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Disclaimer: its up to you if you want to follow this guide as it is.

Job Base(s): Gunslinger
Job Type: Extended 2nd Class
Changes At: Einbroch
Number of Skills: 20
Total Skill Points: 118
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+3 +6 +6 +8 +8 +5


Rebellion is the 2nd job for Gunslinger a ranged DPS class that can wear different kind of fire arms. After Rebelion Awakening patch, rebellion acquired some skills changes, which made them suitable to be played with alot more variation in builds and stats.

Rebellion role on a party would be similar to a ranger's, with huge aoe skills and high single target burst.

Job Change Guide

Changing your characters from Novice -> Gunslinger -> Rebellion can be done by talking to Admiral npc in most towns. Select the second option on the dialogue window.


Change Job

Note: to successfully change job, your character must fully allocate all available skill points as required by Admiral npc.


All-rounder stats

  • Str: 50-60~
  • Agi: 100-120~
  • Vit: 40-60~
  • Int: 40-50~
  • Dex: 120~
  • Luk: 30-40~

Glass cannon/Full damage

  • Str: 70-80~
  • Agi: 120~
  • Vit: 1
  • Int: 50~
  • Dex: 120~
  • Luk: 80-90~




4468.png  Dark Pinguicula Card
4458.png  Duneyrr Card
4403.png  Kiel-D-01 Card
4556.png  Fenrir Card(only for Slug Shot cast reduction, it doesnt offer any dmg)
4910.png  Essence of Evil STR3/Force3 from Demon God


All weapons are obtainable through NPC and slotted counterparts are eligible on socket enchants.





Grenade Launcher:


4094.png  Archer Skeleton Card
4140.png  Abysmal Knight Card
4608.png  White Knight Card
4263.png  Incantation Samurai Card
4399.png  Memory of Thanatos Card



4105.png  Marc Card
4337.png  Porcellio Card
Elemental cards such as 4119.png  Bathory Card, 4047.png  Ghostring Card,4054.png  Angeling Card, etc.



4593.png  Menblatt Card
4174.png  Deviling Card
4133.png  Raydric Card
4646.png  Infinite Chimera Card



4097.png  Matyr Card
4107.png  Verit Card
4160.png  Firelock Soldier Card
4643.png  Infinite Vagabond Wolf
4495.png  Amon Ra Card if using Applause Sandals



4508.png  Gold Scaraba Card



4413.png  Hodremlin Card
4609.png  Khalitzburg Knight Card
4253.png  Alice Card
4128.png  Golden Thief Bug Card

Shields are only situational, like when running through mobs or when your main damage skills are on cooldown.

Shadow equipment

Scatter shadow set with Gunslinger Shadow Weapon and Shield would be the most ideal.


Unique equip that can be enchanted with special enchants.

For these equips, just focus on Damage and ATK ones or Cast reduction but that's only for Slug Shot.

Class information

Some bullets, item catalyst and weapons can be bought on Prontera (/navi prontera 92/209). Other bullets such as purification ones can only be bought on Vending Harbor. They are also on Asgard(@go 0) on the Walk Street (/navi asgard 128/86).


Skill Description Levels Type Weapon
Rich's Coin.png Rich's Coin
Consume 100 zeny to generate 10 coins at a 100% chance. Coin Flip no longer fails. 1 Active
Flicker.png Flicker
Activate all Howling Mines and Bind Traps on screen. 1 Active
Fallen Angel.png Fallen Angel
Consumes 1 coin and jumps to targetted location. 5 Active Pistol
Fire Dance.png Fire Dance
Deal damage to all enemies in 5 × 5 around caster. 5 Offensive Pistol
Hit Barrel.png Hit Barrel
Consume all coins to increase ASPD and ATK while decreasing flee. 5 Supportive
Shattering Storm.png Shattering Storm
Shoot target in a 7 × 7 range around the target and have chance to break top headgear. 5 Offensive Shotgun
Vanishing Buster.png Vanishing Buster
Shoots target and removes up to 12 random buffs. 5 Offensive Shotgun
Slug Shot.png Slug Shot
Shoots target and pushes them back 6 cells. Accuracy is decreased 5% per cell range between user and target. 5 Offensive Shotgun
Mass Spiral.png Mass Spiral
Fires special bullet to deal more damage based on targets defense. 5 Offensive Rifle
Anti-Material Blast.png Anti-Material Blast
Damage target and reduce neutral resistance by up to 50% for 20 seconds. 5 Offensive Rifle
God's Hammer.png God's Hammer
Drop the God's Hammer on a ground targetted area (dmg + stun), required Crimson Marked target. 5 Offensive Rifle
Eternal Chain.png Eternal Chain
Consume all coins to receive buff that provides Chain Action to all weapon types for the caster. 10 Supportive
Quick Draw Shot.png Quick Draw Shot
Shoot all targets on screen affected by Crimson Mark, cast after Chain Action proc. 1 Offensive
Howling Mine.png Howling Mine
Attachs bomb to a target that when Flicker is used, deals AoE damage around the target. 5 Offensive Grenade launcher
Dragon Tail.png Dragon Tail
Fire missiles at all Crimson Marked targets on screen. 5 Offensive Grenade launcher
Fire Rain.png Fire Rain
Fire bullets at a 3 × 10 line in front of caster. 5 Offensive Gatling gun
Round Trip.png Round Trip
Damage and knockback all targets in an area around the caster, also applying collision damage. 5 Offensive Gatling gun
Crimson Marker.png Crimson Marker
Mark a target for 50 seconds that reduces movement speed, tracks the enemy on the minimap. 3 targets max. 1 Active
Platinum Altar.png Platinum Altar
Requires silver or purification bullets.
Consume all coins to Increase ATK and gives Kyrie Eleison effect.
5 Supportive
Binding Trap.png Binding Trap
Ground area trap that slows enemies in AoE. Flicker consumes the trap to deal damage to affected enemies. Max of 1 trap at a time. 5 Active

Strategy and Tips

As rebellion your ability to shoot down your targets varies in many ways:

-It's adviceable to have Pistols for movility as Fallen Angel allows you to snap around.
-For high damage burst, Shotgun are prefered as Slug Shot and Vanishing Buster works wonders, Vanishing is a unblockable "dispell", so long as target does not Auto Guard, Kyrie or Pneuma it.
-For "left click" aka Autoattacking, Gattling or Pistols are best for it.
-One of your most important buff is Platinum Altar which should be used after Rich's Coin for maximum effect, as it grants you more attack and a shield. Note: You need Pufification or Silver bullets to use the skill.

Kyouka's opinion on Rifle and Granade Launcher.
Their damage might seem to be high due to their higher pencentage skill mod but they need a pre-set up, before actually doing any damage. First of all you need to mark a target with Crimson Marker, then you can use your desired skills. Therefore, sticking with the ones above would be the most optimal, but you are free to test everything out yourself.