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The title is a little misleading, these MvPs are not actually green, but these MvP have a green Aura around it.

It requires some effort to kill those Green Mvps.


The following differences between regular MvP and green MvP.

  • All green MvP has 
    • Green Aura
    • Reduced all incoming damage by 90%
    • More HP and improved Stats
    • Improved skills
      • Demon's Grasp (pulls players to MvP)
      • All Stats Down (reduce player stats by 90)
      • Recovery Conversion (certain types of damage will heal the boss)
      • Gravity Increase (reduce player % HP per second)
      • Immune Elemental (immune against random elemental damage)
    • Little longer spawn time
    • Does not exist in Bloody Branch, Endless Tower or Abracadabra.

MvP Rewards

  • All Green MvPs has chance to drop 23817.pngMysterious Summon Scroll Bundle
  • Some Green MvPs drops Sealed Boss Card.
  • Great EXP rewards!
  • Each kill gives MvP Ladder point!

Mysterious Summon Scroll Bundle

Chance to give 1 of the following Summon Scrolls (SS)

Scroll Name Reward Materials
23818.pngCursed Knight's Shield (SS) 28942.pngCursed Knight's Shield [1]
23819.pngRuff Officer (SS) 19300.pngRuff Officer [1]
23820.pngFancy Feather Hat (SS) 19296.pngFancy Feather Hat [1]
23821.pngAmistr Beret (SS) 19308.pngAmistr Beret [1]
23822.pngSpell Circuit (SS) 19249.pngSpell Circuit [1]
23823.pngSmokie Transformation Leaf (SS) 19265.pngSmokie Transformation Leaf [1]
23824.pngGolden Fish Hat (SS) 19264.pngGolden Fish Hat [1]
23825.pngRosary Necklace (SS) 19244.pngRosary Necklace
23826.pngMagical Booster (SS) 19241.pngMagical Booster [1]
23827.pngElemental Crown (SS) 19177.pngElemental Crown
23828.pngEvil Marching Hat (SS) 18522.pngEvil Marching Hat [1]
23829.pngHoly Marching Hat (SS) 5654.pngHoly Marching Hat [1]
23830.pngGiant Snake Breath (SS) 19268.pngGiant Snake Breath
23831.pngNoble Mask (SS) 5985.pngNoble Mask
23832.pngDynasty Judge Hat (SS) 18572.pngJudge Hat [1]
23833.png8 Forms Purgatory Wings (SS) 5936.png8 Forms Purgatory Wings
23834.pngTiger King Doll Hat (SS) 19169.pngTiger King Doll Hat [1]
23858.pngGeneral's Helm (SS) 19263.pngGeneral Helm [1]
23835.pngStatus Shadow (SS)
23836.pngElegant Shadow (SS)
23837.pngTension Shadow (SS)
23838.pngRestore Shadow (SS)
23839.pngHealing Shadow (SS)
23840.pngSpell Shadow (SS)
23841.pngSize Shadow (SS)
23842.pngRace Shadow (SS)
23843.pngStability Shadow (SS)
23844.pngSpecial Shadow (SS)
23845.pngPhysical Shadow (SS)
23846.pngMagical Shadow (SS)
23847.pngGemstone Shadow (SS)
23848.pngBearer's Shadow (SS)
23849.pngHasty Shadow (SS)
23850.pngCritical Shadow (SS)
23851.pngMortal Blow Shadow (SS)
23852.pngPenetration Shadow (SS)
23853.pngTempest Shadow (SS)
23854.pngBlitz Shadow (SS)
23855.pngReload Shadow (SS)
23856.pngForce & Spirit Shadow (SS)
23857.pngInfinity Shadow (SS)


Green MvP List

MvP Name Spawn Location Spawn Time Special Reward
Amon Ra moc_pryd06 120 min ~ 140 min 4495.pngSealed Amon Ra Card
Vesper jupe_core 180 min ~ 200 min 4503.pngSealed Vesper Card


