Guild Base

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Guild Base


Are you disturbed by other players in big cities?

Do you want some private place for your guild?

Then, this feature is the best option for you, with more benefits than ever before!!


  • Guild Base is a private map, only access able by your Guild Members.
  • Daily activities, controlled by Guild Leader.
  • Guild Storage for members with Guild Storage permission.
  • General NPCs, for your easy use.
  • A good place to use Abra skill, for private MvP and Deadbranch session with your guild.

How to Rent a Guild Base 

  • Collect ten (10) 32054.png Guild Base Tickets. You can buy this ticket from the Genie in the Event Corner of Asgard
  • Once you have 10 GB Tickets, turn them over to the Guild Base Keeper in Asgard. The rent is good for one month!
  • There are total 50 Guild bases.

Fast Access the guild Base

  • Use @warpgb to return to your guild base.

Extra Feature