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Job Tier: Extended 2nd 
Base Level: 185
Job Level: 65
Race: Human
Number of Skills: 20 
Total Skill Points: 89
Job Bonuses
+3  +6  +6  +8  +8 +5


Rebels (Or Rebellion) are the evolution of the expanded class Gunslinger. This class is considered by many one of the best starting classes currently in RO, due to the cheap nature of equips and potential for damage and farming currently available in the game.

Job Tree

Basic Extended Extended 2nd
Novice Gunslinger Rebel
Novice Gunslinger Rebel
Job Level 10 Job Level 50 Job Level 65


Extended Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills. (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.
RTENOTITLE First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
RTENOTITLE Single Action 10 Passive The most basic Gunslinger skill. Increases HIT and ASPD when equipped with a gun.
RTENOTITLE Snake Eyes 10 Passive Increases HIT and attack range when using guns.
RTENOTITLE Chain Action 10 Passive When normally attacking, adds the chance of dealing double damage.
RTENOTITLE Gatling Fever 10 Supportive Greatly boosts ASPD when casted, at the cost of movement speed and Flee. Must be used with a Gatling-type weapon.
RTENOTITLE Coin Flip 5 Supportive Flips a coin, and upon success, the user will gain a coin. Upon failure, the user loses a coin.
RTENOTITLE Disarm 5 Supportive Aim at an enemy's appendages to reduce their offensive capabilities.
RTENOTITLE  Increase Accuracy 1 Supportive Consumes 4 coins to boost the caster's HIT by 20, as well as DEX and AGI by 4 for one minute.
RTENOTITLE Last Stand 1 Supportive Consumes 1 coin to increase the caster's ATK by 100, and ASPD by 15% for 15 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Gunslinger's Panic 1 Supportive A buff skill that consumes 2 coins. Reduces HIT by 30, damage dealt by long-range attacks by 20% and increases FLEE by 30. Lasts 30 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Cracker 1 Supportive Uses a single coin to Stun an enemy. The closer the enemy, the higher the success rate.
RTENOTITLECoin Fling 1 Supportive Use up to 5 coins to deal damage to an enemy while reducing the target's DEF stat.
RTENOTITLE Trigger Happy Shot 10 Offensive Rapidly fires 5 bullets at an enemy.
RTENOTITLE Desperado 10 Offensive Sprays a surrounding area full of lead, hitting enemies anywhere from 0 to 10 times.
RTENOTITLE Tracking 10 Offensive Take aim with a Pistol or Rifle on a target to deal significant damage to a target.
RTENOTITLE Crowd Control Shot 10 Offensive Fires a blast strong enough to knock back a target 5 cells.
RTENOTITLE Full Blast 10 Offensive Sprays a round of 10 bullets at a single target.
RTENOTITLE Spread Shot 10 Offensive Cover an area with intense fire. Uses 5 bullets or spheres.
RTENOTITLE Gunslinger Mine 10 Offensive Launches a grenade onto the ground that acts like a mine.
RTENOTITLE Wounding Shot 5 Offensive Fires a bullet that is capable of piercing defenses while causing the Bleeding status.
RTENOTITLE Bull's Eye 1 Offensive Uses 1 Coin to deal 500% damage to Demi Human and Brute enemies. Has a 0.1% chance to inflict Coma status.
RTENOTITLE Triple Action 1 Offensive Uses 1 coin to shoot an enemy three times, dealing 450% total damage.
RTENOTITLE Magical Bullet 1 Offensive Uses 1 coin to launch a Ghost-property attack that does not consume any bullets.

Extended 2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
RTENOTITLE Heat Barrel 5 Supportive Consume all coins to increase ASPD and ATK while decreasing Hit rate.
RTENOTITLE Eternal Chain 10 Supportive Consume one coin to receive buff that provides Chain Action to all weapon types for the caster.
RTENOTITLE Platinum Altar 5 Supportive Requires silver or purifying bullets. Consume all coins to Increase ATK. Reduces damage from Undead. Cast a holy barrier.
RTENOTITLE Rich's Coin 1 Active Consume 100 zeny to generate 10 coins. Coin Flip no longer fails.
RTENOTITLE Flicker 1 Active Activate all Howling Mines and Bind Traps on screen.
RTENOTITLE Crimson Marker 1 Active Mark a target for 50 seconds that reduces movement speed, tracks the enemy on the minimap. 3 targets max.
RTENOTITLE Bound Trap 5 Active Ground area trap that slows enemies in AoE. Flicker consumes the trap to deal damage to affected enemies. Max of 1 trap at a time.
RTENOTITLE Fallen Angel 1 Offensive Move to targeted location immediately and activate 100% damage bonus for Desperado.
RTENOTITLE Fire Dance 5 Offensive Deal damage to all enemies in 5 × 5 around caster.
RTENOTITLE Shattering Storm 5 Offensive Shoot target and 7 × 7 around target to destroy enemy's headgear.
RTENOTITLE Banishing Buster 5 Offensive Shoot target to remove up to 12 random buffs or debuffs.
RTENOTITLE Slug Shot 5 Offensive Shoot target with devastating ranged physical attack. Accuracy is lessened by increased range
RTENOTITLE Mass Spiral 5 Offensive Fires special bullet to deal more damage based on targets defense.
RTENOTITLE Anti Material Blast 5 Offensive Damage target and reduce demi-human resistance by up to 50% for 20 seconds.
RTENOTITLE Hammer of God 5 Offensive Drop the God's Hammer on a ground targetted area (dmg + stun), required Crimson Marked target.
RTENOTITLE Quick Draw Shot 1 Offensive Shoot all targets on screen affected by Crimson Mark, cast after Chain Action proc.
RTENOTITLE Howling Mine 5 Offensive Attach sticky bomb to a target that when activated with Flicker, blows up in an AoE around the target.
RTENOTITLE Dragon Tail 5 Offensive Fire missiles at all Crimson Marked targets on screen.
RTENOTITLE Fire Rain 5 Offensive Fire bullets at a 3 × 10 cone in front of caster.
RTENOTITLE Round Trip 5 Offensive Damage and knockback all targets in an area around the caster.

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