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An Entrepreneur from Verus came to Asgard to give Limitronians free demo of his newest product and you're gonna like it! This product he's trying to introduce is a gadget called L-Phone, a fully functional phone and you can use it to call for an assistant, whether it's when you need a guide or simply need help from our Helpers. This gadget is free, but in order to make it, the Entrepreneur needs some materials and you will need to help him gather those materials.

Getting L-Phone

L-Phone is currently given for free when you finish Limit Academy, but for old players who want it, you can get one from Entrepreneur NPC in Asgard:

  1. Talk to the Entrepreneur in Asgard (asgard 241,210)
  1. Bring him this following materials:
    1. 10x Rcp.gif
    2. 10xPcp.gif
    3. 10xGcp.gif
    4. 10xBcp.gif
    5. 100xRusty screw.gif
  2. All these materials for this gadget can be obtained in Juperos dungeon.


Get your L-Phone today!


This current version of L-Phone have basic guide and assistant functions such as checking points, important guides and Helper status. This gadget also allows you to request Helpers assistance.

Basic function of this version of L-Phone.


L-Phone's first update released on February 6th 2017, it includes new features such as warp to vendor, autoloot settings, stat and skill build settings and the ability to change your guide or personal assistant.

How To Upgrade

There's a menu in your old L-Phone to upgrade it. Upgrade will cost 1 VIP Coin or 150 Limit Merit Points.