Guardian of Yggdrasil

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Guardian of Yggdrasil


  • Completed the previous quests.


Quest Details

  1. Visit any Warper and select Instances > Nidhoggur's Nest [70+] to warp instantly to Nidhoggur's Dungeon level 2 (LimitRO custom).
  2. Talk to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper.
    • "Move closer to look more carefully."
    • You find it interesting and need more info from the Mid Camp.
  3. Let's go to Mid Camp to tell Hibba Agip, inside the Barracks.
    • "I found a weird portal below the mine cave."
  4. Get out of the Barracks and find Historian Magnifier.
    • He needs you to find something for him in Prontera Library.
  5. Travel to Prontera and enter the Prontera Library, to speak with Assistant Naomi.
    • "Help her just this once."
  6. Talk to her again to read some of her books.
    • "Discovery of Heterogeneity"
    • "Report of Indigenous Tribes."
  7. Now let's head back to Mid Camp and speak with Historian Magnifier.
    • "I read all the stories."
    • He will ask you to explore more about what Laphine and Sapha knows about the cave.
  8. Here you can choose either goto Laphine or Sapha.
    • Laphine:
      1. Goto Splendide and speak to Grumbling Soldier.
        • RTENOTITLE
        • "What's with the cave up north?"
      2. Then go inside the central building.
        • RTENOTITLE
      3. Speak with Commander Lebiordirr.
        • RTENOTITLE
        • "I intend to stay . For good reasons."
    • Sapha:
      1. Go to Manuk, enter the Prison and speak with Laphine Prisoner. (/navi man_in01 291/62).
        • RTENOTITLE
      2. In the same building, speak with Neat Etorr. (/navi man_in01 311/57).
        • RTENOTITLE
  9. Return to Historian Magnifier in Mid Camp.
  10. Talk to Hibba Agip in the center Barracks in Mid Camp.
    • "Tell the story."
    • He will ask you to choose a side
      • "Laphine" 
      • "Sapha"
    • If you choose Laphine:
      1. Speak to the Commander Lebiordirr
        • RTENOTITLE
        • "To ask the Laphines about exploration..."
        • "I must explore the cave."
        • "I'm just following orders."
        • "It's about Dr. Magnifier's report..."
        • "Then I'll ask the Sapha for help."
        • "But of course!"
      2. Speak to Aide Arioss
        • RTENOTITLE
        • "Guardian's Nest?"
      3. Speak to Aide Arioss again, and she give you a token to mark you as a guardian of the Yggdrasil and tell you the password to get past the door.
    • If you choose Sapha:
      1. Return to the building in Manuk and talk to Neat Etorr again.
      2. Talk to the Laphine Prisoner twice.
  11. Now you have access to do this instance Nidhoggur's Nest
  12. Talk to Warper and warp to Instances > Nidhoggur's Nest, approach the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper.
    • "Guardian's spell!"
  13. Speak to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper, again.
    • "Please allow me to enter."
    • Note: You need to have a party of at least 2 people.
  14. After you clean the Instance...
    1. Chose if you want to go to Splendide or Manuk for your reward.
      • Splendide: Talk to the Commander Lebiordirr, and then Aide Arioss. You will receive 10x 6081.pngSplendide Coin.
      • Manuk: Talk to Neat Etorr, and then with the Laphine Prisoner. You will receive 10x 6080.pngManuk Coin.