Melon Farm

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Melon Farm


Help Tiger Melon to harvest ripped Watermelons.

Daily Task

  • Obtain daily Event Points
  • Each game begins with 5 farmers.
  • Each Watermelon = 5 Event Points.
  • Max 50 Watermelons per game ~~

Tiger Melon

  • Mf1.png Mf2.png


  1. Join the game by joining the Melon Farm chat room queue, when it fills up with 5 players, the game will begin.
  2. Inside the farm, you have 10 minutes to farm as many Watermelons as possible.
  3. Watch out for the Melon's Revenge.
    • Mf3.png
    • Mf4.png

Enjoy the tasty Watermelons  ~