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Job Base(s): Bard
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Alberta
Number of Skills: 24
Total Skill Points: 121
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+7 +5 +7 +9 +8 +1


They are the whimsical warriors in the battlefield, existing to boost the morale of both magic and melee fighters. They can support you but they can also make you a human popsicle with the power of their uncouth jokes. Enter minstrels- whose might in fighting exists in the opus of their music. In this guide, you'll learn the builds and tips on how you can create your own majestic maestro.

Job Change Guide

Once you reach base level 99 and job level 70, you may talk to the Admiral NPC which is found on every town to change your job into a Maestro.


Full Support Build

Severe Rainstorm

This is a build that can dish out damage with Severe Rainstorm while also being able to support with skills like Magic Strings and Windmill Rush. Severe Rainstorm is weaker now after the balance patch but is still capable of some decent damage with good equipment. Full Support builds are also possible for endgame purposes but supporting during the leveling phase does not require too much in terms of stats and skills. It is convenient and flexible to be able to both support or to use an AoE damage skill, depending on the party members or the size of the party. High DEX (100-110) is a must for good Severe Rainstorm damage, as well as high AGI (80-100). LUK also adds some ATK so a small amount of it is useful as well. Severe Rainstorm has a high SP cost so INT will help a lot, and INT is also necessary for SP upkeep and stat bonuses when supporting with songs like Magic Strings. Generally, Arrow Vulcan is not used if the Maestro has Severe Rainstorm (and Double Strafe has similar single target DPS and is an Archer skill) so the skill points for that can be used elsewhere (or reset skills once turning Maestro). Windmill Rush is a useful support skill and also helps the Maestro's own Severe Rainstorm damage. It does have a high SP cost however, so perhaps only use it when it makes the difference between one-shotting and two-shotting monsters (or two vs. three) for the Maestro or the Maestro's party members. Improve Concentration helps Severe Rainstorm damage a lot since it increases both DEX and AGI. Magic Strings is crucial for supporting and is very useful. Music Lessons and Voice Lessons should both be maxed for support purposes of course.

The appropriate elemental converters or endow from a Sage class helps damage a lot. Phen Card / Bloody Butterfly Card or alternatively Orleans's Gown is required when targeting monsters or else the attack can be interrupted if the Maestro is attacked by a monster halfway. Supporting does not require an awful lot of gear, but tank oriented gears tend to be good choices, and stat increasing gear can help too. Staying alive longer or taking less damage is always a good thing for parties.



Bow / DPS:

Weapon Suggestions


Bow of Storm [1] - Bow with storm symbol on it. Increase ranged physical damage by 30%.
Reduce Severe Rainstorm skill cooldown by 2 seconds. Increase Severe Rainstorm SP consumption by 15. 

Best Option. +30% and allow you do 1 SR and when It finish you can recast again in 2 seconds.

Equipment Build Wep Lv   ATK     MATK   Additional Notes
1734.png Orc Archer + 1753.png Steel Arrow Severe Rainstorm 3 120 0 Decent bow. Previously this was the strongest combo before Elven Arrows were released (both are +50% ranged damage). This is still the strongest Bow/Arrow combo for Shadow Chasers who copy Severe Rainstorm or other bow skills as they cannot equip Elven Bow.
1746.png Elven Bow [1] + 1773.png Elven Arrow Severe Rainstorm 3 150 0 Good bow after bow of storms.

Instrument / Support:

  • 1930.png Green Whistle [1] - Good instrument choice for supporting, as a Maestro can instant cast Windmill Rush with it.
  • 1926.png Harp of Nepenthes [2] - Best weapon for increasing stats for Magic Strings bonuses when enchanted with Malangdo Enchants. Ideally you want INT enchants to improve your Magic Strings cast delay reduction. DEX would reduce cast time. Spell may also reduce cast time of other performer skills as well as increase damage for offensive magic Maestro skills.

