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Limitless island is an Lro custom map. On this map you gain access to several endgame gears via crafting them, or by attempting to obtain them from what could be called the strongest monsters of Lro.


How to Get There

In order to gain access to Limitless Island, one has to first complete Lunette Island. Once completed, the player can access Limitless at any time by using the 32143.pngL-Phone.

In order to do Lunette Island, you must be level 175 minimum, and pay an entrance fee of 100,000,000 Zeny. Once inside, you will have 1 hour to complete the instance.




There are a few features inside Limitless Island to help facilitate gearing for endgame: Solar Temple, Deep mines, the A+S Bounty Boards, and the powerful dragon eggs.

Limitless Island.png

Solar Temple

Solar Temple is a custom instance in which you must defeat several powerful souls, each has a chance to reward you with a powerful heroic item to help you in your endgame journey. Once a certain amout of these souls has been slain, the lord of the temple will appear.

Solar Temple.png

Temple NPC

Inside the temple, you also get access to 2 npcs; Neko Meido, and Afred Milo who trades in drops from the souls inside the temple for costumes and Ancient Hero enchantments respectively.

Solar Inside.png

Temple Dungeon

Within the temple lies a dungeon which contains the souls of powerful fallen heroes. Face them in combat in order to obtain powerful heroic weapons to help you reach your true endgame.


Once enough of these souls has been defeated, the head guardian of the dungeon will make her apearance.


Deep Mines


The rich minerals found beneath the island can be used by a skilled Crafting NPC, found on the island, to create powerful artifacts for you in battle. Be weary though as the magic within the mines attracted several powerful monsters that now call it their home.


To gain access to the mines, simply speak to the miner to purchase admition. You also need  a 5009.pngSafety Helmet  with you. Once your transaction is complete, you will recieve 5x 14397.pngMass Produced Pickaxe


Experienced Miner


The experienced miner npc can use the ores you've extracted from the mines in order to create powerful items for you. He is however known to be quite clumsy and is prone to failing because of it.

Master Miner


The master miner NPC can craft the same items as the experienced miner, but at a 100% success chance and at an increased cost.

Bounty Boards

On the island, you can find the legendary A and S bounty boards. Unlike the other bounty boards, these do not reward you with 6685.pngLimit Merit Badge  and 25223.pngLimit Group Coin, nor do they ask you to hunt any old monster in a field. No, these boards require you to hunt certain MVP monsters, some found only in instances. And as a reward, you will recieve the 14436.pngStriped Tamago Hammer which you can use to attempt to awaken the powerful dragons hybernating on the island. Unlike the regular bounty boards, these boards have a 3 day cd.


Tamago Dragons

Sleeping within the Limitless Island are the 5 Tamago Dragons. They can be awakened from their slumber by using the corresponding 14436.pngTamago Hammer, which are obtained from the bounty boards, on their eggs. Striking the egg will randomly give you crafting materials needed to make powerful armors, or awaken the dragon which will reward you with the fight of your life.




(yes, those are his summons)









Dragon Crafter

The  Dragon Crafter npc can use the materials you obtained from the dragons in order to craft powerful armors to serve you in battle.


Other NPCs