Kagerou Oboro

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Kagerou Oboro
Job Tier: Expanded 2nd
Base Level: 185
Job Level: 65
Race: Human
Number of Skills: 50
Total Skill Points: 185
Job Bonuses
+7 +6 +4 +6 +8 +4
Kagerou and Oboro


Kagerou and Oboro clans were once known as the Right and Left hand of the Feudal Lord in Amatsu. They displayed fearsome prowess, completing every task swiftly with precision. Perhaps due to Kagerou and Oboro's outstanding abilities, they were banished from Amatsu by the Feudal Lord who has grown fearful of them. Betrayed by the Feudal Lord, it is said that Kagerou and Oboro have hidden themselves in the shadows of history.

Decades have passed since then.

A new group of clan calling themselves the "Ninja Clan" have appeared in Amatsu, who has steadily gained power over the years. It is rumored that the Jounins of the clan will teach experienced Ninjas, who pass the secret test, the ways of Kagerou and Oboro.


Job Tree

Kagerou is the 2nd job of a Male Ninja. Oboro is the 2nd job of a Female Ninja.

Basic 1st 2nd
NOVICE.gif Ninja Kagerou Oboro
Novice Ninja Kagerou Oboro
Job Level 10 Job Level 70 Job Level 65



1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Basic Skill Basic Skill 9 Passive A starting passive skill needed to use basic interface.
First Aid First Aid 1 Supportive Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Throwing Mastery Throwing Mastery 10 Passive Increases damage of throwing skills.
Flip Tatami Flip Tatami 5 Active Blocks long range attack for 3 seconds. Pushes near enemies away.
Ninja Mastery Ninja Mastery 10 Passive Increases SP regen.
Throw Shuriken Throw Shuriken 10 Offensive Throws shuriken.
Shadow Leap Shadow Leap 5 Active From the Hiding status, instantly move to a target cell.
Ninja Aura Ninja Aura 5 Active Increases STR & INT. Needed when using Mirror Image and Killing Strike.
Flaming Petals Flaming Petals 10 Offensive Attack a single target with  Fire-element damage.
Freezing Spear Freezing Spear 10 Offensive Attack a single target with  Water-element damage.
Wind Blade Wind Blade 10 Offensive Attack a single target with  Wind-element damage.
Throw Kunai Throw Kunai 5 Offensive Throw a Kunai to deal three hits.
Haze Slasher Haze Slasher 10 Offensive Strike a target and enter the Hiding status.
Cicada Skin Shed Cicada Skin Shed 5 Active Evade up to three physical attacks, with each trigger moving the Ninja away from the attacker.
Blaze Shield Blaze Shield 10 Offensive Create a field of fire that stalls enemies and rapidly deals Fire-element damage.
Watery Evasion Watery Evasion 10 Active Create a field of water that slows down all enemies, except for other Ninjas.
Lightning Jolt Lightning Jolt 5 Offensive Summon down a lightning bolt to strike all nearby enemies for Wind-element damage.
Throw Huuma Shuriken Throw Huuma Shuriken 5 Offensive Use a Huuma Shuriken to strike all targets in an area around the target.
Shadow Slash Shadow Slash 5 Offensive From the Hiding status, instantly move to target enemy and strike them with a chance for a critical hit.
Exploding Dragon Exploding Dragon 5 Offensive Summon a flaming dragon to deal Fire-element damage to all enemies in the  area around the target.
Snow Flake Draft Snow Flake Draft 5 Offensive Summon down a block of ice to deal Water-element damage to nearby enemies, with a chance of freezing them.
First Wind First Wind 5 Offensive Strike all targets within a 3-cell wide path to the target with Wind-element damage.
Throw Zeny Throw Zeny 10 Offensive Throw a random amount of zeny at the target to deal DEF-piercing damage.
Mirror Image Mirror Image 10 Active Evade up to five physical attacks, without the pushback that Cicada Skin Shed has.
Killing Stroke Killing Strike 10 Offensive A 'Mini Asura Strike' of Ninja. But it drops HP to 1% after used and need to have Ninja Aura status to cast.


2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Cast Ninja Spell Cast Ninja Spell 1 Active Embue the ground with Earth, Fire, Wind or Water Property. Each element gives different effects.
Cross Slash Cross Slash 5 Offensive Deal damage to an enemy and inflict the Cross Wound status. Enemies in Cross Wound status take more damage.
Earth Charm Earth Charm 1 Active Summon up to 10 earth charms, increasing earth property attacks. Summoning 10 charms will embue the caster's weapon with earth property.
Fire Charm Fire Charm 1 Active Summon up to 10 fire charms, increasing fire property attacks. Summoning 10 charms will embue the caster's weapon with fire property.
Ice Charm Ice Charm 1 Active Summon up to 10 ice charms, increasing ice property attacks. Summoning 10 charms will embue the caster's weapon with ice property.
Wind Charm Wind Charm 1 Active Summon up to 10 wind charms, increasing wind property attacks. Summoning 10 charms will embue the caster's weapon with wind property.
Illusion-Bewitch Illusion-Bewitch 5 Active Has a chance to switch places with the target and inflict the chaos status on the caster and target.
Illusion-Death Illusion-Death 5 Active Reduce the HP and stats of the target. Has a low chance to inflict Coma.
Illusion-Shadow Illusion-Shadow 5 Active Creates a Shinobi clone and causes the caster to backslide a certain number of cells depending on the skill level
Illusion-Shock Illusion-Shock 5 Active Reduce the target's stats and transform them into a monster. Targets cannot change or remove equipped items. Can only be used during WoE.
Kunai Explosion Kunai Explosion 5 Offensive Throw an explosive Kunai and inflict damage all enemies within the area of effect.
Kunai Splash Kunai Splash 5 Offensive Inflict damage with a kunai to all enemies within a radius around the caster.
Makibishi Makibishi 5 Active Drops Makibishi on ground that can trap and stun enemies that step on it.
Pure Soul Pure Soul 5 Supportive The caster is immobilized and rapidly regenerates HP and SP.
Rapid Throw Rapid Throw 10 Offensive Throws zeny to deal massive damage. Damage is reduced on boss targets.
Release Ninja Spell Release Ninja Spell 1 Offensive Release the summoned Talismans to deal damage to the target.
Shadow Hiding Shadow Hiding 1 Active Hiding skill of Ninja.
Soul Cutter Soul Cutter 5 Offensive Deals damage to the target. If target is soul linked, it receives more damage and soul link buff will be removed.
Swirling Petal Swirling Petal 5 Offensive Throw the Huuma to deal damage to all enemies in an area.
Right Hand Mastery Right Hand Mastery 5 Passive Recovers the damage lost from dual wielding.
Left Hand Mastery Left Hand Mastery 5 Passive Recovers the damage lost from dual wielding.
16th Night 16th Night 5 Supportive Removed the FCT, reduces VCT, and increases MATK.


Kagerou Exclusive Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description
Cast Ninja Spell Shadow Trampling 5 Active Reveals hidden enemies and immobilize them. PvP and WoE maps only.
Empty Shadow Empty Shadow 5 Active Removes reflect effect of target and skills may fail to activate.
Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior 5 Active Imbues Double Attack to target.


Oboro Exclusive Skills
Distorted Crescent Distorted Crescent 5 Active Changes the target's MATK or ATK based on the target's current HP and SP.
Ominous Moonlight Ominous Moonlight 5 Active The target will take damage when it receives certain HP increasing skills.
Moonlight Fantasy Moonlight Fantasy 5 Active Randomly restores or drains the target's HP or SP depending on their current HP or SP. Damage received by the target is spread to others nearby.


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