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Mr Wise

I think it's time for you to make a hat ~~ and a costume hat default_biggrin.png
In LimitRO, we have a NPC called Mr.Wise in Asgard, he offer's almost all headgear default_tongue.png

  • NPC: Mr. Wise
  • Location: Asgard 190/234


Top Hat List

Mid Hat List


Low Hat List



Treasure Requirements
18728.pngAegir Helm [1]
18878.pngPalace Guard Hat [1]
18909.pngIsabella Brown Ear [1]
18509.pngFlashy 2010 Indonesia Cap [1]
18953.pngSign Of Decade [1]
18988.pngGlorious Crown [1]
19021.pngGigantic Helm
18534.pngFancy Phantom Mask [1]
19116.pngRed Baby Dragon [1]
5968.pngClergy's Nursing Cap [1]
18934.pngFox Ears Bell Ribbon [1]
19114.pngSting's Silk Ribbon [1]
18727.pngSedora Hat [1]
19083.pngHero's Mask
19104.pngImperial Dragon Wing
19028.pngDevil's Minion
5933.pngCrow Tengu Mask
5973.pngAncient Elven Ears
18823.pngImperial Feather
19024.pngProtector's Feather
5918.pngGambler Seal
18918.pngLong Octopus Balloon
18754.pngBlood Sucker
19112.pngTengu Scroll
18813.pngNew Wave Sunglasses
18564.pngFragment of Love