New Surroundings

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New Surroundings



Step by Step

  1. In Mid Camp, find Marian and speak to her. Coord mid_camp 222/283.
    • She will ask if you are new here, just say "Yes".
    • She will give you a 12322.pngChocolate Pie and sends you to Instructor Lugen.
  2. Not too far away, you will find Instructor.
    • Marian in Mid Camp @go 32Instructor Lugen in Mid Camp @go 32
    • He will ask you to join the Survey Team, and say "Yes".
    • Then tells you to enter the main building on the camp and speak to the receptionist.
  3. Walk to the center of the camp and enter the Baracks.
    • Enter the Warp
  4. Inside the Baracks, find Receptionist Blink at coord 106/122.
    • Receptionist Brink inside the Barack in Mid Camp
    • "I am here to register."
    • You will receive another 12322.pngChocolate Pie
  5. Now go back to Instructor Lugen and report in.
  6. Find a guy named Diego, speak with him. 
  7. First let's gather 20x 6041.pngStrong Vine which drops from monster Nephentes.
    1. Talk to Camp Guard at coord 335/171
      • Camp Guard in Mid Camp @go 32
    2. He will let you into the Manuk Field 1 and you can kill some Nepenthes.
    • Nepenthes - Monster ID 1988
    • After gathering the Strong Vines, instead of walking back, you can @go 32 for fast access to Mid Camp.
  8. Now let's gather 20x 6042.pngOrdinary Branch
    1. Talk to Camp Guard at coord 13/143
      • Camp Guard in Mid Camp @go 32
    2. Find Tree like this and repeatedly interact with them, you will obtain Ordinary Branch from them. (Just find one is enough and just keep spam talking until you get 20x 6042.pngOrdinary Branch.
      • Tree locations in Splendide Field
  9. Yey, you have gathered the materials and now head back to Diego in the camp.
    • Diego in Mid Camp @go 32
  10. Now speak with the Posts near Diego.
    • Each of them you need to (NOTE, sometimes you need to repeat doing it until it's fixed! YOU DONT NEED ANY ITEM!)
      1. "Attach the tree bar."
      2. "Tie it with the vines."
      3. "Knot it".
    • Fix the 2 Posts.
  11. After fixing both Posts, speak to Diego.
    • You will receive 5x 12322.pngChocolate Pie
    • You will be sent into a bed room ~~
  12. Inside the bed room, speak to Lucas, he's next to you.
  13. Now return to Instructor Lugen outside.
    • Instructor Lugen in Mid Camp @go 32
    • He will talk about hard to get supplies from motherland.
    • Receive 1x 12322.pngChocolate Pie
  14. Talk to Marian.
  15. Now speak Instructor Lugen and he will give you new directions to deliver the Supply Boxes to different person.
  16. The first one should be sent to Jan, northwest of the camp.
  17. Return Instructor for the 2nd delivery request.
  18. Next one is for Gerard, at west bridge.
  19. Return to Instructor for the final delivery request.
  20. The last one is for Alberto at eastern field entrance.
    • You need to walk to Manuk Field 1 - thru the Camp Guard.
    • Alberto in Manuk Field
    • Alberto will give you a 12322.pngChocolate Pie
  21. Finally, get back to Instructor Lugen he will thank you for the help.
  22. Continue speaking to Instructor Lugen until he asks you to help him deliver a letter.
  23. Goto Otto, west part of the camp.
  24. Get back to Instructor Lugen with the letter.