Horror Toy Factory

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Horror Toy Factory
Base Level: 140+
Party: 1+ (Need to be in a party)
Quest Reward(s): Bloody Coin, Sealed Mind Box

1. Talk to Catherine Zeta in Lutie (@go 7), Snow Village (xmas 237,303). She will ask you not to look at her face. Click the option where you ask her what happened to her face. She will tell you a story about her grandpa and his daughter, a puppet. She wants to know the truth and she thinks you know you can help her.

2. Talk to her once more. She will tell you that she will wait for you inside the toy factory. Choose "Open Toy Factory" option. A dialogue box will appear on the left corner of your screen stating that you've opened the quest. Click on the Factory Teleport Device near Catherine to enter the factory.

3. Once inside, talk to Catherine Zeta first and listen to her story. A Mystcase-looking npc will appear named "Uniform Box." Everyone in the party should talk to it and their appearance will change into a Christmas Cookie monster.

4. Clear the first zone by killing every monster. When all the monsters are killed, the party leader must talk to the Chief Operator which is located on the northern part of 1st Zone.

5. After talking to the Chief Operator, another Uniform Box will appear. Every member of the party should click this to turn into a Mystcase. Take note that failure to transform your appearance will not allow you to advance in this quest.

6. Enter the portal at the right side of the operator and go to the 2nd zone.

7. Once you are inside the 2nd zone, talk to Catherine Zeta and she will ask you to look for the 10 Factory Workers. There will be marks on the map, showing the location of each factory worker. A Uniform Box will appear again and you'll have to change into a Christmas Cookie once again.

  • Note: You have to be near the factory worker to be able to talk to it.

8. Once you finished talking to the 10 factory workers, go back to 1st zone to change into a Mystcase.

9. Go to the Rest Room. You will see Captured Mr. Santa and Antonio NPCs talking. You need to be in human form for Mr Santa to talk to you.

10. After you free Mr Santa, you need to find and Antonio at Zone 3, which is located on the left portal.

11. Once Antonio is dead, head back to the Rest Room and enter the right portal to face the instance MVP Celine Kimi.

12. Talk to Catherine Zeta. Afterwards, the Phantom Kimi and Celine Kimi will appear and attack you. Make sure the HP difference between the two MVPs is not huge or else it will heal back to 100%. You should kill Celine Kimi first (not the Phantom) or else, you will have to redo killing them.

13. When you have defeated the MVP, enter the portal at the south. You will find 10 Wrapped Gift Boxes. It will give you items from the Toy Factory.

14. After looting the items, talk to Catherine Zeta to exit the Toy Factory.