Old Glast Heim

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🏰Old Glast Heim🏰


  • Base Level 130+

Obtainable Rewards

Instance Guide

  1. Talk to Warper and choose Instances Old Glast Heim
    • Ogh1.png Ogh2.png
  2. Talk to Hugin to reserve the instance.
  3. Talk to Hugin again to enter the instance.
  4. Inside, Speak to Varmundt to start the event.
    • image.png.9fe8f7dad29da43262da98e0fe5a4cca.png
  5. Talk to Heinrich to start the first phase of the instance.
    • image.png.a26d95a8d03ce7b5ada4001008bb4486.png
      • You can either fight off the monsters in this area, or just wait until Heinrich vanquishes them. All monsters in this area has a chance to drop Coagulated Spells.
        • image.png.536448a00f1e54fdefc45d149c771960.png
  6. Go to the west portal to enter the next area.
    • Ogh3.png Ogh4.png
  7. Defeat all the monsters here until there's a broadcast message that the curse is weakening. You will be then tasked to find a survivor. Find the boy. All monsters from this area to the end of the instance has a chance of dropping Coagulated Spell (Normal Mode) or Contaminated Magic (Hard Mode).
    • image.png.f4d6b21b3968f8d355f4429ec6aa07ef.png
    • Ogh5.png Ogh6.png
  8. Go back to the previous room, and head to the east portal. Do the same. But beware of the dead bodies on the floor. When you get close to them, they spawn Maggots, which hurt quite a lot. Tip, wear undead or poison armor. After you've killed enough monsters, find the survivor to proceed to the next area.
    • image.png.5f47bf6278bd3898bf47cf20c2ff91e7.png
    • image.png.69549e3f0ca83fd6e544b1789b293bb6.png
    • Ogh7.png Oogh8.png
    • Ogh9.png Ogh10.png
  9. Go do the same in this area. Defeat monsters until you get a broadcast message. Then proceed to the center to fight the first boss.
    • image.png.0e2b5286a8501b9b432048d3af5361e8.png
    • image.png.0c1e22399e1b15542b8404f40d7ad7e9.png
    • Ogh11.png Ogh12.png
  10. Kill the Root of Corruption then talk to the Varmundt to the right to claim your rewards 4x6607.pngTemporal Crystal & 4x6608.pngCoagulated Spell and get the next kill quest. Then go upstairs to the next area.
    • image.png.530c26702136b2a2fcf12f7db0bc1a04.png
    • image.png.3ad52378e32444017099b60dc95a4287.png
  11. Go near Heinrich to trigger the next event.
    • image.png.d49526b00d19ec71b2ee4f0e7bf420d5.png
  12. A portal to the west will open. Here you will have to kill a certain number of monsters to summon the first Commander of Destruction. Kill the mini boss to open the east portal on the hallway.
    • image.png.713d2d1de177440bf52b7ed294217ea9.png
    • image.png.56d95130565ef006fb4dcca574e953b9.png
    • image.png.76061861bbcce300228ea12890146f82.png
    • image.png.6de6a761956f941c617bc83595421c6e.png
      • There are set spawn areas for the mini boss.
        • image.png.4b52f74a86b00fef63468dc576f3f7fb.png
  13. Go to the east portal. It's pretty much the same thing here. Defeat monsters until the boss appears.
    • image.png.7463388da215bf89a2d6ebbc269a8aa9.png
    • image.png.6747905dcef3cc1973d74e0e74cc0edb.png
    • image.png.acc7fe411080fe82b37ee16de776c470.png
    • image.png.831962c7b96e7d4e29ad7a1858312bf6.png
      • This boss also has a set spawn location.
        • image.png.9728e5302f6c6162ff9425a7e7f7f1c6.png
  14. Go back to the hallway and go north through the portal.
    • Ogh13.png Ogh14.png
  15. There are a lot of dead bodies on this area. Go north until you see the witch. Go near her to trigger the final boss.
    • image.png.8f61cc07ba27d1bf058765038555110b.png
  16. Go fight Amdarais, then talk to Hugin to receive your rewards 10x 6607.pngTemporal Crystal & 10x 6608.pngCoagulated Spell as first timer, then he gives 4 each daily ~~
    • image.png.8b1b54d42d380d14f5b1c33c2e97ea77.png
    • image.png.24f7c71cf9ca844ab7ac3d12b032a921.png
  17. The treasure room will be unlocked now. Go back to the previous map to access it.
    • image.png.d0611c5cc0c988c5d5256f6bf175b496.png
      • Click on the fountain to access the treasure room.
        • image.png.10f242f443f09768f4789fb42fe5c8e2.png
        • Click on the Strange Cracks inside the treasure room so they'd drop the loots.
          • image.png.c80a327d6b7100a754825887b107128c.png

Treasure Room Loots

Temporal Boots

3rd Jobs Rebellion, Oboro & Kagerou
22000.pngTemporal STR Boots 22107.pngRevised Temporal STR Boots
22002.pngTemporal AGI Boots 22109.pngRevised Temporal AGI Boots
22003.pngTemporal VIT Boots 22110.pngRevised Temporal VIT Boots
22001.pngTemporal INT Boots 22108.pngRevised Temporal INT Boots
22004.pngTemporal DEX Boots 22111.pngRevised Temporal DEX Boots
22005.pngTemporal LUK Boots 22112.pngRevised Temporal LUK Boots

Temporal Boots Slotting

  • image.png.e6f6285dc9e5373371a5e920e8bcc58a.png
  • You can attempt to slot your boots by giving Hugin's Craftsman 5 6607.pngTemporal Crystal.
    • The success chance is 30% (LimitRO Custom, original 10%)

Temporal Boots Enchant

  • image.png.1b9a3cb79bd59c9188d3e1355888b6ab.png
  • Hugin's Magic Master will enchant your boots using either 6608.pngCoagulated Spell (non-slot) or 6755.pngContaminated Magic (slotted).
  • You can select category for the 4th enchant, but the 3rd enchant is a random one.


Fighting Spirit

Expert Archer



Attack Speed


Required Amount of Spells/Magic

Level 1

Fighting Spirit 4

Expert Archer 1

Spell 2

VIT +2

Delayafterattack 1

LUK +3


Level 2

Fighting Spirit 5

Expert Archer 2

Spell 3


Delayafterattack 2

LUK +4


Level 3

Fighting Spirit 6

Expert Archer 3

Spell 4

Max HP +1%

Delayafterattack 3

LUK +5


Level 4

Fighting Spirit 7

Expert Archer 4

Spell 5

Max HP +2%

Delayafterattack 4

LUK +6


Final (slot 3)

Random Enchants



Random Enchants

There are 6 possible random enchants for your boots.

Bear's Power

  • Chance to gain STR +200 and transform into a Bigfoot for 5 seconds when being hit.
  • Consumes 500 HP per second during activation.


  • Chance to gain DEX +200 for 5 seconds when physically attacking.
  • Consumes 50 SP per second during activation.

Lucky Day

  • Chance to gain LUK +200 for 5 seconds when physically/magically attacking or being hit by physical/magical attacks.
  • Chance to obtain a Treasure Box when killing a monster during activation.

Muscle Fool

  • Chance to gain MaxHP for 5 seconds when being hit.
  • Physical and Magic Damage -50% during activation.

Runaway Magic

  • Chance to gain INT +200 for 5 seconds when magically attacking.
  • Consumes 200 SP per seconds during activation.

Speed of Light

  • Chance to gain ASPD +100% and P.Dodge +100 for 5 seconds when physically attacking.
  • Consumes 400 HP and 40 SP per second during activation.