Heart Hunter War Base

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Heart Hunter War Base


  • Level 140+
  • Completed Main quest of 16.2 part of main quest.


Step by Step Guide

  1. When you enter the instance, a little show by Julian will begin.
    • ​​​​​​​image.png.0b5b336d18836de83f04ad62a5375b14.png
  2. Goto futher into the instance, you will see Julian again.
  3. A bunch of Heart Hunter will spawn, kill them.
    • image.png.f4e49a981d9db25388db782dbecdd67c.png
  4. Now find Gunpowder Barrel.
  5. Then get back to Julian, and 
  6. Enter the Warp and move to next area.
    • image.png.8b3fb0af98bc77666749ec7908884636.png
  7. Speak to Julian again.
  8. To move forward you need to find the Switch.
  9. A bunch of Heart Hunters will spawn, kill them all!
  10. Then, get back to Julian and you will be able to move forward!
    • image.png.245c4764c4fd39a08b4c6716b0668897.png
  11. In the next Area, speak to Julian again.
  12. You must get 25154.pngAntique Gunpowderfrom Gunpowder Barrel.
  13. Now give Julian the 25154.pngAntique Gunpowder and move forward.
    • image.png.61db3db18954b9c8328246842cb0c021.png
  14. Speak to Julian at the final room.
  15. You will have to kill boss Heart Hunter Evil.
    • image.png.bcfc473cac1a5882bf06f99942a94368.png
  16. After that speak to Julian again, and he will warp you to Einbroch Field 4.
  17. Note: If this is first time Instance Quest, you can now continue on Main quest.


Monster Level HP Race / Element / Size Weakness

Valuable Drop


Hear Hunter Guard

105 41,428 Human / Dark 2 / Medium Holy


Upgraded Heart Hunter

110 51,785 Human / Dark 2 / Large Holy

Heart hunter evil.gif

Evil Heart Hunter

110 2,800,000 Human / Dark 2 / Medium Holy