Infinity Space

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Infinity Space
Base Level: 100
Party: 1 (Need to be in a party)
Quest Reward(s): Broken Magic Stone


Infinity Space is the leveling instance. The MVPs here give a lot of EXP, suitable to level up your high level characters. You can form a party or join a leech party where a strong player helps a party to level up. They usually do this for the loots, so do not expect loots when you join a leech party.


This instance has 50 floors/stages, and every 10 floors, there's 1 MVP that you have to defeat. Mini bosses however, will be randomly spawn between MVP floors.

  1. 10th Floor - Infinite Edgga
  2. 20th Floor - Infinite Osiris
  3. 30th Floor - Infinite Phreeoni
  4. 40th Floor - Infinite Orc Hero
  5. 50th Floor - Infinite Tao Gunka

Party Setup

The ideal party setup is:

  • An Arch Bishop, for buff and resurrection. Having 2 AB in an IS party is recommended if your party is not that experienced.
  • Sorcerer, some MVPs like Infinite Osiris, Orc Hero and Tao Gunka will need to be dispelled. AB's clearance can do the job but usually early level AB don't have it. And you might need Extreme Vacuum for Infinite Osiris.
  • Ranger, because they can function well with low-end equipment unlike Geneticist. Unless you have Geneticist with good gears in your party, get as many Rangers as u can in your party. Warg Bite does wonder in this instance.
  • Rebellion. This job makes Infinity Space run VERY easy and fast. Flickr is the key.


1. Talk to Warper in each town and choose Instance > Infinity Space 2. If you're a first timer, talk to Reckless Explorer on top of the stairs.


3. After the long talk, enter using the red machine in front of you.


4. Once you're inside, party leader need to talk to Reckless Explorer in the bottom right corner of the room to start the instance.


You can talk to Researcher outside the entrance to exchange 6905.png Broken Magic Stone. Each equipment cost 30 6905.png Broken Magic Stone.

Infinite Weapons

Rift Equipment

Equipment Bonus Set for Rift Ancient Decoration and Rift Ancient Armor:
-Max SP +100
-Skill casting cannot be interrupted
Equipment Bonus Set for Rift Ancient Armor, Rift Manteau and Rift Shoes:
-Max HP +1000
-Increase healing rate from others by 5%
-Increase healing rate to others by 5%


Talk to the Researcher to enchant Infinity series weapons or equipment using 20 6905.png Broken Magic Stone. You can also reset the enchant for 10 6905.png Broken Magic Stone but there's 30% chance of breaking during reset.

Enchant Weapon Armor & Footgear Headgear & Garment
  • STR + 1~2
  • Fighting Spirit lv 1~8
  • STR + 1~4
  • Max HP + 100/200/300
  • STR + 1~4
  • Max HP + 1~5%
  • INT + 1~2
  • Spell lv 1~8
  • INT + 1~4
  • Max SP + 25/50/75
  • INT + 1~4
  • Max HP + 1~5%
  • DEX + 1~2
  • Expert Archer lv 1~8
  • DEX+ 1~4
  • Max SP + 25/50/75
  • DEX + 1~4
  • Max HP + 1~5%