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Quest Maniac NPC in Limit Group Headquarter will reward you with Limit Merit Badge for every quest you finish. The amount of Limit Merit Badge given is based on the quest's difficulty; the harder the quest, the more Badge you get. This is a character based feature, so you can redo all the quests on your other characters in your account and get more rewards from Quest Maniac.


Quest List

City Name Quest Name Badges
Prontera Culvert Recruiting 0
Prontera Juice Maker 1
Prontera Curse of Gaebolg 20
Prontera Z-Gang Quest 20
Prontera Rogue Guild Investigation 20
Prontera Spy Quest 20
Prontera Successor to the Throne 8
Prontera Charles Orleans 8
Alberta Alberta Tourist 8
Alberta Turtle Island 8
Alberta Alberta Boy 8
Geffen Geffen Bard 20
Morroc Eye of Hellion 20
Morroc Resurrection of Satan Morroc 8
Morroc Crow of Fate 20
Morroc Muff's Loan 20
Morroc Broken Diamond 20
Morroc Unlucky Emerald 50
Morroc Peace for Arunafeltz 20
Juno Stop Metto's Research 1
Juno Kiel Hyre Quest 50
Juno Juno Remedy Quest 20
Juno Juperos Ruins History 20
Amatsu Momotaro Event 3
Amatsu Sashimi Knife Quest 8
Amatsu Amatsu Dungeon Entrance 8
Kunlun Dropped Knife 1
Kunlun Broken Sword 20
Umbala Domestic Dispute 1
Umbala Umbalian Language 1
Comodo Doomed Swords 50
Nifflheim Message Delivery 3
Nifflheim Piano Key 3
Nifflheim The Sign Quest 50
Louyang Shout Mountain 3
Louyang Doctor Quest 8
Louyang Poison King 20
Louyang Revolution 3
Ayothaya Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance 8
Ayothaya Engagement Ring 8
Ayothaya Tom Yung Goong 8
Einbroch Lovers Quest 8
Einbroch Airship Ticket 8
Einbroch Factory Quest 8
Einbroch Einbroch Murder 8
Einbroch Biological Weapon 8
Lighthalzen Friendship Quest 8
Lighthalzen Biolabs Entrance 3
Lighthalzen Cursed Spirit 20
Lighthalzen President Quest 50
Lighthalzen How the Airship Works 8
Lighthalzen Rekenber Job 20
Lighthalzen Heart Fragment 8
Hugel Cow Milking 8
Hugel Hide an Seek 8
Hugel Hugel Memory 8
Hugel Medicine Quest 8
Hugel Odin's Temple Excavation 20
Hugel Rebellion Quest 20
Rachel Lost Child 8
Rachel Rachel Sanctuary 20
Rachel Bruspetti Quest 8
Rachel Ice Necklace Quest 8
Rachel Thor Volcano Base 20
Veins Help Mr.Zabaroo 8
Veins Veins Siblings Quest 20
Nameless Island Nameless Island 8
Moscovia Finding the Moving Island 20
Moscovia Help Mikhail 3
Moscovia Banish Winter 20
Moscovia Koschei the Immortal 20
Midgart Camp Onward to the New World 20
Midgart Camp New Surroundings 8
Midgart Camp Attitude to the New World 8
Midgart Camp Finding a Fairy 1
Midgart Camp Finding a Giant Tree 1
Midgart Camp Tripatriate Union's Feud 20
Midgart Camp Report from the New World 8
Midgart Camp Persuing Rayan Moore 50
Midgart Camp New World Language 8
Midgart Camp Rin's Request 1
Midgart Camp Theore's Request 8
Splendide Two Tribes 20
Splendide Guardian of Yggdrasil 8
Brasilis Brasilis Dungeon Entrance 3
Brasilis Guarana Candy 3
Brasilis Brasilis Water Lily 3
El Dicastes Sapha's Visit 8
El Dicastes Doha's Secret Orders 8
El Dicastes Frede's Request 8
Dewata Dewata Legend Quest 3
Dewata Traditional Weapon 8
Dewata Help Out the Old Man 8
Mora Wandering Guardian Quest 3
Mora Helping Lope and Euridi 3
Mora Find the Research Tools 8
Mora The Creature's Family 3
Mora Knights of the Neighborhood 3
Malaya Cautious Village 8
Malaya Nurse in Port Malaya 20
Malaya Secret in the Woods 8
Malaya Rumor, Time and Legend 3
Malaya Bakonawa Extermination 8
Malangdo Malangdo Island 20
Malangdo Play with Baby Cats 20
Eclage Eclage's Entrance 3
Eclage Oliver Wolf Hood 20
Eclage Wanted to be Big and Beautiful 50
Eclage Mystery Burglary 20
Eclage Troublesome Fairies 8
Eclage Memory of Professor Worm 20
Eclage Light and Darkness 8
Eclage A Rumor about the King 3
Eclage Brothers & Magic Scholar 8
Eclage The Orb of Eclage 8

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