Hugel Monster Race

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  • Located in town Hugel, there is a big racing event, where everyone can bet and chance to win win prizes!

Monster Racing Details

  • Requirements
    • 30,000 Zeny betting fee.
    • 6 players to sign up.
  • Rewards
  1. You can then speak to Eckar Ellebird in Hugel (/navi hugel 58/72), join his Chat Room to sign up.
    • Need a total of 6 players to sign up to start the Race.
  2. Inside the racing track, speak with Ticket Helper to buy a bet on 1 of 6 monsters, for 30,000 zeny.
    • You have 2 minutes to place a bet.
    • You will receive 7514.pngMonster Ticket.
  3. Now, wait until the race begins and pray that your bet monster wins the race! <3
  4. If you win, speak to Medal Distributor within 3 minutes.
    • She will ask for 270,000 zeny.
    • She will have you input your Character Name.
    • Then she will give you a Ticket Exchange Number to input!
    • Reward you with 30x 25273.pngMysterious Medal
  5. Congratulations ~~ Now let's race again!


Hugel Player Race

  • This is a player competition, where players have to race to the final. The first 10 who finishes 5 laps will win the prize.
    • Bring everything you can to win the race. Recommend to mount up and speed pots!
  • Requirements
    • 300,000 Zeny entrance fee.
  • Rewards
  1. You can then speak to Hugel Player Race in Hugel (/navi hugel 68/74), to sign up.
    • Race starts at server time 13:00 daily.
  2. Race takes place inside an instanced prontera map.
  3. You will run 5 laps around a track with npcs that will randomlybuff or debuff you.
  4. If you're one of the first 10 people to finish the laps you will be declared a winner!
  5. Congratulations ~~ Now let's race again!

Hugel Race Merchants

Following are the NPCs which you can trade your medals into prizes ~~


Hugel Race Enchant

  • NPC Name: Enchant Researcher Oipel
  • Location: Hugel
    • This NPC can add 3 enchants to your Racing Cap and there's no failure on enchantment.
    • Resetting the enchants is 100% success but costs 10x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 500.000 zeny. (You can reset any time you want.)


Enchant List Possible Enchants
1st enchant Costs: 10x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 100.000 zeny.
  • Random Stat 1 - 3
2nd enchant Costs: 15x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 150.000 zeny.
  • Random Stat 1 - 4
3rd enchant

Costs: 20x 25273.pngMysterious Medal & 200.000 zeny.

Note: You will receive the special job enchants,

depends on which job you are when enchanting.

Racing Enchant Upgrade

  • Racing exclusive enchants can be upgraded up to level 3.
  • First upgrade requires 50x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 500,000 zeny.
    • If success, it to be upgraded to level 2.
    • If fail, It will maintain at level 1.
  • Second upgrade requires 100x 25273.pngMysterious Medal and 1,000,000 zeny.
    • If success, it to be upgraded to level 3.
    • If fail, It will be downgraded to level 1.


Job Racing exclusive upgrading enchants Success Rates
Rune Knight
  • ???
Royal Guard  
Guillotine Cross  
Shadow Chaser  
Wanderer Minstrel  
Ultimate Novice  
Star Emperor  
Soul Reaper