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About Limit Academy

Free equipment, free experience, free knowledge! Take these lessons with you, for everything you need to know about surviving the game is in here!


1. Upon clicking your newly made character, you'll find yourself in the reception area of the LimitRO academy. Move up a bit and start a conversation with Renette, who will welcome you to the academy and will share her knowledge on basic game interface and commands. She will also give you basic equipment and experience points - something that you will acquire upon talking to all of the NPCs, so don't skip!


2. Anna will teach you about custom LimitRO features and other server-specific information.


3. Admiral is a handy NPC that you'll see in almost each town. Talk to him to find out the services he provides to all players.


4. Aladdin will teach you about the event point system - where and how to farm event points, as well as the event point-exclusive items.


5. Mato Mato, just like Admiral, is another NPC you'll be seeing in selected towns. Talk to him to learn how to donate to the server and obtain cash point coins and VIP coins to buy cash shop and VIP shop items.


6. Mark Isher will discuss to you farming tricks and tips that can help you earn zeny in the server.


7. Listen to Nile as she dishes secrets on how to level up fast!


8. Next up is the Element Tutor. After educating you on harnessing the power of elements, he will ask you try hitting on the fire eggs near him. Don't worry about killing these eggs - you just need to hit them a bit and take note of your damage. Talk to Element Tutor and he'll be asking you how much damage you're incurring.
Element Tutor will endow you with water element and will ask you to hit the Fire Eggs again. Noticeably your damage increases after this. Talk to him again after hitting the eggs.


9. Roel will gush about his love for taking care of pets. He'll send you to the cafeteria so you can experience taming a pet!


10. Talk to the British Friendly poring and help him get rid of bloody ol' Ghostring by taming some of the walking Academy Porings! Pay attention as he teaches you how to click 'n tame a poring easily.
Once you obtained a Baby poring egg, talk to Friendly Poring and Roel. After talking to Roel, talk to Friendly Poring again who will instruct you go to Talia.


11. Talia will give you information on the various mercs that can aid you in leveling and fighting monsters/players. From here on, you have the option to take the aptitude test with Amy or go ahead and talk to Shalosh.


12. If you decide to take the aptitude test, talk with Talia to locate Amy, who can help you find out which job suits your personality and lifestyle if you're still having a hard time choosing your class.


13. You've come this far, and it's graduation time! Talk to Shalosh in the north room of the academy. She'll ask you to talk to the representatives of selected LimitRO [Guild System|Guilds] so you'll have an idea on what existing social groups are like in this server. After talking to the guild NPCs, talk to Shalosh again and she'll give you one last set of freebies before sending you to Asgard.



1. Click on the names of the next instructor in the dialog and a set of arrows on the ground will show up to guide you to the location of the next NPCs.


2. if you really think you're ready to face the world with no freebies or information whatsoever, then you can skip to Asgard by talking to the Senior Guide npc who's right behind Renette; Tamarin. (If it's your first character in your account, you are not allowed to skip Academy)


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