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A dedicated team to give LimitRO players an eternal gaming experience ~~
Good updates, good service, good support, gooooood! 





Hi, my name is Lai, the founder and owner of Limit Ragnarok Online.

I love sushi & anime.

I believe in love and will! If you need any help contact me on


  • Inkfish

You dont see dead bodies.

You see bodies without head attached.

You see bodies without breathe or heart beat.

  • Yuuki

Pleased to meet you.

I hope to make your LimitRO experience as enjoyable as it can get! If you have any issue, just PM me on the forums.

  • Emistry



  • Caphleo
kRO expert.
  • Geneticist Paracelsia
Lovely patience.
  • Quimicuzinho
Brazil master!



Cake lover.

  • Erpie


Sayonara Moon Town


Tips from us!

  • Do not give password / username away.
    • GM will never ask for your password or login name, never give it to anyone that claims to be a GM and ask for your password / username.
  • Do not enter website with LimitRO account info.
    • There are some websites that looks like LimitRO, trying to scam you.
  • Do not acccept programs.
    • There are no duplicator programs, only VIRUS that hacks your account info.
  • Ingame PMs regarding Event.
    • THERE ARE FAKE EVENT characters ingame, PM you saying you have WON!
    • Never give them ANYTHING!

Helper Information

A helper has the same rights as players without anything GM related commands.
Helpers can use their regular characters, and can play just like anyone as much as they want.
Being a helper remarks you as representative of LimitRO, so it's very important that, you are willing to help others when they need and of course friendly, patience, and positive.
Helper has few Event commands to contribute with events for the server.

Note: The community has no rights to DEMAND or ABUSE a helper in any way, only with nice attitude, will receive a nicer response.

Helper Period
A Helper will serve maximum 1 year in the team or until he/she get revoked for various reasons.

Helper Tasks

  • Helping out on Forums. 
    • Replying Questions/Support and report center.
  • Helping out ingame if players have questions.
  • Approach new players in Limit HQ, to assist them if needed.
  • Helping out on Discord

Helper Outfit/Benefits
This year we have decided not to make Helpers UBER SHINNY! wth it's makes even me blind when I see them....

  • Yellow Name Color
  • Special Helper Costume Hat
  • Special commands
  • Tools to make ingame events.
  • Forum Title & special privileges
  • Receives 1x 30087.pngBag of Cash Points(S) per month.

Game Master Information

The follow information are all commands that our public GMs have privileges to.


  • //Support GM Special Commands
  • goto
  • who
  • whois
  • who3
  • whomap
  • whomap2
  • whomap3
  • broadcast
  • whojob
  • localbroadcast
  • heal
  • job
  • speed
  • blvl
  • jlvl
  • jailfor
  • unjail
  • mute
  • unmute
  • disguise
  • undisguise
  • size
  • //Event GM Special Commands
  • kick
  • fakename
  • size
  • jump
  • memo
  • load
  • pvpoff
  • pvpon
  • warp
  • save
  • killable
  • marry
  • divorce
  • alive
  • changesex
  • guildrecall
  • partyrecall
  • gvgon
  • gvgoff
  • skillon
  • skilloff
  • nuke
  • recall
  • hide
  • allskills
  • monsterignore
  • ban
  • block

All trading operations for GMs/DEVs have been disabled. 

They cannot:

  • Drop items
  • Enter vending shop
  • Put items in storage
  • Put items in gstorage
  • Sell items to NPC
  • Trade to players
  • Use #item/@item to give an item to a themselves or another player.
  • Use @mail