Octopus Cave

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Octopus Cave
Base Level:
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 6442.png Octopus Hunting Stick
Quest Reward(s): 12618.png B Grade Pocket12614.png Normal Coin Bag12623.png High Weapon Box13354.png Light White Potion Box12615.png Poor Coin Bag


How to obtain Octopus Hunting Stick

1. First you'll need 6417.png Silvervine Fruit, itcan be obtained through NPC BattleGround Supplies (@go BG). A 16779.png Silvervine 10 Box can be purchased in exchange for 150pcs 32141.png Classix Badge

2. 6417.png Silvervine Fruit can also be obtained by chance through the 23024.png Mad Bunny Egg Scroll (50 Limit Merit Point) and the 32122.png Angel Egg Scroll (30 Limit Merit Points).
Note: Both scrolls can be purchased from NPC Iris (@go HQ) and obtained through Sky Wave Instance.

3. If you have obtained 6417.png Silvervine Fruit, go to Malangdo (@go 35) and talk to Special Vending Machine to exchange 6417.png Silvervine Fruit for 6442.png Octopus Hunting Stick.
Exhange Rate:



Once you leave, you cannot re-enter this instance.

1. To start this instance, go to Warper -> Instance -> Octopus Cave. It will warp you to Octopus Cave.

2. Talk to Starfish and select "Ask to open gate" to generate the dungeon.

3. Click the Weird Entrance behind Starfish and select "Go in" to enter the instance.

4. You will be warped in the middle of the cave with 5 portals around you. The south portal will let you exit the cave.

5. Enter Each of the four portals. You don't need to kill the monsters on the way, but you may want to.

6. At the end of each hall, there will be an Octopus Leg. Kill all four. After Killing each Octopus Leg, you can travel back through the hall to go back to the first map or wait for a portal to appear and warp you to the first map.

7. Once you kill all four Octopus legs, you will be warped into the first map. The north portal will now be open.

8. Enter the north portal to fight the MVP Giant Octopus (Disgusting Octopus).

9. Giant Octopus will summon mobs and cast Waterball & Earthquake skill on you. Better kill it as fast as you can.

10. After killing the MVP, a portal will appear to the north. Enter the portal to exit the dungeon.

11. Check your inventory and see what you got!


Image Name Level HP Size/Race/Element
Giant Octopus.gif Giant Octopus 95 500,000 Large/Fish/Water2
Octopus Leg.gif Octopus Leg/Tentacle 90 500,000 Small/Fish/Water2
Hydra.gif Hydra 34 854 Small/Plant/Water2
Marse.gif Mercenary Squid 47 1,456 Small/Fish/Water2
Octopus.gif Octopus 90 6,000 Small/Fish/Water2
Stapo.gif Stapo 95 8,805 Small/Formless/Earth2