Hugel Monster Race

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  • Located in town Hugel, there is a big racing event, where everyone can bet and chance to win win prizes!

Monster Racing Details

  • Requirements
    • 30,000 Zeny betting fee.
    • 6 players to sign up.
  • Rewards
  1. You can then speak to Eckar Ellebird in Hugel (/navi hugel 58/72), join his Chat Room to sign up.
    • Need a total of 6 players to sign up to start the Race.
  2. Inside the racing track, speak with Ticket Helper to buy a bet on 1 of 6 monsters, for 30,000 zeny.
    • You have 2 minutes to place a bet.
    • You will receive 7514.pngMonster Ticket.
  3. Now, wait until the race begins and pray that your bet monster wins the race! <3
  4. If you win, speak to Medal Distributor within 3 minutes.
    • She will ask for 270,000 zeny.
    • She will have you input your Character Name.
    • Then she will give you a Ticket Exchange Number to input!
    • Reward you with 30x 25273.pngMysterious Medal
  5. Congratulations ~~ Now let's race again!


Hugel Player Race

  • This is a player competition, where players have to race to the final. The first 10 who finishes 5 laps will win the prize.
    • Bring everything you can to win the race. Recommend to mount up and speed pots!
  • Requirements
    • 300,000 Zeny entrance fee.
  • Rewards
  1. You can then speak to Hugel Player Race in Hugel (/navi hugel 68/74), to sign up.
    • Race starts at server time 13:00 daily.
  2. Race takes place inside an instanced prontera map.
  3. You will run 5 laps around a track with npcs that will randomlybuff or debuff you.
  4. If you're one of the first 10 people to finish the laps you will be declared a winner!
  5. Congratulations ~~ Now let's race again!

Hugel Race Merchants

Following are the NPCs which you can trade your medals into prizes ~~


Hugel Race Enchant

  • NPC Name: Enchant Researcher Oipel
  • Location: Hugel
    • This NPC can add 3 enchants to your Racing Cap and there's no failure on enchantment.
    • Resetting the enchants is 100% success but costs 10x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 500.000 zeny. (You can reset any time you want.)


Enchant List Possible Enchants
1st enchant Costs: 10x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 100.000 zeny.
  • Random Stat 1 - 3
2nd enchant Costs: 15x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 150.000 zeny.
  • Random Stat 1 - 4
3rd enchant

Costs: 20x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 200.000 zeny.

Note: You will receive the special job enchants,

depends on which job you are when enchanting.

Racing Enchant Upgrade

  • Racing exclusive enchants can be upgraded up to level 3.
  • First upgrade requires 50x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 500,000 zeny.
    • When it fails, It will maintain its current level.
    • If you somehow get a success, it will be upgraded to level 2.
    • 30% Success rate.
  • Second upgrade requires 100x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 1,000,000 zeny.
    • When it fails, it will downgrade back to level 1.
    • If you somehow get a success, it will be upgraded to level 3.
    • 15% Success rate.
  • On average, it will take 1733 medals to get a level 3 enchant.
    • 50/0.30=166 medals on average to get to level 2
    • (100+166)/0.15=1733 medals on average to upgrade to level 3
    • average of 22 tries or 4.5% chance of upgrading to level 3 from level 1


Job Racing exclusive upgrading enchants
Rune Knight

29310.pngRacing(RK) Lv1

29311.pngRacing(RK) Lv2

29312.pngRacing(RK) Lv3

 Royal Guard

29313.pngRacing(RG) Lv1

29314.pngRacing(RG) Lv2

29315.pngRacing(RG) Lv3


29316.pngRacing(MC) Lv1

29317.pngRacing(MC) Lv2

29318.pngRacing(MC) Lv3


29319.pngRacing(GN) Lv1

29320.pngRacing(GN) Lv2

29321.pngRacing(GN) Lv3

Guillotine Cross

29322.pngRacing(GX) Lv1

29323.pngRacing(GX) Lv2

29324.pngRacing(GX) Lv3

Shadow Chaser

29325.pngRacing(SC) Lv1

29326.pngRacing(SC) Lv2

29327.pngRacing(SC) Lv3


29328.pngRacing(WL) Lv1

29329.pngRacing(WL) Lv2

29330.pngRacing(WL) Lv3


29331.pngRacing(SO) Lv1

29332.pngRacing(SO) Lv2

29333.pngRacing(SO) Lv3


29334.pngRacing(AB) Lv1

29335.pngRacing(AB) Lv2

29336.pngRacing(AB) Lv3


29337.pngRacing(SR) Lv1

29338.pngRacing(SR) Lv2

29339.pngRacing(SR) Lv3


29340.pngRacing(RA) Lv1

29341.pngRacing(RA) Lv2

29342.pngRacing(RA) Lv3

Wanderer Minstrel

29343.pngRacing(WM) Lv1

29344.pngRacing(WM) Lv2

29345.pngRacing(WM) Lv3


29346.pngRacing(GS) Lv1

29347.pngRacing(GS) Lv2

29348.pngRacing(GS) Lv3


29349.pngRacing(NJ) Lv1

29350.pngRacing(NJ) Lv2

29351.pngRacing(NJ) Lv3

Ultimate Novice

29352.pngRacing(SN) Lv1

29353.pngRacing(SN) Lv2

29354.pngRacing(SN) Lv3


29355.pngRacing(SU) Lv1

29356.pngRacing(SU) Lv2

29357.pngRacing(SU) Lv3

Star Emperor

29579.pngRacing(SG) Lv1

29580.pngRacing(SG) Lv2

29581.pngRacing(SG) Lv3

Soul Reaper

29582.pngRacing(SL) Lv1

29583.pngRacing(SL) Lv2

29584.pngRacing(SL) Lv3