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📗Limit Group HQ📗

Limit Group HQ stands for Limit Group Headquarter, just as it sounds, it's a place with many new adventurers, preparing to explore the world.
In the HQ, there are plenty of daily quests, shops, supplies and other supports to give your adventure an ultimate boost.
There are also some end game gears obtained exclusively from Limit Group HQ ~~

"You can access it anytime by typing @go hq ingame."

Join Limit Group HQ

(Full tutorial read please)


Limit HQ NPC Guides
Limit HQ NPC Guides Mini Description
Iris Limit Merit Point Shop
Primo d'Buffer Gives 30 minutes All stats +5 for 3 LMPs
Izaac Exchange Limit Group Coins
Limit Group HQ Merchants Cheap zeny shops
HQ Gear Machine Limit Group EQs & Supplies
Weapon Supplier Michael Selling good Limit Group Weapons
General Store Owner Sells combination kits
Mercenary Manager Rents mercenary
Lucky Fairy Chance to obtain great equipment
AAW Enchanter  Archangel Wings enchanter
FAW Enchanter  Fallen Angel Wings enchanter
Golden Wings Enchanter  Golden Wings enchanter
Kirin Wings Enchanter  Kirin wings Enchanter
Mr Upgrade  Upgrade weapon enchanter
Reno Crystal Maker Craft crystals to make hats.
Eve Natalia Gives Limit Merit Badges
Entrepreneur Can craft L-Phone and @phone
Dally Queen Give her 10 she give you sum ting!
Granma Warps you to special bounty mob map


Limit HQ Quests
NPC Quests Mini Description
Hqq1.png An Errand Boy   Bring him 100x909.pngJellopy and he will give you 5x 12263.pngField Manual
Hqq2.png Applause Sandal Quest  Obtain one of the best shoes ingame.
Hqq3.png Taming a Pet


Learn how to tame a pet.


Repeatable Quests Mini Description
Bounty Board
  • Monster hunting quests.
  • 15 - 30 Minute cool down
  • Reward Limit Merit Badge and Limit Group Coins
Catering Lady
  • Cooking Quest 
  • Daily Quest
  • Reward Limit Merit Points
Shady Trader
  • Delivery Quest
  • Daily Quest
  • Reward Limit Merit Points
  • Pet egg collection
  • Daily Quest
  • Reward Limit Merit Points