Instrument / others

  • 1935.png Oz's New Ukulele [2] - A good instrument choice, as a Maestro for AV skill. Reduce Windmill Rush SP consumption by 20. Increase Arrow Vulcan's damage by 200% when equipped with Oz's New Wing Ring. Increase Arrow Vulcan's SP consumption by 50.
  • 1919.png Base Guitar [1] - Recovers 3 SP for each enemy defeated. Has a chance to cast Level 3 Heaven's Drive each time the wearer is attacked. Each attack has the chance to inflict all enemies within a 5*5 cell area with the Confused status.
  • 1913.png Electric Guitar - Enables use of Level 1 Jupitel Thunder. Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 1 Jupitel Thunder on the enemy when attacking. INT + 2, AGI + 1
  • 1920.png Berserk Guitar - Enables automatically 193 ASPD (before any speed reduction gear/statuses). Significantly reduces DEX - can be good for becoming Marionette Controlled. Low ATK, but combined with autocast gear (CD in Mouth, Ifrit Mask, etc) can be very useful. Can also be used to attack plant type monsters that only take 1-damage per hit (Red Plant, Emperiums, etc.).


Garment Suggestions

Equipment Build Additional Notes
2589.png Fallen Angel Wing [1] All Builds Enchant this in eden kitchen to match your build. Spell enchantments for sound damage, aspd enchants for melee, HP/VIT enchants for support, or expert archer enchants for severe rainstorm.
2576.png Heroic Backpack [1] All Builds Carries a lot of benefits, like the fallen angel wing, but is more versatile since you don't need to enchant it specific to your build. Allow you greed items in ground. You need one to farm items. Bennefits at +9 (refine) and at +90 in each stat of your character.
2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] All Builds Good garment, plus it can help siphon SP with Rideword Hat.
2537.png Diabolus Manteau All Builds Can be useful.
4133.png Raydric Card All Builds All-around good garment card.
4334.png Noxious Card All Builds All-around good garment card.
4174.png Deviling Card All Builds Powerful garment card.


  • 5208.png Rideword Hat [1]
    • 5% chance to restore 8% of the damage dealt as HP, and 1% chance to restore 4% damage as SP to the user with each physical attack.
      • If +9: Adds an additional 8% of the damage dealt as HP, and 4% damage as SP to the user with each physical attack.
  • 18652.png Vanargand Helm [1] - MDEF +5.
    • At or below +4 refine level, the effect is, absorb 1% of damage dealt to enemy into HP, and 1% into SP with certain rate.
    • If refined to +5 and +6, absorb 3% of damage dealt to enemy into HP, 1% into SP with certain rate.
    • If refined to +7, absorb 5% of damage dealt to enemy into HP, 2% into SP with certain rate.
    • If refined to +8, absorb 5% of damage dealt to enemy into HP, 2% into SP with a higher rate.
    • If refined to +9 or above, absorb 8% of damage dealt to enemy into HP, 4% into SP with a higher rate.
  • 18856.png White Drooping Eddga STR+2, DEX+2, 10% additional damage on Brute monsters. Chance to transform into Eddga, giving additional (25 * refine level) ATK. An excellent headgear to increase arrow damage.
  • 18601.png Red Pom Band [1] For support against demi-human, WoE and also PVP. You need to refine this item.
  • 18600.png Cat Ear Beret [1] Same reductions as Red Pom band, but may also be useful for Offensive builds (against Demi-humans).

But if the party has a Sorcerer for SP, can choose damage enhancing headgears such as:

  • 18522.png Evil Marching Hat [1]
  • 5475.png Gozarian Mask + 18656.png Witch's Pumpkin Hat combo
  • 5751.png Maestro Song's Hat [1] - From the Maestro job change
  • 5963.png Wing Headphone [1] - Increases MATK by a % equal to the refine level of the item. If refined +7 or higher. Increase the damage of [Reverbration] by 30%. (Effect currently does not work)The SP cost of [Reverbration] is reduced by 18. If refined +10 or higher: The skill-specific cooldown of [Metallic Sound] is reduced by 2 seconds. Good for Metallic sound builds.

Movement increasing gear can be useful if the party's Arch Bishop is not good at keeping Increase Agility up, or if monsters use skills that cancel it like Quagmire.

