Lunette Island

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Lunette Island

The key way to enter the Limitless Island.


  • Base level 175+
  • 10.000.000 Zeny
  • 1 hour Instance

Step by Step guide

  1. Find Leikny in Asgard, he will guide you to Lunette Island.
  2. In there, you need to begin the quest by speaking to Leikny.
  3. You need to find 3 different colored Keys (RedBlue and Green).
    • They are hidden in different buildings, on Weird spot.
    • The chances to discover a key is ~30%.
  4. After collecting all 3 keys, speak to Leikny
    • He will ask you to kill a certain monster ~~
  5. Kill the certain monster, it's super hard monster!
  6. Then speak to him and he will need you to find 3x Well on the same island.
  7. Get back to him and you will obtain access to Limitless Island and numerous 14391.pngAncient Bronze Key.
  • You can access Limitless Island thru 32143.pngL-Phone after completed this instance quest.