Sky Fortress

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Sky Fortress


Hunt them into the sky with your might!


  • Following quests requirement
    • Have completed the Royal Banquet quest chain.
  • Base level 145+

Basic Instance Information

  • Reset Time: Instance resets each 3 Days at 4am.
  • Play Time: 1 hour
  • Location: Invaded Prontera (prt_q 247/78) 

Obtainable Reward

The following weapons will also gain extra 3 Random Options with random bonus.
Only the following monsters inside the Instance will drop.


Instance Boss

Instance Guide

  1. Travel to Invaded Prontera (prt_q) thru Mage Nillem ~~
  2. Walk to Scientist Doyeon and create the Skyfortress instance.
  3. Right after entering the map, the action will begin, you will have a small dialog with Stefan J.E. Wolf and then he will start to attack you.
  4. After killing him, the 2nd wave will be Immortal Zombie Soldiers ~~
  5. Cleaning the zombies, a new warp will appear and you can walk forward.
  6. On the way up, you will meet Immortal Fortress Legio, Immortal Cursed Zombie  and Ghost etc.~~ They drop Vicious weapons ~~
  7. During the way up, you will be able to see some Swirling Portal
  8. Keep climbing the stairs until you find another warp, enter it.
  9. You will meet Stefan again, he will bla bla bla ~~
  10. Keep climbing and killing and enter the last warp portal, before the final Boss ~~
  11. Now, you have entered the final room with the real MvP Stefan J.E. Wolf ~~
  12. During this fight, there will be zombies spawning, basically just keep attack Stefan, until he dies.
  13. After killing him, hope that he drops good items default_tongue.png You can leave the instance by entering the Rays of Light ~~

Congratulations ~~ You completed Sky Fortress instance <3