Horror Toy Factory

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Horror Toy Factory


  • Base Level 140+

Obtainable Rewards

Instance Guide

  1. Speak to any Warper, choose Instances, then Horroy Toy Factory
  2. Speak to Catherine Jet Johnson and listen to her story to reserve the instance. Then speak to the Factory Dimension Teleporter to enter.
  3. Speak to Catherine Jet Johnson again inside to start the events.
    • image.png.9c204c23c8311e2d5c55ea17c656472b.png
  4. You have to disguise yourself in order to make it through the factory without alerting the guards. Speak to the Myst Case looking NPC. There will disguise NPCs scattered on the map. Don't forget to refresh it every once in a while or the guards will come out.
  5. Kill monsters until you get a broadcast announcement. Then speak to the green Cookie NPC to start the next phase.
    • image.png.12de0dbf29571f4f9175de12981316a8.png
  6. Speak to the Myst Case NPC to disguise yourself again in order to enter the portal.
  7. Head all the way to the east. You'll see Scarlet again. Talk to her. Another Myst Case NPC will appear. Talk to it to turn into a Cookie again.
    • image.png.b0d9b02a820b0846fc495747137c0789.png
  8. In this phase, you have to find 10 Workers. They look like Green Cookies. Go near them and talk to each of them. There will be broadcast messages of how many you still have to talk to.
  9. After talking to all the Workers, make your way back to the center again. This time take the north path. You'll see Santa and his doppelganger!!
  10. After the dialogue, a portal to the west will open. Go in. Your mission is to find Antonio and kill him.
    • image.png.21573102d7ecfdeca086b665e4762295.png
  11. Once you killed Antonio, go back to the center room and take the east portal.
  12. Speak to Catherine in this room to trigger the boss fight!!
  13. In order to defeat Celine Kimi, you must not let there be a big difference between her HP and her clone's HP. You also must not let them be separated too far. Once their HP is at the 2% range, focus on killing the original Celine Kimi.
    • image.png.5837db46ef8e1f1d4438b53fd65cad1c.png
  14. Once you successfully defeat Celine Kimi, you'll gain access to the treasure room. Head south. Talk to the treasures and collect their loots!!. Talk to Catherine to exit the instance.


Monster Level HP Race / Elmenet / Size Weakness Valuable Drop

Corrupted cruiser.gif

Corrupted Cruiser

140 188,999 Demon / Undead 3 / Medium Holy -

Furious cookie.gif

Furious Cookie

149 187,760 Demon / Dark 3 / Small Holy

Evil Dwelling box.gif

Evil Dwelling Box

148 259,000 Demon / Dark 3 / Medium Holy

Mallicious baby ghost.gif

Mallicious Baby Ghost

145 444,444 Demon / Dark 2 / Small Holy

Dancing marionette.gif

Dancing Marionette

148 280,000 Demon / Ghost 1 / Small Ghost

Abandoned teddy bear.gif

Abandoned Teddy Bear

148 180,000 Demon / Undead 3 / Small Holy

Evil decorated tree.gif

Evil Decorated Tree

148 544,444 Demon / Undead 3 / Large Holy

Creepy demon.gif

Creepy Demon

140 4,444 Undead / Dark 3 / Small Holy

Evil factory manager.gif

Evil Factory Manager

149 44 Undead / Dark 3 / Medium Holy

Celine kimi.gif

Celine Kimi

160 66,666,700 Undead / Ghost 1 / Large Ghost

Vagrant Cain

  • Cain loves Bloody Coins...and he offers some nice items in exchange for the coins.
  • Lutie ( /navi xmas 240/297 )


  • Turn in your 7642.pngBloody Coin for following items:
  • 18849.pngCeline's Ribbon [1] = 750 x 7642.png Bloody Coins & +9 Fresh Rose (equipped)
    • Dex + 3 - MATK + 40
    • Increases MATK depending on the refine level.
    • Gain 200 HP each time a monster is killed by magical attack, drains 50 HP each 5 seconds.
  • 16029.pngNoble Cross [1] = 350 x 7642.png Bloody Coins & Grand Cross (equipped)
    • Gains 12 SP each time a monster is killed by Physical Melee Attack.
    • Gains 1 SP for each attack on an Undead monster.
    • When dealing physical attacks, there is a small chance to auto cast Level 6 [Turn Undead].
    • MATK + 150
  • ​​​​​​​2980.pngEvil Glove [1] = 1000 x 7642.png Bloody Coins + 1x  2977.png Broken Heart + 1x  2978.png Kindly Heart + 1x  2976.png Red Lantern
    • Max SP + 200 - Max HP + 200
    • Enable to use Level 1 [Fiber Lock]
    • When attacking or being attacked, as a small chance to auto cast Kimi's Confusion Mind.

Billy the Golden Hands


Black Beard Joe

  • ​​​​​​​image.png.dae890e31805ad894b80c9713f7aade7.png
  • Lutie  ( /navi xmas 240/294 )
  • Old Joe, he is a famous craftsman in Lutie... in exchange of Bloody Coins, he can help you with Horror Toy Factory equipment enchants.​​​​​​​


  • Each enchant costs 15x 7642.png Bloody Coins
  • Adding extra enchants to the following equipments:
Equipment Enchant Slot 1  Enchant Slot 2 Enchant Slot 3
  • Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~4