Rune Knight

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Rune Knight
Rune Knight.png
Job Base(s): Knight
Lord Knight
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Admiral
Number of Skills: 11
Total Skill Points: 75
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+5 +4 +6 +10 +8 +4


Rune Knights are the 3rd job class for Knights, they are versatile as they can deal with alot of stuff. One of the most important points is that they now ride a dragon aka Ferus, also allowing them a new sets of exclusive skills when mounted.

Job Change Guide

Changing your characters from Novice -> Swordman -> Knight -> High Novice -> High Swordman -> Lord Knight -> Rune Knight can be done by talking to Admiral npc in most towns. Select the second option on the dialogue window.


Change Job

Note: to successfully change job, your character must fully allocate all available skill points and/or take off cart or mount as required by Admiral npc.


Dragon Breath Build

Str: 30~50 for weight

Agi:1~60 to reduce animation delay.



Dex:120 for Dex Boots.


Note: Dragon Breath damage depends on Max SP and CURRENT HP.

Ignition Break/Storm Blast/Crush Strike/Hundred Spear Build

Str:110~120 for the Str Boots bonus.

Agi:60~90 for animation delay.

Vit:100 total for HP and tankiness.

Int: this one varies depending on you Dex, just enough for instant cast.


Luk:60~75 or in multiples of 3.

ASPD/Frenzy Crit Build

Str:100~120 for Str Boots at 120 base.

Agi:90~ or enough to get max ASPD

Vit:100 total



Luk:100~120 for Luk Boots at 120 base.


Dragon Breath Build


1505.png Mace [4] For indestructibility.

1117.png Katana [4] For Parry.

1234.png Moonlight Dagger [0] For some SP bonus.

1181.png Tae Goo Lyeon [2] Enchantable at Malangdo with Expert Archer. When upgraded to +9, Tae Goo Lyeon reduces after cast delay by 20% and reduces SP consumption by 20%.

1186.png Death Guidance [2] A +20 perfect dodge two handed sword.


4094.png  Archer Skeleton Card Ranged damage.
4115.png  Hunter Fly Card HP leech.
4072.png  Golem Card For indestructibility on any weapon.


2138.png Bradium Shield [1] Slight HP increase.

2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1] some elemental resistances.

Racial resist cards
4128.png  Golden Thief Bug Card Magic immunity.
4013.png  Andre Egg Card 5% Hp.


Anything that adds HP, SP, reduces after cast delay, or reduces cast time.


5208.png Rideword Hat [1] For HP and SP leech.

18652.png Vanargand Helm [1] Same as above.

5805.png Victorious Coronet HP boost.

5359.png Captain's Hat [1] 7% ranged damage.

19116.png Baby Red Dragon [1] Increases Dragon Breath damage by huge amount at +8.

5128.png Goibne's Helm Starter option.


18599.png Black Devil Mask +2 all stats.

19083.png Mask of Hero +10 VIT.

5401.png Black Frame Glasses +1 INT.

5135.png Cyclop's Eye More SP.

18773.png Advanced Fin Helm HP based on levels.


18918.png Long Octopus Balloon SP, INT and VIT bonus.

5594.png Donut In Mouth +100 HP.

32036.png Golden Fish in Mouth +2 all stats.


4403.png  Kiel-D-01 Card 30% after cast reduction.
4288.png  Carat Card Int and SP at +9.
4269.png  Incubus Card For SP.
4582.png  Bungisngis Card HP per 2 refines.


2394.png Glorious Suit 20% HP.

2357.png Valkyrian Armor [1] Unbreakable.

2375.png Diabolus Armor [1] Enchantable and slight HP bonus.

15093.png Heroic Plate [1] SP and HP bonus.

15173.png Cursed Plate [1] Same HP and SP bonus as above but unbreakable at +7.

15128.png Excellion Suit (*1) - Enchantable through This, good HP and delay reduction.

