Hazy Forest

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Hazy Forest


  • Base Level 99+

Obtainable Rewards

Instance Guide

  1. Speak to any Warper, choose Instances, then Hazy Forest.
  2. Speak to the Laphine Soldier to reserve the instance.
  3. Head north and look for the Log Tunnel to enter the instance.
  4. Speak to Mysterious Young Man and he will ask you to find and kill the Wandering Purple Dragon.
    • image.png.5e7e2919aeaf22a57aa20bc79bdcd936.png
  5. From here, all you need to do is to move from one island to another searching for the Lost Dragon. If the portal is blocked with vines, all you have to do is to find and kill the monster with the same name as the vine. After killing the monster, you'll have the option to chop down the vine.
  6. The Wandering Purple Dragon spawns on specific islands (they are marked on the map below).
    • image.png.74f0e2b25a57777c6ddfded214425ffb.png
  7. After defeating the Wandering Purple Dragon, you need to talk to Loki and Mysterious Female on 56th island (check the map below)
    • image.png.8e78947abc74296a269564ca330c54f0.png
  8. From here, you can either finish the instance or go to Mora (@go 33) to complete the quest.
  9. After you get to Mora (via whichever method you chose), find Loki and the girl at the north-west part of the town. Speak to them to receive reward. Congratulations! Now you have access to the Mora daily quests.

Hazy Forest Map

  • Red lines are two way portals.
  • Blue lines are one way portals.
  • Yellow islands have a chance to spawn Lost Dragon
  • Souls are located on Green islands
  • The yellow/green circles are the islands with souls and chance of spawning the Lost Dragon


Monster Level HP Race / Element / Size Weakness Valuable Drop



140 81,200 Formless / Neutal 1 / Small   -



142 86,990 Brute / Earth 2 / Small Fire


Little Fatum

142 85,100 Demi-Human / Wind 2 / Small Earth


Pom Spider

145 122,110 Insect / Earth 3 / Medium Fire


Angra Mantis

144 91,720 Insect / Earth 2 / Medium Fire


Lost Dragon

135 608,920 Dragon / Dark 3 / Large Holy