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Eden Group retires, but a new regiment of adventurers takes over to aid whipper-snappers! Limit Group is here to replace the old Eden Group and this group is exclusive to Limit Ro. Currently there are 2 Limit Group Headquarters, the old one, which used to be Eden Group Headquarter and the new one which is the active one. To access the old headquarter, simply go to upper area of Asgard and you will see a house on the left with a portal that takes you to the old headquarter. As for the new one, you can use @go 38, @go hq or enter the house near the Cash area in Asgard.


Joining Limit Group


  • Base level 100+
  • 1.000.000 zeny
  • 5 Jellopies (for exam retake in case you fail the exam)


  • Access to NPCs, quests, equipment and rewards exclusive to Limit Group members
  • Earn Limit Merit Points (LMP)


1. Go and speak with Secretary Lime Evenor (119, 49) who'll reward you with Limit equipment when you're base level 100 and above. You may click the option, "Knowledge Test," to initiate your application process. Secretary Lime will tell you that in order to become a member, you'll need to pass a test about playing in Limit RO. He will ask you to talk to the Wise Kafra girls. Click Wise Girls (84, 88) in the dialog box to lead you to their location:


2. Talk to each of the Wise Girls, starting from the left. For the enchant guide, always return the enchanted equipment to the NPC before proceeding to the next!


3. Ask again to join the group and Secretary Lime will initiate the test. It consists of six questions, all of which you have to answer correctly to proceed. You need to have a perfect score and this is required because the information is necessary for you to survive in the server. Should you fail to earn a perfect score the first time, talk to Sec. Lime again and he will require you to give 5 jellopies for each retake. Take note that upon announcing your results, Sec. Lime will indicate which questions you got wrong, so pay attention!

4. If you pass the test, congratulations! But we're not done yet, though. Talk to Sec. Lime again, asking him to join the group, and he will ask you to give him 1,000,000z. Collect the money, then go back to the headquarters and talk to Sec. Lime. He will then confirm that you have finally become a member of the Limit Group. Congratulations!


Limit Group Headquarter is filled with NPCs who serve different purposes, from helping players with leveling, to selling luxury items.

Central Bar


Central Bar located in the middle of headquarter, some important NPCs hang out around this area:

  • Admiral - Gives you buffs, allows you to reset stat, rent, remove cards, etc
  • Warper - Teleports you to places in Ragnarok
  • Kafra Staff - Provides basic Kafra services
  • Iris - Exchanges items (Cat Invest Tickets, Old Purple Boxes, Limit Merit Badges) for Limit Merit Points
    • Angel Scroll (30 LMP)
      • Safe +7 Armor or Weapon Certificate (only one of these two)
      • Safe +6 Armor or Weapon Certificate
      • Safe +5 Armor or Weapon Certificate
      • Costume: Angeling Hat
      • Costume: Cat Eyes
      • Costume: Rose of Frozen Land
      • Sealed Headgear Box I
      • Angel Poring Boots Box
      • 3x Abrasive
      • 3x Glass of Illusion
      • 3x Angeling Potion
      • 3x Gold
      • Tyr's Blessing
      • Potion Box
      • Old Blue Box
      • Physical Shadow Cube
      • Transformation Scroll (Poring)
      • Transformation Scroll (Raydric)
    • Ancient Egg Scroll (30 LMP)
      • Safe +7 Armor or Weapon Certificate (only one of these two)
      • Safe +6 Armor or Weapon Certificate
      • Safe +5 Armor or Weapon Certificate
      • Costume: Vicious Stop Bandage
      • Costume: Black Frame
      • Costume: Old Timey Moustache
      • Sealed Headgear Box II
      • Ancient Sandals
      • 3x Sahlab
      • 3x Jallab
      • 3x Amar Al Din
      • 3x Treasure Box
      • Special Defense Potion
      • Death Bin
      • Poison Bottle Box
      • Morocc Kebab
      • Magical Shadow Cube
      • Transformation Scroll (Deviruchi)
      • Transformation Scroll (Marduk)
    • Mad Bunny Egg Scroll (50 LMP)
      • Mad Bunny Shield
      • Cursed Mad Bunny Shield
      • Piamette Ribbon
      • Piamette Hood
      • Mother's Nightmare
      • Transformation Scroll (Golem)
      • Transformation Scroll (Banshee)
      • Amar Al Din
      • Sahlab
      • Giant Fly Wing Box (50)
      • Deluxe Dress Ticket
      • Vermillion Scroll
      • Meteor Scroll
      • Storm Gust Scroll
      • Sea God Protection Box
      • Silvervine Box (4)
      • Costume: Beanie
      • Costume: Cake Hat
      • Costume: Funeral Hat
      • Guarantee Armor 5 Up
      • WoE Weapon Supply Box
    • Regneration Potion (15 LMP)
    • Small Life Potion (10 LMP)
    • Limit Merit Badge (1 LMP)
    • Lucky Ticket (10 LMP) for Armor Lottery
    • Boarding Halter Rent
    • Enchant Book
    • Deluxe Dress Ticket
  • Primo d'Buffer - Gives +3 all stats for 30 minutes for 3 LMP.

Other NPCs


Boya (100,17), the Headquarters Guide NPC, stands right at the entrance of the building.


Granma gives quests and rewards to players with base level 1-99.


Bounty Boards are where you can pursue hunting missions and get reward.


Combination Sets (127,38) teaches novices how to craft newbie items.


Administration Michael and HQ Gear Machine (at 115,34) sells more Limit-exclusive equipment.


Izaac (106,32) gives white slim potion for items.


Novice Supplies (102,31) provides basic items. Like other tradingNPCs, you can also sell items to her.


Cheap Supplies and Cheap Weaponry (80,33) NPCs sell typical Armor Dealer and Weapon Dealer items.


An Errand Boy (76,57) will you give five battle exp manuals (one-time only per character) for 100 jellopies.


Eve Natalia (76,57), sitting next to Errand Boy, gives +5 Safety Certificates in exchange of the following items"

JiHn5kP.png iFpOYxh.png


Catering Lady (127,86) gives LMP in exchange for basic food in Food Delivery quest.


Shady Trader needs your help with Worker Delivery.


Fallen Angel and Arch Angel (128,99) enchants FAW and AAW respectively.


Lucky Fairy for the Armor Lottery (where you can AAW, FAW, Upgrade Equipment, Heroic Backpack, etc) and Devil Enchanter, who enchants Upgrade armor and Equipment using Enchant Books.


Talk to Mercenary Manager (92,31) to hire mercenaries and earn loyalty points.