2354.png Goibne's Armor Starter option.


4302.png  Tao Gunka Card (luxury card)
4031.png  Pecopeco Card


22008.png Temporal Dex Boots [1]

22004.png Temporal Dex Boots

2419.png Goibne's Greaves Started option.


4160.png  Firelock Soldier Card 10% HP and SP bonus at +9.
4097.png  Matyr Card +1AGI and 10% HP.
4381.png  Green Ferus Card +1 VIT and 10% HP.
4107.png  Verit Card 8% HP and SP.


2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1] With Expert Archer enchants.

2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] Elemental reduction and SP per refine.

2537.png Diabolus Manteau [1] Some Hp and reduction.

2542.png Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger [1] HP bonus.

20717.png Giant Faceworm Skin Combo with Temporal Boots, HP and SP bonus. Plus Random enchants.

20718.png Giant Faceworm Skin [1 [1]] Same as above but with slot.

20773.png Excellion Wing - Combo with Excellion Suit.

2520.png Goibne's Spaulders Starter option.


4593.png  Menblatt Card (increase DPS: +1% ranged damage per 10 base DEX)
4133.png  Raydric Card (-20% damage from attacks with Neutral property)


2883.png Ur's Seal [1] enchantable with +250 SP enchant.

2720.png Medal of Honor HP bonus.

2787.png Waterdrop Brooch [1] HP bonus, water resistance.

2703.png Expert Ring Reduces after cast delay by 5%


4022.png  Spore Card +3 VIT for more HP.
4064.png  Zerom Card +3 DEX for cast.

Ignition Break/Storm Blast/Crush Strike/Hundred Spear Build


13413.png Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (red) [3]
By default it does bonus damage on Ignition Break due to in-built fire element, thus you do not need to endow.

1443.png Crimson Spear [2]
One handed spear that gets more attack the higher the refine up to +15 and based on your levels.

21019.png Onimaru [2]
One of the highest attack weapons at +9.

1181.png Tae Goo Lyeon [2]
Enchantable through Malangdo with Fighting Spirit.

1422.png Hunting Spear [1]
Enchantable through Malangdo with Fighting Spirit.

1415.png Brocca
Enchantable through Malangdo with Fighting Spirit, ignores target's defense.

1426.png Glorious Spear
Best at +9 over and against demi-human monsters. [1]


4427.png Sword Guardian Card

|For Bowling Bash builds

4140.png Abysmal Knight Card


2138.png Bradium Shield [1]
2168.png Immune Shield [1]
Only if overupgraded
2122.png Platinum Shield
with each of the common racial resist cards
For MVP:
2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1]
4253.png Alice Card

Upper Headgear

There is no 'PREFERRED' helmet for PVM. Anything with STR/VIT/ATK on it will work. Or use a rideword hat, rudolph headband, witch hat/alarm mask combo, fish in mouth, or any other healing or HP/SP leech headgear you can get.
For MVPing:
5363.png Abysmal Knight Helm [1]
Any combination of the above with any of the elemental resist cards based on the resist needed.

Lower Headgear

5305.png Pirate Dagger


Other options aside from set pieces are:
2394.png Glorious Suit
2357.png Valkyrian Armor [1]
2375.png Diabolus Armor [1]
2376.png Assaulter Plate [1]
Cards to use with armor:
4337.png Porcellio Card
4031.png Pecopeco Card


2576.png Heroic Backpack [1]
2537.png Diabolus Manteau [1]
2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]
Card options for Garment:
4133.png Raydric Card
(mandatory for being able to handle large mobs and mvps)


2423.png Variant Shoes


2655.png Bloodied Shackle Ball
2408.png Shackles
2720.png Medal of Honor
Card options for Accessories:
4272.png coming soon

