Mors Cave

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Mors Cave
Base Level: 160
Party: Must be in a party of 2 members and above
Quest Prerequisite(s): Completed Journey to Fire Basin and Bios Island
Item(s): 5-10 Proof of the Heroic


  1. Speak to the Senior Tracker in Fire Cave (moro_cav 55, 70) and listen to his story.
  2. The party leader must speak to the Senior Tracker to generate the memorial dungeon. After the dungeon is created, talk to the Red Flower to enter Mors Cave.
    • Note: There is a 1 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed.
  3. Once inside you will spawn in the first zone of Mors Cave. After wiping out the monsters of each zone, proceed to the next zone. Defeat all monsters in each of the 5 zones.
  4. In the fifth (final) zone, the MVP, Morroc Mage has an enormous amount of HP so it would take some time killing him. He drops two Heroic Trophies which may contain new equipment by chance.
  5. After the MVP is defeated, every party member should talk to Senior Tracker after exiting the instance to receive 5-10 Proof of the Heroic, which can be used to reset the Warrior's Ring enchants.

List of possible "Heroic Trophy" contents:

522.png Mastela Fruit
547.png Condensed White Potion
608.png Yggdrasil Seed
607.png Yggdrasil Fruit
678.png Poison Bottle
12075.png Steamed Tongue
12080.png Dragon Breath Cocktail
12085.png Immortal Stew
12090.png Steamed Desert Scorpions
12095.png Hwergelmir's Tonic
12100.png Cooked Nine Tail
12530.png Mastela Fruit Box
12534.png Yggdrasil Seed Box
14232.png Yggdrasil Berry Box
12679.png WoE White Potion Box
12676.png WoE Violet Potion Box
12623.png High Weapon Box
15093.png Heroic Plate [1]
15094.png Heroic Magic Coat [1]
15095.png Heroic Judgement Shawl [1]
15096.png Heroic Trade-Mail [1]
15097.png Heroic Hidden Cloth [1]
15098.png Heroic Target Suit [1]
22035.png Heroic Nepenthes Shoes [1]
22036.png Heroic Silver Fox Leather Boots [1]
22037.png Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots [1]