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  • Warm welcome to LimitRO, you are now officially in-game ~~
  • The first little challenge is to complete the Limit Academy, a very knowledgeable place to gain some in-game tips and free beginner's items <3  


  • Auto navigation guidance during the whole course ~~
  • Many free beginner's items <3
  • Free levels ~~
  • Free name announcement when complete the Academy <3
  • You can skip this after completing it once on your account.

Step by Step

  1. Speak with Renette, she will welcome you to the Limit Academy and give you some useful items.
  2. Anna, has many Basic Information about the server.
    • She give's tips about Main Town (Asgard), our server maintenance day (Monday), Party Sharing Limit (75), Multi Client (2x), and KS Protection (1x).
    • She also teaches you how ASPD (Attack Speed) or we call it After Attack Delay here, works. 
      • For example your ASPD is 170, and you're using use a Doppelganger carded-weapon (+10% ASPD)
      • The increase IS NOT 170 + (170 x 0.1) = 187 !
      • It SHOULD BE 170 + [(195-170) x 0.1] = 172
      • 193 is Max ASPD.
      • (193 - BaseASPD) x AspdBonus] ASPD
    • Item Reward
  3. Admiral is our general custom NPC, he has many many services that is very helpful.
  4. One of our Event NPC is named Aladdin, he will explain a bit about our in-game event system.
    • Example, we have Hourly automatic Event, GM hosted events and many daily activities that gives Event Points.
    • We have event shop, that you can purchase items from.
    • Reward
      • Small amount of Event Points
  5. Mato Mato is one of our Donation service NPC.
    • He offer's services such as enchanting for Costume Hats, Costume Garment and Amulets.
    • Reward
      • EXP
  6. If you want to learn a bit about economy and how to make zeny, then Mark Isher is your next goal in this Academy.
    • He will tell you some example of items to farm for and valuable to other players.
    • Some example faming spots, such as Moscovia Dungeon 3, Thanatos Tower.
    • He also explains how the @alootid and @autoloot works.
    • Our Vending Harbor (A place where players setup their Vendors) in @go 16.
    • And a Bank feature RTENOTITLE
    • Last but not least, he explain the Limit Coin (Bronze, Silver and Gold), you can exchange zeny for those coins for easier trades.
    • Reward
  7. Nile, the leader of Eden. She will teach you how to level up in-game ~~
    • She will teach you about stat points and how to use them.
    • She also explains how to attack monsters and summons a Pupa for you to try attacking.
    • Reward
  8. Talia is a mercenary master.
  9. Last part!!! Shalosh ~~
      • She will give you the graduation reward 
      • Then she will give you equipment set rewards ~~  
    • 5407.pngAcademy Completion Hat
    • 20307.pngCostume Beginner Mark
    • Then she will give you a free ride to Limit Group HQ ~~ and a free welcome announcement to the whole server ~~

Thank you for reading the whole guide and good luck in Limit Academy!