Limit HQ part 1

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Joining Limit Group HQ

  1. Start the whole process by speaking to Secretary Lime Evenor inside the Limit Group HQ.
    • Joinhq1.png
    • She will welcome you to the Limit HQ, and direct you to Change Job.
    • Click on the Mingmin in chat for navigation.
  2. Speak to Mingmin and choose Change Job.
    • Tips: If this is your first character, Archer is good choice due to being great at making zeny.
    • Joinhq10.png
  3. Now, back to Secretary Lime Evenor ~~ 
  4. Now go to the Cheap Weaponary NPC and buy a weapon.
  5. Then go to the Cheap Supplies NPC and buy some Arrow if you're an Archer or Bullet if you're a Gunslinger.
    • Joinhq4.png
    • Tips: You need to add some STATs, press [ALT] + [A] to open Status Window.
      • Joinhq5.png
      • Add some Agi and Dex ~~
  6. Time to take a bounty from Bounty Class C.
    • Joinhq6.png
    • Joinhq8.png
    • Tips: You can take missions, complete them and get Limit Merit Badges and Limit Group Coins + BIG EXP <3
  7. It's now time to visit Granma for some action!
    • Joinhq7.png
    • Tips:
      • Depends on which Bounty class you took, you choose the correct Map t o enter.
      • Turn on your @autoloot and loot everything to then sell to NPC later to make some zeny.
      • Use @storage, for putting loots into storage, if your inventory is getting full.
      • You can also use a Mercenary, to assist you in battle.
      • Loot all the 25223.pngLimit Group Coin, you can obtain them from monsters in Granma fields ~~
  8. Reach Job Level 50 and talk to Secretary Lime Evenor ~~
    • Joinhq1.png
  9. She will tell you to speak to Mingmin, to advance your Job into 2nd Job.
    • Change the job into Hunter ~~
    • Joinhq9.png
  10. Reach Base Level 99 and Job level 50 as 2nd Job and speak to Secretary Lime Evenor again.
    • Joinhq12.png
  11. She will direct you to Mingmin for REBIRTH TIME!
    • Joinhq11.png
  12. Now, speak to Secretary Lime Evenor, she will say "Level up all over again ;D" 
  13. You have to repeat this process as Rebirthed.
    1. Reaching Base/Job Level 10.
    2. Change Job at Admiral, High Archer.
    3. Talk to Lime Evenor.
    4. She will tell you to reach job Level 50
    5. Change Job at Mingmin into Sniper.
    6. Talk to Lime Evenor, she will tell you to reach 99/70.
    7. Change Job at Mingmin into Ranger (3rd Job).
  14. After turning into Ranger at level 99/70, speak to Mingmin again, he will give you an extra FREE LEVEL!
  15. Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor, she will reward you
  16. Now, you need to speak with those Kafra Girls in order. (Those NPCs will give you more guides and tips about LimitRO)
    1. Speak with Curly Sue
    2. Speak with Leilah
    3. Speak with Roxie.
    4. Speak with Jasmine
    5. Speak with Pavianne
    • Joinhq14.png
  17. Now speak to Secretary Lime Evenor, you can do the Join Limit Group Test.
    • All Question and answers in
    1. Ignore and report him as Scammer
    2.  use @noks
    3. Facebook
    5. Ignore and report him as scammer
    6. Ignore and report the player as Scammer.
  18. After taking the test and have a perfect score, you can speak to Secretary Lime Evenor, she will ask for 1,000,000 zeny as member fee!
  19. She will recommend you to the Warper NPC 
    • Joinhq15.png
    • You can warp to any field, dungeon, etc, but recommend to visit Moscovia Dungeon + a Mercenary to level up there plus farm some loot to sell for zeny!
  20. When you have 1,000,000 zeny and can finally join the Limit Group! 


Congratulations, you officially have:

  1. A 3rd job character
  2. Plenty zeny and loot
  3. Knowledge to farm zeny, level up, add skills, use mercenary etc.
  4. Member of Limit Group, and you can talk to the rest of the NPCs in the Limit HQ ~~