Malangdo Culvert

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Malangdo Culvert


  • Base Level 140+
  • Must be in a party of 2+ players
  • 6436.pngSeagod's Protection in inventory. (Obtain from Limit HQ Iris shop)

Obtainable Rewards

Instance Guide

  1. Speak to Warper. Under Instances, you can find Malangdo Culvert.
  2. Speak to Missing, the Cleaner to reserve the instance.
    • image.png.826d1af6af83e6d1f603b14a7c9301f4.png
      • Are you Ok?
      • What culvert are you cleaning?
      • Why don't you just quit?
      • I will help if possible...
      • (get in closer)
      • Open the memo
  3. At this point, you can also get the side quests for some extra rewards.
    • Speak to Albo and he will give you a bunch of options. You can choose to get them all. They range from Daily to Weekly turn ins.
  4. Speak to Missing again and he will ask for a secret code.
    • Aragam insulted me.
  5. Speak to him again to enter the instance.
    • Can I go down?
  6. Once inside, talk to Missing. You will choose between Normal and Hard Mode. Hard Mode has better rewards but the monsters are exponentially stronger.
    • image.png.fbb0125a95df842ea900cddbf0b24319.png
      • I'm pretty good with delivering bread. (Normal Mode)
      • I know how to fight. (Hard Mode)
        • If you chose Hard Mode, a portal will open at the easy of the map, enter it. All steps will be the same from here on out.
  7. Talk to Missing again at the 3 o'clock position in the map.
    • image.png.29e987bc4db606537f989e55abefab5c.png
      • As you wish~
    • Talk to him again.
      • Yes, I see them.
      • Let's start!
  8. You goal is to plug up all the drains to prevent monsters from coming in. Just click on the active drain and a cast bar will show up. Finish the cast bar without getting interrupted to close the drain.
      • Do note that there is only a small period where you can close a drain shut. You can only fail 3-4 times to trigger the next event.
      • Make sure to memorize the location of the drains because the drain you need to close is chosen randomly. There will be a speech bubble when you hover over it if it's the correct drain. Monsters will also spawn on the active drain.
      • When you successfully close the drains, you'll see a broadcast message.
        • image.png.bb6fd6558cd859e57bf03d6d89f9f98e.png
      • Great job! But something big was able to get through!!
        • image.png.203315b008398d6e871e1f4e468abc2e.png
        • image.png.90cb147e57472fa867501c03aebda275.png
  9. Depending on your mode, you will get to fight a random Coelocanth.
    • image.png.f66590fef2e92f045b2323b6b37d1142.png
  10. Once you defeat the Coelocanth, loots will drop all over the map, so be quick to pick them up!
    • ​​​​​​​image.png.4c26e25ee5e79e30121114039431d910.png
  11. Speak to Missing again and give your report. Then you can head to the portal west of the map to exit the instance.
    • ​​​​​​​image.png.9f0caea0b42686768e26cf385747d65c.png
  12. Speak to Madeca to collect your rewards!
    • ​​​​​​​RTENOTITLE RTENOTITLE​​​​​​​

Side Quest Rewards!
(LimitRO custom boosted)

Quest Monster Number to kill Reward
Normal Daily Random fish from easy culvert 20 56418.pngA Class Coin
Hard Daily Random fish from hard culvert 20 6423.pngSeagod's Anger
Normal Weekly Odd or Glommy Ceolacanth 1 6423.pngSeagod's Anger
Hard Weekly Cruel or Mutant Ceolacanth 1 15 6423.pngSeagod's Anger








Monster Level HP Race / Element / Size Weakness Valuable Drop



34 854 Plant / Water 2 / Small Wind


Anient Vadon

95 120,000 Fish / Water 1 / Small Wind


Abysmal Marse

95 120,000 Fish /  Water 2 / Small Wind


Abysmal Crab

95 120,000 Fish / Water 1 / Small Wind


Abysmal Cornutus

100 160,000 Fish /  Water 1 / Small Wind


Abysmal Shellfish

100 160,000 Fish / Water 2 / Small Wind


Ancient Kukre

100 160,000 Fish / Water 2 / Small Wind



100 100,000 Fish / Water 1 / Small Wind -

Dark coelacanth.gif

Gloomy Coelacanth

100 2,200,000 Fish / Water 2 / Large Wind

Weird coelacanth.gif

Weird Coelacanth

100 2,200,000 Fish / Water 2 / Large Wind

Mutant coelacanth.gif

Mutant Coelacanth

155 5,200,000 Fish /  Water 2 / Large Wind

Violent coelacanth.gif

Violent Coelacanth

155 5,200,000 Fish / Water 2 / Large Wind



100 1,200,000 Fish / Water 2 / Large Wind