Pursuing Rayan Moore

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Pursuing Rayan Moore



Step by Step

  1. Enter the center Barack in Mid Camp and go upstairs.
  2. In one of the rooms you will find Pursuit Party Leader, Echinacea. Speak to her.
    • "Hey, excuse me."
  3. Now leave the Baracks and speak with Mr. Kidd.
    • Ryan2.png
    • "Echinacea..."
    • "No, I don't mind at all."
    • He will tell you to visit southeast Morroc to find Rin.
  4. Now @go morocc and enter the Tavern building.
    • Entering the Tavern, you will see a stairway down, walk down.
    • Then you will enter a little bar.
  5. Speak to the Bar Master.
    • "About the mission"
    • "I'm here for Rin!"
  6. Now you can enter the next room thru the warp.
  7. You will find Rin in the back room.
    • "Mr. Kidd sent me"
    • "And then what?"
  8. After the conversation, you need to speak to her again to show that you are interested in helping her.
  9. Now @go 32 and speak to Warper NPC.
    • Warp yourself to Fields > Hugel Fields > Hugel Field 4.
  10. In Hugel Field 4, find Heap of Earth.
  11. Now let's go back to Rin, she is at the same location in Morocc. (@go morocc) We need to show her this finding.
  12. Now you need to deliver the 6027.pngCrystal of Feardom and 6029.pngMorroc Tracing Log to Mr. Kidd.
    • @go 32 to Mid Camp.
    • "Huh?"
  13. Speak to Mr. Kidd again, and you will have the urge to touch the Crystal.
    • You will be dragged into an unknown place.
    • You will watch a small scene of what happened to Rin, why she was injured.
    • After the dialogs, you will be attacked by
  14. Kill all Dandelion's asap and check with the Corpse.
    • "Check his pockets."
    • You will find 6028.pngSealed Scroll
    • You will be waken up my Mr. Kidd and back to reality.
  15. Now speak to Mr. Kidd.
    • "Err.. Huh?!"
    • "It warps space and time?"
  16. We need to speak with Pursuit Party Leader, she's inside the Barracks upstairs.
    • "Who?"
    • She asks you to find Defaria.
  17. Speak with Defaria, outside the Baracks.
  18. Speak to him again and he will give you 14595.pngUnsealed Magic Spell. (DON'T USE IT, YET!)
  19. Now go talk to Mr. Kidd.
  20. Walk up the hill and go into the building (yuno_fild09 234/133).
  21. Walk behind the curtain at the back of the building.
    • After some conversation, you will be returned to your save point.
  22. We need to speak to Mr. Kidd (@go 32).
    • He will ask you to go back into the building in Yuno Field 9 and spy more.
  23. Goto Warper NPC and select Fields > Yuno FIelds > Yuno Field 9.
  24. Walk up the hill and go into the building (yuno_fild09 234/133).
  25. Walk behind the curtain at the back of the building.
    • You can enter the Basement now.
    • "Enter".
  26. In the Basement, you need to find Man, he is behind in the room.
    • He turns out to be "Rayan".
    • And will be arrested by Mr. Kidd.
    • Then you will teleport back to your save spot.
  27. Go back to Mr. Kidd (@go 32).
    • "Where's Rayan?"
    • "Can't be explained?"
    • "Is this an exchange journal?"
  28. Now we need to return to Rin, in Morocc.
    • "Who is this?"
    • You will find out that Rayan Moore is the one who released Satan Morocc out and brought havoc to the world default_sad.png 
    • "Smack his head."
    • Rayan will escape.
  29. Get out of the room, and then walk back in and speak to Rin again.
    • "What should we do now?"
    • She will give you one of the following pattern numbers.
      • SDHF92F-SDF
      • VWNM94GVWN90
      • CM3-TRDFGHE0
    • And the 6029.pngMorroc Tracing Log
  30. Now we need to head back to Mid Camp and talk to Pursuit Party Leader, she's inside the Barracks upstairs.
    • "We'll find Satan Morocc too!"
    • She will need a minute to examine the pattern.
    • Keep talking to her until she tells you to talk to Manager outside the Barracks.
  31. Speak to Manager
    • "But?"
  32. Now return to Pursuit Party Leader.

Turn in Quest Unlocked

  • Complete the main quest, to unlock the turn in quest!
  1. Talk to Pursuit Party Leader
    • "....."
    • "... . .."
    • "Something is bothering me..."
  2. Then go talk to Defaria
    • Type in Dandelion
    • "Just tell me what you know."
    • "I'll do anything for you."
    • "Yes!"
    • "Sure thing. How many?"
    • He will ask you to bring him
      • 20x516.pngPotato
      • 30x7201.pngLog
      • Get him the items and he will start making some food ~~
  3. Talk to Defaria again.
    • "Excuse me sir..."
    • He will give you 2 549.pngYam
  4. Take the Yam to Mr. Kidd.
    • "What a snack?"
  5. Get back to Dafaria
    • He will give you 2 549.pngYam
  6. Bring them to Party Pursuit Leader.
  7. Then to Dafaria again.