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LimitRO Community

This is the last Tutorial on forums ~~ The rest is up to you now, youngster!

In this topic I will explain some of the important ways to communicate within LimitRO, mostly 3 major platforms.

LimitRO Forums

  • This is where you are right now, the Forums ~~ A big big community with all kinds of content.
  • If you are reading as a guest, it's time for you to register.
    1. Click on the Sign In.
    2. Sign in with your LimitRO Account Email & Account Password. (You register Account on LimitRO main page)
    3. Choose your Forum Display name. (You can login next time using your Display name & Pass.)
    4. You are no inlogged, scroll down to Say Hello, and create a topic about yourself ~~
    5. Browse around the forums - Tutorials / Guides are critical for survival and Marketplace, Question/Support if you need help with something!
    6. ENJOY!

LimitRO Facebook

  • GM Lai's facebook - You can leave him Message and he will always reply to you within 24 Hours!
  • LimitRO's Social group - A place to socialize with the members of LimitRO, not a place for tradings ! >;D
  • LimitRO official secret group - need to ask Lai for invite!

LimitRO Discord

  1. Discord is a chat program ~~ 
  2. You can simply download it on Desktop or Smart Phone.
  3. Join our Discord channel on link: LimitRO Discord


There you go, you will never have to feel lonely again! We are all together in this ~~

Feel free to make your post, chat on discord or contact Lai on FB! <3