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The following are common terms used during gameplay or discussion. Please note that this is not a complete list, and that terms may be dependent on your server.



  • A>: Auctioning an item.
  • AB: Arch Bishop, or Acid Bomb, also known as Acid Demonstration (AD) on other servers. (not used often in Renewal, usually just referred to as "Bomb", and the Alchemist Bomb skill is never really used now)
  • Aco: An Acolyte class player.
  • AFK: "Away From Keyboard"; used to indicate that someone is not at their computer.
  • Agi: The Agility stat, or the Acolyte skill Increase Agility.
  • AoE: ":Category:AoE Skills|Area of Effect", skills that affect a large area at once.
  • AR: Adrenaline Rush.
  • AAR: Advanced Adrenaline Rush.
  • AS: Arrow Storm, and sometimes Arrow Shower or Archer Skeleton Card
  • Asp: Aspersio.
  • Ass/Assu: Assumptio.
  • Ass Cross: An Assassin Cross class player.
  • Asura/Ashura/Ashura Strike: An alternate name for Guillotine Fist.
  • AV: Arrow Vulcan. (not used often in Renewal)


  • B> : "Buy", commonly used in chatroom names where players are looking for an item(s).
  • Battle Build : A build that fights in close combat; usually used on classes which usually do not have this role, such as Priests or, while more rare, Soul Linkers.
  • BB: Bowling Bash or Bloody Branch.
  • BC: Battle Chant.
  • BDM: Black Devil's Mask.
  • BFG: Black Frame Glasses.
  • Bless: Blessing.
  • Biochem: A Biochemist class player.
  • Biolabs: The Somatology Lab dungeon in Lighthalzen.
  • Boss: A special type of monster that usually can be distinguished by them having the ability to detects Hiding even if they are not Insect or Demon monsters (which naturally detects Hiding). They also cannot be knocked back.
  • Bot: An illegal third-party program that automates various tasks in game, such as leveling, farming, or advertising. Report suspected botting to your GM team via the ill-mannered report option.
  • BR: Black Rosary.
  • BS: A Blacksmith class player.
  • Buff: A type of skill that improve your abilities, the most common of which is Blessing.


  • Cart: The cart pulled by merchant classes to vending|vend.
  • CB: Cold Bolt. (not used often in Renewal)
  • CC: Cursed Circle or Cart Cannon or Change Character.
  • CCC: Chain Crush Combo. (not used often in Renewal)
  • CEB: Cat Ear Beret.
  • Champ: A Champion class player.
  • CoD/COD: Crown of Deceit.
  • CP: Classical Pluck.
  • CR: Crimson Rock.
  • CRS: Cross Ripper Slasher.
  • Crus: A Crusader class player.
  • CS: Clashing Spiral.
  • CSS: Cicada Skin Shed.


  • DA: Double Attack or Defending Aura.
  • DB: Dead Branch, an item to summon a random monster on the spot (not in towns). Also Dragon Breath.
  • DB Party: To use many dead branches in one area and therefore collect a large mob of monsters.
  • DC: "Disconnect" or Discount.
  • DPS: "Damage per second", the average amount of damage a character can do in one second.
  • DR: Deviling Card. (or garment equipped with deviling)
  • Drop: Item(s) gained from killing a monster.
  • DS: Double Strafe. (not used often in Renewal)
  • DS dancing: To Double Strafe while moving to reduce delay and effectively increase ASPD. (not used often in Renewal)


  • Econ: Economy, the castle stat which determines the number of treasure boxes produced.
  • ED: Evil Druid, or its Evil Druid Card.
  • EDP: Enchant Deadly Poison.
  • Ein: The city of Einbroch or Einbech.
  • Endow: Giving a weapon an element using a Sage's endow skill.
  • ES: Earth Spike. (not used often in Renewal)
  • ESL: Evil Snake Lord.
  • EXP: Experience Points.
  • EXP tap: The act of attacking or taking damage from a monster to increase the EXP it gives.