Agi/Frenzy Build


It Is recommended to enchant these weapons with 2x Crit to free up other slots for more ASPD boost
1191.png Alca Bringer
1185.png Violet Fear [2]
1181.png Tae Goo Lyeon [2]
Cards options to use with weapon:
4464.png Aunoe Card
4172.png The Paper Card
(better if using the full card set)
4425.png Atroce Card
4163.png Gryphon Card
4086.png Soldier Skeleton Card
For fun cards:
4320.png Bloody Knight Card
4203.png Mutant Dragonoid Card


Pretty wide variety of gears available. As always a healing hat is preferred. These are nice too:
18522.png Evil Marching Hat [1]
18666.png CD In Mouth
18597.png Mercury Riser
(only if overupgraded)


2576.png Heroic Backpack [1]
2553.png Dragon Manteau [1]
2399.png Dragon Vest [1]
(there is a quest to get a free dragon manteau: Doha's Secret Orders)
2371.png Pantie [1]
2523.png Undershirt [1]
15037.png Peuz's Plate
(obtained for free by doing Mora Village quests)
Card options for Garment:
4102.png Whisper Card
(mandatory for levelling unless you have a ton to spend on healing or slave healer)
4129.png Bapho Jr. Card
Card options for Armor:
4401.png Alicel Card
4387.png Ancient Mimic Card
4337.png Porcellio Card


2434.png Black Leather Boots
2440.png Sprint Shoes
22005.png Temporal Luk Boots
Card Options for Shoes:
4016.png Thief Bug Card
4097.png Matyr Card
4009.png Chonchon Card


2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo
2790.png Bradium Brooch [2]
2655.png Bloodied Shackle Ball
2408.png Shackles
Card options for Accessories:
4272.png Zhu Po Long Card
4331.png Heater Card
4091.png Kobold Card
For more damage output:
2678.png Ring of Flame Lord
2679.png Ring Of Resonance


Skill Description Levels Type
Enchant Blade.png Enchant Blade
Enchants your weapon with magic, allowing you to deal additional magic damage with your physical attacks.. 5 Supportive
Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave
Slam your weapon into the ground to unleash a shockwave that strikes an opponent at a distance. Has a range of 11 cells. 5 Offensive
Death Bound.png Death Bound
The damage you receive is amplified and used against the attacker. However, you still receive half of the amplified damage. 10 Active
Hundred Spears.png Hundred Spears
Spear exclusive skill. A skill that strikes a single target rapidly in quick succession to deal high damage. 10 Offensive
Wind Cutter.png Wind Cutter
Creates a huge pressure that throws enemies away. There is a chance to inflict Fear status on those affected. 5 Offensive
Ignition Break.png Ignition Break
The rune knight makes their weapon incredibly hot, triggering an explosion that deals damage to all targets nearby. Targets closer to the player receive higher damage. 5 Offensive
Phantom Thrust.png Phantom Thrust
Spear Exclusive Skill. The rune knight strikes a target from far away, pulling that target towards the user. 5 Offensive
Dragon Training.png Dragon Training
Allows the user to use a dragon mount. Increasing the skill level recovers your lost attack speed when using the mount, and also slightly increases the damage of Dragon Breath. 5 Passive
Dragon Breath.png Dragon Breath
Commands the dragon to breathe fire. Targets within range will receive Fire Element damage with a chance of causing Burning status, which deals damage over time. 10 Offensive
Dragon Water Breath.png Dragon Water Breath
Deal water-elemental damage with your dragon's breath. Targets within range will receive Water Element damage with a chance of causing Freezing status. 10 Offensive
Dragon Howling.png Dragon Howling
The dragon lets out a terrible howl, causing Fear status to those within range. 5 Active
Rune Mastery.png Rune Mastery
Allows the Rune Knight to craft Runes. 10 Passive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 10 11 33 51 60
AGI 20 21 41 53
VIT 4 14 23 32 45 59
INT 1 2 5 12 13 22 30 39 46 50
DEX 3 15 19 24 31 40 44 55
LUK 47 48 49 57