Sarah And Fenrir

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Entering the Instance
The quest/instance is accessed from the space-time dimensional gap, on the second floor.
Talk to Professor Bernhard to book the instance, and Dimensional Device to enter.
Minimum Level: 145


  1. When you approach Fenrir, dialogue will automatically begin. The character who approached Fenrir will be unable to move for a short period.
  2. A group of red Galion monsters will appear and attack the frozen player. After the mob has been killed, Fenrir will resume talking, then warp the party just south.
  3. Ignore the normal monsters (Chimera, etc), as they drop nothing of value and are not required for the quest.
  4. About 10 minutes after starting the instance, Sarah will begin attacking the player (in a deadly fashion). You'll want to reach the bottom of the map and trigger the next dialogue scene before this happens.
  5. You'll find Fenrir at the bottom middle of the map, near the entrance to the Glast Heim churchyard building. Approaching her will start automated dialogue, much like before. As the player conversing with Fenrir will be unable to move, use skills, or consume potions, they will be quite vulnerable to attack.
  6. Fenrir will disappear and ask you to meet her at the top left of the map (a marker will show on your mini-map). This is optional.
  7. There are six Ancient Gigantes on each of the parapet towers of Glast Heim. It will always drop a 6803.png Shard of Gigantes, which can be used to enchant Sarah's Earrings.
  8. There are also Medium Ancient Gigantes which spawn along with the Ancient Gigantes.
    Note: These Gigantes can drop 15121.png Sarah's Battle Robe at 1% chance.
  9. After killing 3 Ancient Gigantes, a portal will open at the top-center of the map, leading to Glast Heim castle.
    Editor's Note: it is unclear to this wiki writer if the event at top-left will give you more time to fight Ancient Gigantes before Sarah and Fenrir confront one-another at the castle. If you linger too long killing Gigantes after your third kill, Fenrir will kill Sarah whether you're there or not! The portal to the castle area will disappear as well.
  10. Enter the portal at top center to start scenes between Sarah and Fenrir.
  11. Large Gigantes (Magical Immune) and Large Gigantes (Physical Immune) will spawn every 30 seconds or so at the 12, 6, and 9-o-clock directions of this battle area.
    Note: These Gigantes drop nothing.
    Note: Sarah Irine is immune to your attacks; you will need to wait for Fenrir to damage her.
  12. After Fenrir's attacks have weakened Sarah Irine, an announcement will say she's in critical and she can be finished off. You have 50 seconds to kill her.
    Note: Sarah has 200 HP and will only take 1 damage from all attacks.
    Note: Sarah Irine can drop 15121.png Sarah's Battle Robe at 10% chance.
  13. If you don't kill her in 50 seconds, she'll auto-die. You won't get exp or drops.
  14. You get warped out of the battle area. You need to "escape". Make your way to the bottom of the map, then the bottom right, then up to the top right.
    Note: There will be a lot of monsters in your way, including many Gigantes (which do not drop any items).
  15. You get a 607.png Yggdrasilberry if you talk to Fenrir.

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