  • FA: Falcon Assault. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FAS: Focused Arrow Strike. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FAW: Fallen Angel Wing.
  • Falcon: The falcon used by Hunters.
  • FB: Fire Bolt. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FBa: Fire Ball. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FBH: Fallen Bishop Hibram.
  • FCP: Full Chemical Protection.
  • FD: Frost Diver. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FFA: "Free for All".
  • Fist/Fisting/Fister: Referring to the skill Guillotine Fist or a Monk/Champion character with the skill.
  • FP: Fire Pillar. (not used often in Renewal)
  • FS: "Full Support", in reference to characters based around supporting other characters.
  • FW: Fire Wall. (not used often in Renewal)


  • Game Master: An in-game administrator, with their own unique sprites and abilities.
  • GC: Grand Cross.
  • Guildie: A member of your guild.
  • GD: Guild Dungeon or Gloria Domini (not used often in Renewal).
  • GFist: Guillotine Fist.
  • GH: Glast Heim, a dungeon west of Geffen.
  • GK: Gypsy's Kiss.
  • GM: See: Game Master.
  • GoH: Gates of Hell.
  • GR: "Guild Recruiting", Ghostring, or it's Ghostring Card.
  • Grind: The process of hunting for a long time for exp.
  • GS: Guild Spot or a Gunslinger class player.
  • GTB: Golden Thiefbug, or its Golden Thiefbug Card.
  • GX: Guillotine Cross


  • HBP: Heroic Backpack
  • HD: Heaven's Drive. (not used often in Renewal)
  • HL: Holy Light. (not used often in Renewal)
  • Homun: A homunculus.
  • HP: A High Priest class player or Hocus-pocus.
  • HS: Hundred Spears
  • HSCR: High Speed Cart Ram.
  • HW or HWiz: A High Wizard class player.


  • IB: Ignition Break.
  • IC: Improve Concentration. (abbreviation not used often in Renewal, but skill is still useful)
  • IMP: Impositio Manus.
  • IR: Impressive Riff. (not used often in Renewal)
  • IW: Ice Wall. (not used often in Renewal)


  • JT: Jupitel Thunder.


  • KE: Kyrie Eleison.
  • KH: Kiel Hyre Dungeon accessed through the Kiel Hyre Quest.
  • KoS: "Kill on sight", usually referring to PvP.
  • KS: "Kill Steal"; the act of killing/damaging the monster another player is fighting on purpose.
    • Alternate: Kafra Shop.


  • L>: "Look", commonly used in chatroom names where the player is looking for something/someone.
  • LB: Lightning Bolt (not used often in Renewal)
  • LHZ: Lighthalzen
  • Lex: Lex Aeterna
  • Link: A Soul Linker's Spirit skill.
  • Linker: A Soul Linker class player.
  • LK: A Lord Knight class player.
  • LoV: Lord of Vermilion.
  • Lou/LY: The Louyang field outside of the town where many players level off Mi Gaos.


  • MA: Meteor Assault. (not used often in Renewal)
  • Mag: Magnificat.
  • Mage: A Magician.
  • Mammo: Mammonite.
  • MB: Magnum Break.
  • ME: Magnetic Earth or Magnus Exorcismus.
  • Merc/Merch: A Merchant class player or a mercenary.
  • Mob: To collect an unusually large group of monsters.
  • MR: Magic Rod or Martyr's Reckoning. (both not used often in Renewal)
  • MS: Mental Strength or a Mastersmith class player. Mostly pre-renewal uses: Magic Strings (usually just called "Strings" now), Meteor Storm, Mental Sensing.
  • MVP : Most Valuable Player, also can means some special monsters that gives you special "MVP" reward for killing it.


  • N>: "Need", commonly used in chatroom names where the player needs something/someone.
  • NB: Napalm Beat (not used often in Renewal)
  • NG: "Need Guild". A player in search of a guild.
  • NP: "Need Party". A player in search of a party.