Lower Headgear:



  • 22004.png Temporal Dex Boots - MaxHP +300, MaxSP +30. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, DEX +3. If base DEX is 120 or higher, fixed casting decreased 0.5sec, long distance attack power +5%. Best option for insta-cast when you wear 2 sound amp and +9 dex boots.
  • 2423.png Variant Shoes - Good all around footgear with HP / SP bonuses
  • 22014.png Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - MaxHP and MaxSP +12% Increases DEF and MDEF depending on the refinement. This is often carded with Firelock Soldier if +9 or higher. Def: 13
  • 2433.png Diabolus Boots [1] - Increases Maximum HP by 10 times base Level. Sometimes helps more than Enhanced Variant Shoes


If using Severe Rainstorm and not wearing Cast-Interruption armors:

Damage boost:

Cast reduction:

Class Data


See Bard Skills or Minstrel Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skills in a same group don't stack and will override each other (see Group A Songs and Group B Songs). Group B skills can only be removed through special skills such as Clearance, Lion Howling, Destruction Song, etc.

Solo Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Voice Lessons.png Voice Lessons
Increases SP and SP regen. Lvl 5+ allows usage of 3rd class skills while performing 2nd class songs. 10 Passive
Frigg's Song.png Frigg's Song
Increases maximum HP by +5% per skill level for party members. Uses one Regrettable Tear. 5 Supportive
Deep Sleep Lullaby.png Deep Sleep Lullaby
Inflicts Deep Sleep status to all targets in range. PvP Zone only. 5 Negative Effect
Reverberation.png Reverberation
Generates a high-frequency sound wave on a single cell in range. If an enemy touches the cell, it will explode, splitting the damage it causes across all enemies in a 3 x 3 area. 5 Offensive
Metallic Sound.png Metallic Sound
Attack that damages a single target's HP and SP. 5 Offensive
Dominion Impulse.png Dominion Impulse
Activates all Reverberations within 10 cells of the skill's target location. 1 Active
Harmonize.png Harmonize
Changes stats bonus for caster and target to a certain value. 5 Supportive
Windmill Rush.png Windmill Rush
Increases ATK of caster and surrounding party members. 5 Supportive
Echo Song.png Echo Song
Increases DEF of caster and surrounding party members. 5 Supportive
Circle of Nature.png Circle of Nature
Drains certain amount of SP from targets in range but recovers their HP. Usable on PVP maps only. 5 Supportive
Death Valley.png Death Valley
Revives target. 5 Supportive
Song of Despair.png Song of Despair
Generates a special sound wave on the ground that will immobilize anyone that steps over it. 5 Negative Effect
Siren's Voice.png Siren's Voice
Prevents enemies from attacking or targeting the caster for a set duration. 5 Negative Effect
Improvised Song.png Improvised Song
Casts a random mage or wizard spell. 5 Active
Gloomy Shyness.png Gloomy Shyness
Triple the damage of Brandish Spear, Clashing Spiral, Shield Boomerang, Rapid Smite, and Shield Press. If the target does not have one of these skills, then the target receives a flee rate and attack speed penalty. Requires an instrument or whip to cast. 5 Supportive
Severe Rainstorm.png Severe Rainstorm
A powerful 11x11 AoE attack. Requires a bow. Damage is increased with casters DEX, AGI and Base Level 5 Offensive
Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active

Chorus Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Great Echo.png Great Echo
Deal damage to all enemies around the caster. 5 Offensive
Dances with Wargs.png Dances with Wargs
Increase the ASPD and lower the FIXED cast time of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Song of Mana.png Song of Mana
Increase the SP regeneration of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Lerad's Dew.png Lerad's Dew
Increase the maximum HP of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Saturday Night Fever.png Saturday Night Fever
Place all targets around the caster into a special "Frenzy" state. 5 Active
Warcry from Beyond.png Warcry from Beyond
Increase the ATK of all targets around the caster, but reduce their MATK. 5 Active
Sinking Melody.png Sinking Melody
Increase the MATK of all targets around the caster, but reduce their ATK. 5 Active
Song of Destruction.png Song of Destruction
Deal damage to a target and all enemies around it as well as remove Maestro/Wanderer Buffs from them. 5 Offensive
Infinite Humming.png Infinite Humming
Make skills of everyone around the caster uninterruptible at the cost of increased SP usage. 5 Supportive

Job Bonuses

The job levels in which a Maestro receives a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 18 19 24 28 46 53 58
AGI 26 27 38 39 51
VIT 3 10 11 34 45 52 57
INT 1 7 8 22 32 40 41 49 59
DEX 5 14 15 36 44 50 56 60
LUK 54

Skill Tree

Wm skill tree.png

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