Lunette Island

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Lunette Island

The key way to enter the Limitless Island.


  • Base level 175+
  • 10.000.000 Zeny
  • 1 Man instance (only party leader can enter)
  • 1 hour Instance

Step by Step guide

  1. Find Leikny in Asgard, he will guide you to Lunette Island.
    • La1.png
  2. In there, you need to begin the quest by speaking to Leikny.
    • La2.png
  3. You need to find 3 different colored Keys (RedBlue and Green).
    • They are hidden in different buildings, on Weird spot.
      • La3.png La4.png
    • The chances to discover a key is ~30%.
  4. After collecting all 3 keys, speak to Leikny
    • He will ask you to kill a certain monster ~~
  5. Then speak to him and he will need you to find 3x Well on the same island.
    • La5.png
  6. The guide ends here, the rest is up to yourself ~~ Good luck!
    • A little guide
    • You can access Limitless Island thru 32143.pngL-Phone after completed this instance quest.