Silk Mode

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Silk Mode

A special mode for PvP / WoE designed to lower the requirements of the battle game.

Silk mode has following settings:

  • Yggdrasil Berries/Seeds have 3 minutes reuse delay.
  • Damage Adjustment Reduction
    • Short Attack Damage Rate: 0%
    • Long Attack Damage Rate: -15%
    • Weapon Skill Damage Rate: -60%
    • Magic Skill Damage Rate: -40%
    • Misc Skill Damage Rate: -50%
  • Max Refine allowed +7
  • No MvP Cards
  • No Cash items
  • No BG Items
  • No Deepsea Items
  • No Applause Sandal
  • No Biolab Items
  • No Shadow gears
  • No Lottery Fairy Garments.
  • No Pets / Mercenaries

List of disabled items:

Battleground Equipment

Vellum Equipment

Avenger Equipment

God Equipment

Shadow Equipment

Somatology Nightmare

Deepsea Equipment

Other Equipment

Illusion Equipments

Limitless Island Equipment

Specific MiniBoss Cards