240 min ~ 260 min  4536.pngSealed Atroce Card
Bacsojin lou_dun03 175 min ~ 195 min 4538.pngSealed White Lady Card
25622.pngWhite Snake's Tear
Baphomet prt_maze03 180 min ~ 200 min  
Beelzebub abbey03 720 min ~ 740 min 4486.pngSealed Berzebub Card
Boitata bra_dun02 180 min ~ 200 min  
General Daehyun gld2_pay    
Dark Lord gl_chyard 120 min ~ 140min 4488.pngSealed Dark Lord Card
Evil Snake Lord gon_dun03 150 min ~ 170 min 4544.pngSealed Dark Snake Lord Card
Detale abyss_03 240 min ~ 260 min 4542.pngSealed Detale Card
Doppelganger gef_dun02 180 min ~ 200 min  
Dracula gef_dun01 120 min ~ 140 min 4483.pngSealed Dracula Card
Drake treasure02 180 min ~ 200 min 4496.pngSealed Drake Card
Eddga pay_fild10 180 min ~ 200 min 4504.pngSealed Eddga Card
Venomous Chimera slabw01 180 min ~ 200 min  
Fallen Bishop abbey02 180 min ~ 200 min 4539.pngSealed Fallen Bishop Card
Garm xmas_fild01 180 min ~ 200 min 4543.pngSealed Garm Card
Gioia gld2_ald    
Gloom Under Night ra_san05 360 min ~ 380 min 4485.pngSealed Gloom Card
Golden Thief Bug prt_sewb4 120 min ~ 140 min  
Gopinich mosk_dun03 180 min ~ 200 min  
Gold Queen Scaraba dic_dun03 180 min ~ 200 min  
Incantation Samurai ama_dun03 150 min ~ 170 min 4499.pngSealed Samurai Spector Card
25629.pngKnotted Letter
Ifrit thor_v03 720 min ~ 740 min 4487.pngSealed Ifrit Card
Dark Guardian Kades gld2_gef    
Kiel D-01 kh_dun02 180 min ~ 200 min 4480.pngSealed Kiel Card
Stormy Knight xmas_dun02 120 min ~ 140 min 4497.pngSealed Stormy Knight Card
Kraken iz_dun05 180 min ~ 210 min  
Ktullanux ice_dun03 180 min ~ 200 min 4481.pngSealed Ktullanux Card
Lady Tanee ayo_dun02 480 min ~ 500 min 4498.pngSealed Lady Tanee Card
Leak dew_dun01 180 min ~ 200 min  
Lord of Death niflheim 180 min ~ 200 min 4540.pngSealed Lord of The Death Card
Maya anthell02 180 min ~ 200 min  
Spider Chariot rockmi1 180 min ~ 200 min  
Moonlight Flower pay_dun04 120 min ~ 140 min 4490.pngSealed Moonlight Flower Card
Wounded Morroc moc_fild22 720 min ~ 740 min  
Nightmare Amon Ra moc_prydn2 120 min ~ 140 min  
Orc Lord gef_fild10 180 min ~ 200 min 4500.pngSealed Orc Lord Card
25508.pngOrc Lord's Token
Orc Hero gef_fild03 120 min ~ 140 min 4492.pngSealed Orc Hero Card
25508.pngOrc Lord's Token
Pharaoh in_sphinx5 120 min ~ 140 min 4489.pngSealed Pharaoh Card
Phreeoni moc_fild17 180 min ~ 200 min 4537.pngSealed Phreeoni Card
Angry Student Pyuriel gld2_prt    
Queen Scaraba dic_dun02 180 min ~ 200min  
Valkyrie Randgris odin_tem03 540 min ~ 560 min 4535.pngSealed Randgris Card
RSX-0806 ein_dun02 185 min ~ 205 min  
Tao Gunka beach_dun 360 min ~ 380 min 4493.pngSealed Tao Gunka Card
Turtle General tur_dun04 120 min ~ 140 min 4494.pngSealed Turtle General Card
Mistress mjolnir_04 180 min ~ 200 min 4484.pngSealed Mistress Card
Rigid Muspellskoll mag_dun03 720 min ~ 740 min 25729.pngShadowdecon
Corrupted Spider Queen gl_cas01_ 720 min ~ 740 min 25731.pngZelunium
Corrupted Dark Lord gl_cas01_ 720 min ~ 740 min 25731.pngZelunium

Ore Exchange

Magma Dungeon F3

A new level of Magma Dungeon with good EXP and hard monsters.

  • Access the dungeon from Warper NPC

Monster List

Name Level Race/Element/Size Weakness Valuable Drops
Rigid Blazer 178 Demon/Neutral/Medium None 25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
27353.pngRigid Blazer Card
Rigid Nightmare 179 Demon/Dark/Large Holy 25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
27352.pngRigid Nightmare Terror Card
Rigid Sky Deleter 174 Dragon/Neutral/Medium None 25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
27351.pngRigid Sky Deleter Card
Rigid Earth Deleter 173 Dragon/Neutral/Medium None 27350.pngRigid Earth Deleter Card
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
Rigid Explosion 171 Brute/Neutral/Medium None 27349.pngRigid Explosion Card
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
Rigid Kaho 173 Formless/Dark/Medium Holy 27347.pngRigid Kaho Card
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
Rigid Lava Golem 177 Formless/Neutral/Large None 27348.pngRigid Lava Golem Card
25728.pngRough Shadowdecon
Rigid Muspellskoll 188 Demon/Fire/Large Water 27346.pngRigid Muspellskoll Card

Abyss Glast Heim F1

A new part of Glast Heim has been discovered. New monsters and good EXP!

  • Access the dungeon from Glast Heim (Nightmare) NPC in Glast Heim.

Monster List

Name Level Race/Element/Size Weakness Valuable Drops
Corrupted Raydric 185 Demi-Human/Dark/Medium Holy 27354.pngCorrupted Raydric Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Corrupted Raydric Archer 184 Demi-Human/Dark/Medium Holy 27355.pngCorrupted Raydric Archer Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Frozen Gargoyle 186 Demon/Wind/Medium Earth 27356.pngFrozen Gargoyle Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Corrupted Sting 180 Formless/Earth/Medium Fire 27357.pngCorrupted Sting Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Prison Breaker 186 Demi-Human/Undead/Medium Holy 27358.pngPrison Breaker Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Ice Ghost 189 Demon/Water/Medium Wind 27359.pngIce Ghost Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Flame Ghost 189 Demon/Fire/Medium Water 27360.pngFlame Ghost Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Corrupted Wanderer 187 Demon/Wind/Medium Earth 27361.pngCorrupted Wanderer Card
25730.pngRough Zelunium
Corrupted Spider Queen 195 Demon/Dark/Large Holy 27362.pngCorrupted Spider Queen Card
Corrupted Dark Lord 194 Undead/Undead/Large Holy 27363.pngCorrupted Dark Lord Card