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Lucky Roulette is a fun mini game inside Ragnarok where you can gamble using your Lucky Coins to obtain random items from Yggdrasil Berry to Safe Refine Ticket and various costumes. While Lucky Roulette is new in Limit RO, it was first introduced to iRO in 2015. It lasted only 5 months in iRO before it got removed because the publisher think it ruins the economy, however, Lucky Roulette has been customized to fit Limit RO's economy condition to prevent this to happen in Limit RO.

Lucky Coins

There are 3 grades of Lucky Coins; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The only ways to obtain Lucky Coins today is from our infamous Daily Slot,forum events like Login Screen Contest 2017 or Limit RO events in general and also within the Roulette itself.

  • 32017.png Bronze Coin is the lowest grade of Lucky Coins, with this coin you can only play on first and second row from bottom. This is the only coin obtainable outside the Roulette itself. 1 Coin is needed each time.
  • 32018.png Silver Coin is the middle grade Lucky Coin, with this coin you can play on third to fifth row from bottom. This coin is obtainable from the Roulette. 10 Coins are needed each time you want to play.
  • 32019.png Gold Coin is the highest grade Lucky Coin, with this coin you can play on top two rows. This coin is obtainable from almost every row in the Roulette. 10 Coins are needed each time you want to play.

How To Play

1. First, you need to use your Lucky Coins to get Lucky Coin Points. Lucky Coins are usable items.


2. Click the Lucky Roulette button below Cash Shop button on top right area of your screen.


3. You can see your Lucky Coin Points on the right side of the window.


4. Click Start Button and wait until the highlight stops, when you done with your first row, you can choose to continue to second row or obtain your reward.


5. When you reach your limit, you have to get your prize before you can play again. If you want to play using Silver Coin, you need to make sure your Bronze Coin Point is 0 or else you will keep playing Bronze Coin (2 bottom rows).

Obtainable Rewards

There are plenty of items you can obtain from Lucky Roulette, including Event Costumes that changes periodicaly.

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