTENOTITLE Spirit of Sea 1 Passive HP recovery from Fresh Shrimp is doubled. 2 minute duration increase for Bunch of Shrimp. -5 second skill cooldown of Tuna Belly. Increased effectiveness of Tuna Party. HP Recovery from Tasty Shrimp Party is doubled


Plant-based skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Silvervine Root Twist 5 Supportive Prevents the target from moving and receives 100 Poison damage every second. Cannot be used on Boss monsters.
RTENOTITLE Catnip Powdering 5 Supportive Reduces ATK and MATK by 50% to targets in a 3x3~7x7 area. The area lasts from 3~7 seconds. HP and SP recovery rate increased on area. Consumes 1 Nepeta Cataria.
RTENOTITLE Chattering 5 Supportive Increases the player's ATK and MAtk by 100 for 5 seconds. Increases the player's movespeed for 10 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Meow Meow 5 Supportive Increases the party's Atk and MAtk by 100. Also increases the party's movespeed. Duration of this buff depends on Skill Level.
RTENOTITLE Nyang Grass 5 Active Reduces monster's Def and MDef by 50%. Reduces other player's equipment Def and MDef to 0. Lasts 6~10 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Power of Land 1 Passive Increases INT by 20. If more than 20 skill points are invested in plant-based skill tree, MATK + 20%.
RTENOTITLE Spirit of Land   Passive SV Stem Spear massively improves the player's move speed for 3 seconds. SV Root Twist icreases the player's MAtk depending on Base Level for 3 seconds. CN Powdering increases the player's perfect Dodge depending on Base level for 3 seconds. Autocasts SV Stem Spear when the player gets hit while casting CN Meteor. Nyang Grass increases the player's MAtk depending on Base Level for 3 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Silvervine Stem Spear 5 Offensive Attacks a target with either Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, or Ghost magic for each respective level at +700% MATK.
RTENOTITLE Catnip Meteor 5 Offensive Summons a variable amount of Nepeta vegetables, based off Base Level, to an 3x3~7x7 area. If in inventory, consumes 1 Nepeta Cataria to increase the rate of Curse.


Animal-based Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Arclouse Dash 5 Supportive Increases Agi and movement speed.
RTENOTITLE Hiss 5 Supportive Increases movement speed and perfect dodge of the user and his party
RTENOTITLE Power of Flock 5 Active Freezes all enemies in range.
RTENOTITLE Spirit of Life 1 Passive Increases the damage of Picky Peck, Scar of Tarou, Lunatic Carrot Beat and Spirit of Savage depending on the user's current HP.
RTENOTITLE Power of Life 1 Passive Increases FLEE, HIT and CRIT by 20 each. If more than 20 skill points are invested in the animal-based skill tree, Ranged Damage increases by 20%.
RTENOTITLE Spirit of Savage 5 Offensive Deals damage to all targets in range.
RTENOTITLE Lunatic Carrot Beat 5 Offensive Deals damage to all targets in range.
RTENOTITLE Scar of Tarou 5 Offensive Deals damage and inflicts the "Bite Scar" debuff to a target.
RTENOTITLE Picky Peck 5 Offensive Deals ranged damage to a target.


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