  • OB: Overbrand.
  • OC: Overcharge.
  • OCA: Old Card Album.
  • OD: Geffen#Orc_Dungeon|Orc Dungeon.
  • OH: Orc Hero, but may also refer to One Hit.(when you kill a monster/player with only one hit)
  • OI: Occult Impaction. (not used often in Renewal)
  • OL: Orc Lord.
  • Overlook: Overlook_Water_Dungeon_Quests|Overlook Water Dungeon


  • Pally: Paladin
  • Party: A group of players that are hunting together and can share experience points.
  • Peco: The monster Peco Peco, or one mounted by Knights or Crusaders.
  • PK: Pain Killer
  • Plx: Abbreviation of the words "plz thx", which is an abbreviation of the words "please thanks".
  • Plz: Abbreviation of the word "please".
  • PPA: Pinpoint Attack
  • PR: Party Recruiting. (Mostly just "R>" now)
  • Pront: The city of Prontera.
  • PVM/PvM: Player versus monster combat.
  • PVP/PvP: Player versus player combat, see PvP and WoE.


  • Quag: Quagmire. (not used often in Renewal)


  • Rares: Rare items, such as cards or equipment only available from monster drops.
  • RC: Raidcall or Rolling Cutter
  • Ress: Resurrection.
  • Respawn: To return to a save point after dying.
  • RG: Royal Guard.
  • RK: Rune Knight.
  • RoFL: Ring of Flame Lord
  • RoR: Ring of Resonance
  • RS: Rapid Smiting.
  • RTB: Raging Trifecta Blow. (not used often in Renewal)


  • S>: "Sell", used in chatroom names where the player is selling an item(s).
  • Sac: Sacrifice.
  • Sader: A Crusader class player.
  • Sanc: Sanctuary.
  • SB: Sonic Blow. (not used often in Renewal)
  • SC: Stone Curse or Signum Crucis. (not used often in Renewal)
  • SD: Suicidal Destruction, Soul Destroyer. (not used often in Renewal)
  • Sensing: The Wizard/Sage skill Sense, or the Ensemble Skill, Mental Sensing. (not used often in Renewal)
  • Sewers: A dungeon west of Prontera, also known as Culverts.
  • SG: Storm Gust.
  • Sin: An Assassin class player.
  • SinX: An Assassin Cross class player.
  • SL: A Soul Linker class player, or the actual Soul Link (Spirit skills).
  • Slave: A player that does not receive any experience while hunting, but simply supporting the party.
  • SN: A Super Novice class player.
  • SP Reco: Increase SP Recovery.
  • Spirit: A Soul Linker's Soul Link, or a monk's Summon Spirit Sphere|spirit sphere (not used often in Renewal)
  • Support (Role): Request a supportive player (such as a Priest) to be passive and just buff/Heal the party.
  • SS: "Screenshot", or Soul Strike (not used often in Renewal)
  • Suff: Suffragium. Soul Strike (not used often in Renewal)
  • SW: Safety Wall.
  • Swordie: A Swordman class player.


  • N>: "Trade", commonly used in chatroom names where the player is trading an item(s).
  • Tank: To have a player, usually with higher VIT, HP, or reduction gears, to absorb attacks.
  • Tele: To Teleport or use a Fly Wing.
  • Thx: Abbreviation of the word "thanks".
  • TI: Turn Ins (Eden Gramps), or Turtle Island. (not used often in Renewal)
  • TK: A TaeKwon Kid class player.
  • TKM: A TaeKwon Master.
  • THQ: Twohand Quicken. (not used often in Renewal)
  • TS: Teamspeak or Thunderstorm (not used often in Renewal)
  • TSS: Throw Spirit Sphere. (not used often in Renewal)
  • TU: Turn Undead. (not used often in Renewal)
  • TV: Tetra Vortex.


  • UG: Underground Dungeon, below the Clock Tower in Aldebaran or below the Thief Guild in Pyramid near Morroc. (not used often in Renewal)


  • Valk:
    • Valkyrie Realms (WoE Castle Area)
    • Valkyrie Randgris, the MVP
    • Valkyrie, the iRO server
  • Vend: Setting up shop by a Merchant with the Vending skill.
  • Vent: Refers to Ventrilo, a popular voicechat program.
  • VP: Vanishing Point


  • WB: Water Ball. (not used often in Renewal)
  • WI: White Imprison.
  • Wiz: Wizard.
  • WL: Warlock.
  • WoE: WoE|War of Emperium, guild versus guild combat.
  • WW: White Wing, a set of gears for Rangers




  • Yggdrasil Leaf.
  • Yggdrasil, the iRO Server.


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