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Hello Everyone! You are here to achieve one thing; That is to get your Guild Emblem to work successfully ^_^ Let's get started!

This is all rather simple, don't let the length of this guide scare you.


First, you need to save all of your emblems to your "Emblem" folder in your "LimitRO" Folder.

Save Emblem To.jpg


Second, your file must be sized 24x24 in Height and Width.

Size Properties.jpg


Third, is where things get a little tricky for some people: Transparency. Transparency is a way to add a little flare to your icon, aka that 'wow factor', lol, but if done incorrectly the RO client will completely deny your emblem.

Something you do not want to do;

DND Transparency.png
This is typically when people use programs such as Photoshop to create their emblems, usually you can achieve transparency by removing colors and layers completely but not with RO. Do not do this for your emblem, it will not work.

Now this, is what you want to do:

Color Picker.jpg

Select this color; #FF00FF (255, 0, 255), here and place it everywhere you want transparency.

An example of this would look like this...

Do Transparency.jpg


Fourth, this is another important step; you have to save your file a special way. BMP Format, Windows, 24-bit. This is another one of those picky things that if you do not do, your RO client will completely deny the emblem.

BMP Options.jpg


And Finally, log in-game, open your guild window and select your guild emblem!

Select Emblem.jpg


If you've done everything correctly, you should see your emblem under your name successfully! ^_^

Emblem Finish Sample.jpg
Congratulations!! :D


Free Emblems You Can Use (Made by yours truly Pachimari~ ^_^):


Extra things to note (if you're still experiencing problems):

  • If you have pixels with some opacity, your emblem will not work. When in doubt if some of your pixels have opacity to them or not, adding a layer of complete white or black, or another color behind only your image can remove that problem. It may sound tedious but it truly is the quickest solution. This way you can keep your transparency pink area if you have any. Or, you can make a full transparency pink layer behind your emblem ^_~ Here's an example of a 100% opacity white layer "fix" behind your image, place your icon on top of this and save as BMP:
Fix Opacity Example.jpg

Don't forget you can use a full 100% black opacity layer, or any other color to fix the opacity problem on your pixels. This is just an example that fits with the poring icon used in the Guild Emblem Guide above.