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Instance List

An Instance is a type of dungeon created by party and can only access by the private party, for a certain amount of time.
Each instance has different background, requirements, rewards and challenges, in LimitRO we have many instances!

Hourly Instances

Name Level Reset Time Rewards
Hazy Forest 99+ 1.5 Hours
Orc's Memory 30+ 2 Hours Kill MvP Orc Hero
Octopus Cave 1+ 3 Hours
Malangdo Culvert 110+ 1 Hour
Sealed Shrine 75+ 12 Hours
Infinity Space 100+ 4 Hours
Wave Mode 100+ 18 hours 

Werner's Laboratory

160+ 18 hours

Heart Hunter War Base

160+ 18 hours 25155.pngSchwartz's Honor Token

Daily Instances

Name Level Reset Time Rewards
Airship Raid 125+ 04:00
Buwaya's Cave 130+ 04:00
Central Laboratory 140+ 04:00
  •  Kill 3 random MvPs
Charleston Crisis 130+ 04:00
Devil's Tower 130+ 04:00
Faceworm Nest 140+ 04:00
Geffen Magic Tournament​​​​​​ 90+ 04:00
Ghost Palace 120+ 04:00
Horror Toy Factory 140+ 04:00
Isle of Bios 160+ 04:00
The Last Room 140+ 04:00
Morse's Cave 160+ 04:00
Nightmarish Jitterbug 120+ 04:00
Sara's Memory 99+ 04:00
  •  Stat Food supplies
Temple of Demon God 160+ 04:00
Room of Consciousness 100+ 04:00
Half Moon in the Daylight 140+ 04:00

3 Days Instances

Name Level Reset Time Rewards
Nidhoggur's Nest 70+ 04:00 on 3rd Day
Wolfchev's Laboratory 150+ 04:00 on 3rd Day
Sky Fortress 145+ 04:00 on 3rd Day
Endless Tower 70+ 04:00  on 3rd Day
  • Various loots from all the MVPs inside the instance
Old Glast Heim 130+ 04:00  on 3rd Day

7 Days Instances

Name Level Reset Time Rewards
Bakonawa Lake 140+ 04:00 on 7th Day
Bangungot's Hospital 100+ 04:00 on 7th Day
Sarah and Fenrir 140+ 04:00 on 7th Day


LimitRO Exclusive Instances

Name Level Reset Time Rewards
Lunette Island 175+ Can enter any time. Access to Limitless Island


Instance Specifications

  • They involve one-way (no going backwards) progressions in an NPC-narrated quest.
  • They require players to be in a Party, and are "created" uniquely for each party. One party (its members) cannot enter the instance of another party.
  • They have time limits in which the quest progression must be completed. If the quest is not completed, the instance will be destroyed, and players sent back to their Save Points.
  • They (may) have cooldown periods, where a player must wait after the time period ends before creating/entering a new instance.
  • They do not allow the skill Teleport (or Fly Wings), and send the player back to their Save Point upon logging out in them.
  • They may restrict certain other skills depending on the instance.
  • They are restricted to characters of certain Base Levels.
  • The players can not reenter the instance if the players happen to exit the instance before the instance is done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn).
  • LimitRO has boosted and improved all instances to suit our mid rate server term, you may find many instances are much more rewarding than official servers.